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Don’t Let Your Swimming Pool Become a Death Trap

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolEvery year, thousands of American families go through heartbreaking pool tragedies, including near-fatal and fatal drowning of young children. Most of these swimming pool injuries and tragedies took place in the backyard of homes. The unfortunate thing about this is homeowners could have easily prevented these incidents.

Preventing Pool Injuries and Death in Your Home

Barriers come in the form of a wall or fence, pool safety cover, and door alarms for the home. While these are not completely childproof, these barriers can offer significant protection for children when adult supervision is not available. They offer adults extra time to locate a child before a potentially tragic incident takes place. Because of this, these safety additions must be near equipment, structures, and similar items that small children can use to climb over the barrier.

Pool fencing makes a practical addition to homes. If you’re planning a pool fence DIY plan, the height of the barrier must be around four to five feet.

If a part of your home serves as one side of the pool barrier, the people behind GreatFence.com recommend installing door alarms on every door that leads to the swimming pool area. Make sure that all doors have self-latching and self-closing locks that small children can’t easily reach.

Pool covers can add another extra protection. Maintain the covers properly and make sure the controls are not accessible to children.

Some Crucial Points to Remember

A swimming pool barrier system prevents children from getting under or over it; this keeps them away from the pool area, unless under the supervision of adults. Some states have specific pool safety policies that you must adhere to, so make sure you are aware of the specific rules in your area.

As effective as they are, these pool barriers shouldn’t be a substitute for adult supervision. As a parent, you are responsible for the welfare of your children.

Safe, Soothing Bath: Accessories Installed in Walk-in Bath Tubs

Walk-in Bath Tubs

Walk-in Bath TubsMost people look forward to a soothing warm bath after a long, stressful day. It calms the senses, washes away the stress and pains, and draws out all the happy thoughts and feelings in the world. Unfortunately, the simple act of bathing is something dreaded by many older adults and people who suffer mobility issues, because of the risk for slips and falls.

The good news, though, is that innovation in bathroom design paved the way for the development of safer fixtures—the most popular of which is the walk-in bathtub.

The Wonders of the Walk-in Bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are a common fixture in retirement communities, senior living centers, and nursing homes, as they provide better safety for seniors and people with physical disabilities. Unlike traditional tubs, this fixture makes bathing easier because of doors that improve access convenience. Unlike shower cubicles, walk-in bathtubs prevent slips because of the non-skid floors and other safety accessories installed.

Although safety is the highest priority, walk-in bathtubs offer so much more. Experts from Heavenly Walk In Tubs say they improve visual appeal in the over-all design of the bathrooms and provide a relaxing area for therapeutic baths.

A One-of-a Kind Bath

Walk-in bathtubs typically come with accessories that improve safety and relaxation for bathers:

Safety bars. Grab bars provide support for bathers, offering stability when getting in and out of the tub. Often, these are installed near the door and sides of the tub.

Shower systems. You can install shower systems for your tub to make bathing easier and faster. There are fixtures that come with a faucet, which helps in filling tubs.

Massage and spa therapy features. Walk-in bathtubs usually come with air jets and water jets. Air jets provide massage motions that is less tense than the pressure produced by water jets. They are less harsh on the skin and perfect for aromatherapy baths. Water jets, on the other hand, are more intense; perfect for use in hydrotherapy. Bathers can benefit from this kind of bath because it eases pains, injuries and other health conditions.

Comfort enhancing add-ons. Some people choose to install customized pillows in the tub, cushions for the built-in seats and along the side of the tub, which serves as a headrest.

Walk-in bathtubs provide safer and more relaxing baths for the elderly and people with disabilities. Consider installing one in your home and discover the wonders of that soothing, warm bath, once again.

What to Prepare for an Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor AdventureGoing for an outdoor adventure is not as easy as walking in the park. There’s a reason being outdoors and exploring the wilderness isn’t for everyone, as it takes some courage, discipline and mental strength to go on a thrilling journey. If this is your first time to explore the great outdoors, it’s important that you know what to prepare for such leisure trips. This article will help you get started.

Be Mentally Prepared

To make travel less stressful, you need to prepare your mind. Doing so allows you to survive obstacles along the way. A number of studies show that those who are not mentally and emotionally ready often stop halfway even when they are physically fit and able.

Get the Right Gear and Apparel

AmericanAdventure.com notes that your top priority should always be your safety. Therefore, carrying the right gear and wearing the appropriate clothing is a must. This can save your life in case there are dangers ahead. The gear and apparel you will use depends on the type of outdoor activity you are venturing into. For instance, trying whitewater rafting requires you to have lifejacket, helmet, and wetsuit.

Train your Body

When trying strenuous activities, your body should be ready to run, jump and sprint. Before you travel, condition your body and get the proper training, if necessary. This is important if you are trying on a new sport. Pay close attention to your cardio exercises and eat well balanced food for optimum physical performance. Being in your best physical condition is one of the best safety measures.

Observe weather conditions

Harsh weather conditions can cause life-threatening accidents. Before going outside, monitor the weather to see if it’s going to be slippery. See if the weather permits for a safe adventure. Certain weather conditions, such as rain and snow, poses risk. It would be better to reschedule your trip.

Outdoor adventure helps you get in tune with nature. It encourages social interaction, discovery of one’s skills, and improves overall health of the individual.