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3 Ways to Maximize Your Local SEO Strategy

SEOLocal SEO is a booming digital marketing strategy because people need to localize search results more than ever. The changes in customer behavior are due to the fact that mobile devices are readily available and one search query is just a few clicks away. If you are a small- or medium-sized business that has a brick and mortar shop, then you should invest in localized web presence. Here are the basic things you need to do to start getting website traffic from people who want what you’re offering.

Classify Your Business Model

You should classify your business model for search engines to correctly identify you. Are you a brick and mortar business or an online shop? Do you have a single location or multiple locations? Do you have a home-based business or a multi-practitioner business? Once you determine this, it’s time to create your own Google My Business Account and put in your business name, contact information, hours, directions, and location for you to appear on Google Maps and Search.

Create a Content Strategy

You need a content strategy for customers to know more about your business and your products and services. If you have multiple products and services, you can create new webpages for each one you have and provide all the necessary information for people to want to buy or try it. You must also have your location(s) and contact information prominently placed at the top of the web page.

Get Good Reviews on Listing Sites

Lastly, you need good reviews on listing sites as part of your SEO efforts in San Diego to make people want to visit your shop . The more good reviews you have, the more prominent and credible you become. That’s why you need to appear on all listing sites you can be on and encourage your core customers to leave glowing reviews about your business.

Keep these tips in mind and you will surely experience wonderful benefits for making an effort to build up your local SEO standing.

Online Marketing in 2015: What Has Changed and Where to Focus

Online Marketing

Online Marketing With the changes and improvements in online marketing, no wonder it can be difficult for a business owner to keep up. Fortunately, hiring an SEO expert ensures that you stay up to date with the latest digital marketing trends. One can inform you of any changes your site may need to achieve better results.

Here’s what has changed in 2015:

Mobile Friendly SEO

Google’s algorithm now uses the mobile user experience to rank sites. According to statistics, more people are now using their mobile phones to access the internet. You can’t afford to be left behind, as this will affect your site’s ranking. A slow and unresponsive site may also cost you valuable visitors that could have turned into useful leads.

ROI Metrics

If you’re still focused on keyword ranking and using it as a determining factor for your business’s success, you need a wakeup call. Digital marketing professional C1 Partners explains that an experienced SEO company should not focus only on keywords, it should also know how to comprehensively explain how much returns you can get as a result of acquiring some credible links and conversions.

Building Links

Gone are the days when building links on irrelevant sites and having multiple links earned you a top spot rank. Your site should earn at least several links on a high quality, relevant site. This leads to branding exposure and even referral traffic.

Social Media

Having an integrated approach when it comes to content across your website and social media platforms drives traffic to your site. Having to create content for different platforms not only consumes time, it also costs you much more. Be sure to share your company profile, as this boosts your brand even further.


Content still rules in 2015. Having poorly written content with keywords stuffed will not only get you penalized, but also it will affect your ranking and credibility.

If your site is still struggling to get to the first page on Google, then it’s time you re-evaluate your online marketing techniques. Get some professional help to make sure that the necessary changes can help you get desired results.