Why Your Business Needs a Proper Website

Example of Website in BrisbaneThere is no doubt today that all businesses should have an online presence of some sort. Whether it’s a website or at least a social media account, you need to be online. If you only have a social media account like most small businesses, however, you are losing a lot of potential traffic. A website is still your most important means of being on the Web.

Many small business owners simply shrug their shoulders when asked why they won’t build a website, and quickly mention that they have a social media account and that is enough. The truth is, it’s not enough. You need a website.

Why a website is important

A website is important because it makes you look more professional, Bambrick Media explains. You can put your story there, blog about things you would like to be seen as an authority in, put a space for testimonials and comments and inquiries, upload videos and more. You can even do your business there by enabling eCommerce on your website. You also need social media presence, but only as a support for your real website. When you post an update on, say, Twitter, you should link to a landing page on your website.

Make your website searchable

Another advantage of having a website is you have something Google can index, making it easier for customers to find you with a simple online search. Make sure your search engine optimisation is strong and updated regularly, though. Otherwise, your website might not appear on the first few pages of Google and, since the average user only trusts the results on the first three pages, you might not even get a chance at all.

A website is no longer a luxury reserved for the big companies. It’s a necessity for anyone who wants to get more customers and enjoy a fair chance of competing with more established businesses in your industry.