Warning: Doing These 3 Mistakes Spoil Your HVAC System

HVAC SystemAn average home has its HVAC system installed by an expert. Turns out, this doesn't mean that no problems will arise in future. Why? The reason is that many homeowners overlook simple maintenance and repair needs for their HVAC. Yes, the system could develop issues because of old age or poor design, but playing your part can eliminate and save you on repair costs. To keep your system intact for longer by avoiding the following mistakes:

Using Unmonitored Water

Microbial growth, corrosion, and scale can reduce heat transfer efficiency, increase energy costs, and damage your HVAC equipment. Furthermore, water with such components is a danger to the health of everybody living in your home. Thorough water treatment on a regular basis can ward off these problems.

Blocking Air Vents

There is a myth that closing air vents for unused rooms can help the system. In fact, the opposite is true. Doing this does not save you money. As long as the air conditioner is running normally, your monthly energy bill will remain the same — if not, increase. The worst thing about this approach is the damage it causes to the system. First, it may damage the compressor because the refrigerant is forced back. Second, the possible overheating of the furnace can lead to costly cracks.

Blocking Refrigerant Lines

Any restriction to the flow of refrigerant can affect the system. Imbalances because of obstruction make the system work harder, leading to burnout. If you suspect someone has stepped on or tampered with any of the lines, Larsen HVAC recommends contacting an HVAC expert in your Salt Lake City neighborhood immediately. Professionals use modern troubleshooting methods that can help prevent further damage to your unit.

It is okay to pay for HVAC services, but if this is avoidable, then definitely you should consider reversing some of the mistakes you have done. Some of the most costly and common ones have been discussed here.