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3 Things an HR Practitioner Needs to Hire the Best Candidates

Hiring The Right PeopleFinding the right candidate for a job is not as easy as it looks. As an HR practitioner, it takes time, dedication, practice and intuition to know whether a candidate is perfect for the position or not. You’re representing the company you’re working for, so it’s also crucial to make a good first impression to every candidate you interview. Here are some things you need to prepare to make it as smooth as possible.

Interview Questions That Count

Human Outsource and other HR professionals recommend avoiding conventional interview questions and formats because interviewees, especially the ones with experience, know them already and may have rehearsed their answers. Instead, catch your candidates by surprise by making the interview process and questions more personal and real. Think of concrete situations they need to provide concrete answers instead of abstract thoughts that they may answer insincerely.

Job Descriptions

During the interview, you must hold your end by explaining the job descriptions of the position that your interviewee is applying for. You should do this in a compelling, fun yet informative way, though. Encourage the candidate to shoot questions your way if they have some. You must have a consistent tone for all job titles and candidates you face. If you’re not sure about something, revisit the documents and ask someone to clear it up for you to avoid miscommunication.

New Hire Contract

If the candidate successfully passes the exams and interviews, you must follow the contract agreement template and present a job offer to them. This job offer should be meticulously prepared to make sure it’s free from errors. Aside from the starting date and schedule, the most important parts of the new hire contract is the salary and benefits package, so keep close attention to them.

Be the best possible HR practitioner you can be to make your company proud and find the best people for every job. Use these tools effectively to make the hiring process as effective as possible.

The Newbie Businessman’s Guide to First Hires


Hiring Now that you have all the licenses, supplies and office ready for your business to run, you’re on the lookout for employees and staff to complete operations. It’s a requirement to find the right people for the right position, but hiring horror stories can make you wary. Here are a few reminders to make your employee hunt a bit more promising.

Make No Exceptions

So what if your best friend or mother recommended that applicant? Give everyone equal chances. Let them go through the preliminary processes necessary for getting the position they want.

Every employee under your ranks should feel that they weren’t given any special privileges because this may lead to an attitude problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up company. Be fair and follow proper procedures.

Manage Expectations

As a start-up company, you need to tell your recruits that sometimes they might have to do something other than the workload originally explained to them. Ask them if they’re open to working extra hours or shifts (with overtime pay, of course) and doing extra work.

Make them aware of their compensation’s details. Also, tell them of the basic salary deductions such as taxes and social security. When hiring with the help of recruitment agencies in Perth, make sure they know about all the details of the job so the applicant can make an informed decision.

Choose Carefully

Not all good resumes reflect good workers. And just because the resume you’re holding doesn’t have much in it doesn’t mean the owner isn’t worth hiring. New graduates are normally enthusiastic. Hiring employees with a long list of jobs may mean they’re always on the lookout for greener pastures and are less likely to be loyal.

More experienced employees may have a lot to show under their belt, but they can also be jaded and tired of the daily grind. Look beyond what you see in their job application papers. Check their social media network accounts and see what they’re like beyond their employment. Call former employers and the recommended contacts they’ve submitted.

And when you’ve got everything together, remember that the perfect employee doesn’t exist. Just take a long look at your options and choose wisely.