Websites in Motion: Responsive Design as a Mobile Strategy

web design

With the current talk about mobile-friendly sites and responsive design, iI most businesses are trying to benefit from mobile. You’ll need to optimise your site for mobile browsers, each bringing a different approach, supported technologies, and user-base.

To create a responsive site for your business, you can either hire a web designer in Birmingham or use a site-building tool that supports responsive web design.

web design

Simplicity is golden

To create a compelling and responsive site, it helps to simplify things wherever possible. Keeping file size and load times down is always a good idea for a mobile site. Usability considerations also call for a simplified approach to layout, design, and navigation.

Design the screen

Your web designers will consult with you in finalisingfinalizing the look of your mobile site. The proper size of buttons and space between them or avoiding overloading pages with different images will be main sticking points. All these and other suggestions will ensure your site’s appeal.

Ensure mobile compatibility

As with any project, you’ll need to test your mobile site on as many devices as possible. Start your design for small touch screens and scale up from there. This will let you make sure that your website loads fast on any type of Internet connection.

Building a mobile-friendly site means rethinking the design process for a variety of screens across multiple mobile platforms. Pursue a well-rounded approach and provide a completely different user experience.