Tales of the Old Smoke: Interesting Trivia About London

Tourist Spots in LondonWhether your fiancé asked you to move in, you found a new employer in the old smoke or you are searching for a new beginning; moving to a new city will involve plenty of changes in your life. You will have to set a new daily routine, meet potentially new friends and enjoy your loft conversion in London. The city has plenty to offer besides a blossoming love life, employment opportunities, and a new start.

Check out interesting facts about this darling city below:

When the Queen needs permission…

The Queen may be the United Kingdom’s head of state, but she needs permission from the Lord Mayor to enter the City of London. The royal website explains that the people of London have to maintain their archaic authority to prohibit the Sovereign from freely accessing their streets.

Where driving on the wrong side is right…

Savoy Court is a road that needs drivers to drive on the right, which the English deem as the wrong side of the road. The real reason for this is still unknown. However, many believe that this is easier for cabs to pick up fares from the hotel at the end of the road before they drop off guests at the Savoy Theatre located on the right side. Meanwhile, others think that the small roundabout at the end is the reason, as the only cars who can use it must have a turning circle of 25 feet or under.

Where people leave all sorts of things on the tube…

Operating for more than 150 years old, the Tube or the London Underground transports over a billion passengers yearly. Forgetting a certain item somewhere is a common human trait, but people have left extremely bizarre items like an entire park bench, a coffin, three dead bats in a jar and a stuffed puffer fish.

People who want to move to the old smoke do not always need reasons for it is a globally beloved place. Do you really know someone who hates London? The above interesting facts will not only cause intrigue, but it will also help you pack your bags faster.