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The Art of Planning a Successful Party

PartyEverybody loves to dress up and attend special events. To celebrate a milestone with your family and friends in a party venue built especially for parties, weddings, and other social events, choose from a number of function rooms and host the perfect party without breaking your bank .

People love to party, especially if it’s to celebrate a special occasion. If you want to plan a party yourself, here are the important things to put on your list.

  1. Set the date and scout for a venue. Function rooms like those of Brisbane’s Victoria Park are set up for any kind of formal event.
  2. Make a budget. This will prevent you from going overboard with the expenses.
  3. Decide on the type of reception. Do you want the party to be held indoors or outdoors?
  4.  Choose a form of entertainment. Do you prefer getting your guests on the dancefloor or have them serenaded on their seats?
  5. Hire a photographer and consider a photo booth. This will give your guests a keepsake from your party.
  6. Sort out the seating. 
  7. Plan the food.
  8. Send out the invites.

Depending on the nature of your party, you can choose among these reception ideas.

  • Sit down. Considered as the most expensive type of reception, this traditional gathering is great if you are having a number of speeches in your party.
  • Buffet. Fill your guests’ tummy to their heart’s content.
  • Cocktail. This hip and modern reception can be a bit disorganized though more appreciated by guests for its free-flowing atmosphere.
  • Picnic. Great for nature lovers, its success depends on the weather.
  • Simple cake cutting. Perfect for those who want a simple get together to commemorate a milestone.
  • Beach or yacht reception. This outdoor reception is also weather dependent but a lot of fun.

Celebrate an important event in a location other than your home and host the perfect party without leaving your home a mess.

Must-do’s When Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

children's party

children's partyBirthday is one occasion that we look forward to, especially among children. More than the young celebrant, the parents are more excited about the event. Nonetheless, organising a party can be a bit stressful, as you want it to be perfect.

Fortunately, you need not worry about the theme, invitations, food, and kids’ party venues in Brisbane; party organisers can help you with the event.

Below are some important points to consider when planning for your kid’s party:

  1. Theme and venue

Consider the age, personality, and interest of the child when choosing the theme. This can be something related to the child’s favourite cartoon character or TV show. The venue can be either indoor or outdoor.

  1. Fun activities

Include activities that kids will enjoy, such as party games and recreational activities. Just make sure the activities are fun and will stimulate the kids to move and interact with others.

  1. Food

Apart from the activities, you need to plan the food. It doesn’t need to be expensive, as long as the food appeals to the taste of kids. It can be a combination of cake, pasta, ice cream, pizza, hot dog, and barbecue. Nonetheless, your party menu should align with the theme Remember, food presentation matters to kids who are picky eaters.

  1. Guest list

Let your child decide whom to invite. Most likely, children prefer to be with closest friends, classmates, and cousins of their age. As it is a children’s party, adult companions should not outnumber the younger guests. If you want, you can have a separate party for adults.

  1. Other considerations

Provide gift bags for guests. Each bag should include items kids would like to have. Take note that a girl’s preference differs from that of a boy’s. You can have a separate bag for girls and another one for boys.

No matter how you want to celebrate your child’s birthday, make sure that day will bring the fondest of memories.

Celebration Ideas for Your 30th Birthday

Birthday Ideas

Birthday IdeasCelebrating the 30th birthday is a big thing for people because it’s like starting a new chapter in life. Instead of feeling the pressure because of this turning point, just be thankful about everything you’ve experienced so far. You just survived the past decade and proved your worth; now is the time to celebrate the start of your 30s.

Go Traditional

A lovely traditional dinner with the important people in your life is a good way to celebrate your birthday. Hatch & Co. suggests renting a venue in Brisbane that offers a menu full of home-style dishes and an ambiance perfect for conversations. You can either spend this intimately with only your better half or show your gratitude to the people who have been with you through thick and thin.

Travel Solo

This is the perfect time to embark on a journey by yourself and just enjoy the solitude. Travelling solo is a challenge because you won’t have anyone to depend on. Now that you’re 30, you should be okay with this — excited, even.

According to IndependentTraveler.com, solo travel is a form of self-indulgence. Choose a destination that you’ve never visited before to make the journey even more challenging. Don’t forget your camera and journal to make the memories last a lifetime.

Volunteer for a Cause You Believe In

Volunteering for an advocacy you believe in is a great option if you’ve never done this or if it’s been a long time since you did. This is a way to give back to the community and the world, especially if you have a lot to be thankful for. Check organisations such as the Australian Red Cross and see how you can be involved.

These are just some of the things you can do in celebration of your birthday. Spend it well to welcome a new decade of your life with joy and gladness.