Use Your Senses: Smart Fruit Shopping Tips and Tricks

Smart Fruit ShoppingGetting all the wellness from juicy and delicious fruits starts in picking the best and freshest ones in the market. With the freshest natural goodies, you get to enjoy great food while nourishing your body.

Using your sense is one of the keys to picking the best fruit in the grocery or farmer’s market. Here are a few fruit shopping tricks to help you.

Weigh it up

Weight is a good indication of a fruit’s freshness and quality. In most cases, a fruit that is as heavy as or heavier than it looks is a good pick. Remember this when buying juicy fruits such as citruses and melons. When torn between two melons of the same size, go for the heavier one.

Touch it

Use your hands to check its firmness and texture. Go for ones with smooth and even skin. Dents and scars are warning signs that a fruit has been handled, shipped, or stored wrongly. Give it a light squeeze to determine its ripeness. It must be firm but not too hard. Don’t pick plums, berries, and nectarines that are too hard to pinch, because they might be under ripe.

Use your eyes

Examine the fruit’s colour. Good bananas, for instance, must be uniformly yellow and without any bruise, dark spot, or any sign of being unripe. Strawberries that are light red, green, or yellow in colour might not be as sweet and ripe as the deep red ones. Bulk buyers must practice fruit colour examination, according to suppliers offering fruits for wholesale in Brisbane.

Smell it

The scent of a fruit is another good indication of its quality. Honeydews and cantaloupes, for instance, should have a sweet scent that tells they are perfectly ripe. If you’re picking strawberries that smell strongly of strawberry, then you’re doing a great job finding the best pieces. Beware of sour odour, because it may be signal that the fruit is beginning to spoil.

By using your senses, you can bring home the freshest and most delicious produce for the family. Keep these tips in mind on your next fruit shopping.