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Pregnancy Ultrasound: What to Expect in Your First, Second, and Third Trimesters

Pregnancy UltrasoundAn ultrasound during pregnancy is a basic test that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to display images of a mother’s baby and reproductive organs. Your obstetrician or primary care physician could order an ultrasound for many reasons throughout your pregnancy.

1st Trimester of Pregnancy

In your first trimester, which is a week to 12 weeks into your pregnancy, Revere Health says a doctor might use the ultrasound for:

  • Confirming your pregnancy
  • Estimating a delivery date and determining your baby’s gestational age
  • Checking your baby’s heartbeat
  • Checking your cervix, ovaries, uterus, and placenta
  • Checking for multiple pregnancies
  • Checking for abnormal growth in your baby
  • Diagnosing a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, wherein your baby doesn’t attach to your uterus

2nd and 3rd Trimesters of Pregnancy

In your second trimester of pregnancy, which is 12 to 24 weeks, and third trimester, which is 24 to 40 weeks into your pregnancy, an ultrasound might be used for:

  • Monitoring your baby’s development and position — whether optimal, cephalic, transverse, or breech
  • Determining the baby’s gender
  • Confirming multiple babies
  • Checking your placenta for potential issues like placental abruption or placental previa
  • Checking for birth defects or congenital abnormalities
  • Checking for potential Down Syndrome characteristics
  • Monitoring your amniotic fluid levels
  • Examining the baby for issues with blood flow or structural abnormalities
  • Diagnosing issues with your uterus or ovaries, including gestational tumors
  • Checking if the baby is receiving ample oxygen
  • Measuring your cervix’s length
  • Guiding other tests, including amniocentesis
  • Confirming a stillborn or intrauterine death

Safety Concerns

Although ultrasounds are low-risk and non-invasive, an obstetrician and radiology specialist in American Fork says that you must be aware of unnecessary exposure. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, you must only undergo an ultrasound if it’s really medically necessary, such that it’s fine to undergo another ultrasound if your doctor notices a potential issue from your blood test or previous ultrasound results. Most importantly, keep in mind that you should only agree to an ultrasound if a trained medical professional will administer it.

Why a Low Bone Density is No Longer a Barrier to Implant Treatment

Dental ImplantTraditionally, a lack of bone density has been seen as a barrier to dental implant treatment. Indeed, there are still some dentists who turn down patients for dental implants because they have suffered some degree of bone loss. However, thanks to modern dental advances, implant treatment is now available to more people than ever before.

The implantology team at Capital Dental in Twickenham are able to perform complex implant placement where additional treatment is needed to regenerate the levels of bone density before dental implants are fitted.

When bone density requires regeneration, a bone graft can be used in the lower jaw whilst a sinus lift – which involves lifting and packing the sinus cavity with bone grafting material – to rebuild the level of your jaw bone prior to implant placement. This adds some months on to overall treatment time, but is worth it to maximise the implants’ chances of success.

Bone loss is the principal reason that traditional dentures become loose. Loose dentures can cause a variety of problems, from difficulty eating a healthy and nutritious diet because of being restricted to soft foods to negative impacts on social life because of fear of dentures falling out in public. They can also make it difficult to speak clearly.

Dental implants can be placed under either local anaesthetic or conscious sedation. The latter option will require you to bring a friend to your appointment so that they can drive you home and take care of you until the sedatives have worn off.

Recent changes to the law in the UK mean that it is illegal to drive under a wide variety of drugs. Therefore, you must be completely sure that the sedative drugs are fully out of your system before you get behind the wheel of a car. Your dentist will give you full aftercare instructions after conscious sedation, and you should follow these carefully.

Temporary teeth may be fitted whilst your implants are healing, or you may be able to continue wearing your old dentures until healing and integration is complete. Your dentist will have to adjust them first to ensure a good, comfortable fit while you heal.

Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit Enjoyable

Dental TreatmentMost parents don’t see dentist appointments exciting, and this carries over to their children most times. Add to that the fear of the unknown as they walk towards the dental chair and most children would truly be afraid of their first dental appointment. With that in mind, this article shares a few ways to help make the kids enjoy their first dentist experience.

Start With “The One” – It is advisable to have your child’s first visit when they get their first tooth, followed by regular semi-annual visits, says Gentle Dentist. Being introduced early to dentists would make the child less prone to fear and it would take less effort from you to convince and comfort them. If they’re already 2-3 years old just remember to avoid negative words when explaining what a dentist check-up would be like.

Role Playing – This will work wonderfully for toddlers. Act out the dentist and let your child be the patient then let them go through the motions of the first check-up. Make it a fun time using simple words and instructions when going through your skit. Avoid using terms connected to pain or technical tools. You can even switch places once your child already has the hang of it.

Choose Well – It would still be best to have a pediatric dentist work with on your child. Good thing there are reputable family dental clinics near you that have their own pediatric dentist. Check with family, friends and online testimonials when choosing your child’s dentist. Most importantly, have your child’s medical records for the dentist to see during your first visit.

On your first appointment, don’t forget to be always supportive and encouraging once your child climbs up that dentist chair. Not only should it be the dentist’s responsibility to make your child’s initial visit a fun experience but yours as well. And once the visit is over, make the rest of the day memorable by spending time with your kid. It will make your next visits to the dentist a lot easier for you both.

Practice Safe Exercising With These 4Tips

ExercisingWhile anybody can safely start a moderate exercise or take up walking, it’s essential to talk to your doctor if you have some concerns about your health or when planning to more vigorous workouts. For instance, if you’ve had injuries in the past, visiting a Perth physio clinic will help you know which exercises are safe and those you should avoid. Individuals with high blood pressure, asthma, joint diseases, or diabetes should also consult their doctor before starting on any exercises.

Lifereadyphysio.com.au shares some great tips to help you avoid injury while exercising.

Get the Right Exercising Gear

You don’t have to go for pricey apparel to work out. Nonetheless, you should choose the right clothing and shoes for your safety and comfort. Choose clothes that allow you to move freely and are light on your body if it’s in summer and dress in layers during the cold season. Have some workout shoes and have them replaced after every 6 months.

Aim to Start Slowly

It can be dangerous to quickly switch to high-level intensity programs if you’ve been inactive for some time. Plan to start with a simple exercise and boost your activity level as time goes on.

Once you feel that you’re ready to move to the next level, increase the difficulty one variable at a time. For example, if doing cardio, avoid increasing the distance, pace or resistance combination.

Adjust Your Exercise Program

Doing the same type of exercise over and over again can lead to overuse injuries. Most runners place a strain on the knees and ankles while swimmers place the strain on their shoulders. Aim to mix your strength training workout with stretching and aerobic activity. Take a break in between the strength training sessions to allow your muscles to fully recover.

Drink a Lot of Water

Staying hydrated ensures that you’re replacing the fluids getting lost through sweat as you workout. Drink two cups at least 20 minutes before your exercise program and another two after it.

Preventing injuries during an exercise program is possible. By following these tip, you’ll be in a position to stay fit and safe. In case of any injuries, visit a physiotherapy clinic where you’ll get treated and advised on what to do to prevent further injuries.

Why Dental Implants Are the Best substitute for Teeth Replacement,

Teeth Replacement

Teeth ReplacementDid you know that you only have two sets of teeth in your lifetime? These are baby teeth and permanent teeth. Once your permanent teeth come around, make sure you take great care of them as they are a vital part of your body. Unfortunately, the case is different as most people find themselves losing some of their teeth.

Once you lose your teeth, it is vital to visit your dentist and have the missing teeth replaced. There are various methods for replacing a missing tooth, but according to dentists like harleydentistry.co.nz, dental implants are the best for your health.

  • Dental implants

Dental implants involve replacing tooth roots with artificial ones and are used to replace teeth that have either decayed or fallen out. This is because they provide a firm foundation for teeth replacement. However, most people are afraid of trying out dental implants due to fear that someone will notice. Truth be told, dental implants look so natural and are the perfect match for replacing a missing tooth.

  • Effects of Missing Teeth

There is nothing as unfulfilling and difficult as trying to chew food, and you have some teeth missing! Missing teeth affects your speech. It also has an effect on the aesthetic of your face. This is because, loss of many teeth causes the skin around your mouth to sag due to lack support and this may have you looking older than you are! Additionally, missing teeth have a way of getting to you emotionally as it affects how you feel about yourself. You lose confidence and smile less often due to the gaps left in your mouth. With a dentist, you can quickly replace your missing teeth with dental implants.

  • Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide better comfort as they are fused into your bone. Therefore, reducing any uncomfortable feeling brought about by removable dentures. They also enhance a person’s speech if they are fitted appropriately by a dentist. On the other hand, poorly fitted dental implants may cause a person to slur or mumble as they speak. At the same time, dental implants boost a person’s oral health. This is because, with dental implants, your teeth are left intact as the adjacent teeth are not affected in any way thereby improving your oral health.

With the availability of dental implants today, you no longer have to worry about missing teeth anymore! A dental implant is the best option as it is a long term solution for teeth replacement. Once you have a dental implant, you won’t even notice the difference between your natural teeth and your new ones!

Are You or Are You Not Dehydrated? Things You Need to Know


DehydratedThirsty? Drink up and drink a lot. Thirst indicates dehydration and this can be triggered by seemingly harmless or unrelated reasons.

Stress Shows

Stress causes your heart rate to increase, which in turn results in fluid loss. Your tendency to skip meals and sleep during stressful situations only makes matters worse. Keep your cortisol – also called a stress hormone – level down by taking sips of water instead of caffeinated beverages.  Anything with caffeine dehydrates you further.

Ensuring the quality of your drinking water improves your chances of staying calm, healthy and productive under pressure. The use of home water filters enhances your body’s hydration process as it cleanses your water without removing its naturally occurring minerals. Clean & Clear Water Filters recommends that you use an advanced purification system to ensure that every drop of liquid you drink is free of harmful elements. Fill a container with quality water and take it around with you for easier access to your new panacea.

Aging Pains

Don’t be fooled: the infrequency of your thirst as you age does not immediately imply proper hydration. Older people feel thirsty less often. Kidney functions also play a role in the preservation of fluid. Although this normally doesn’t become obvious until you reach the age of 75, it progresses from as early as 50.

Instead of napping or eating a meal whenever you feel tired or groggy, choose to have a glass of water first. It might be your unquenched thirst that makes it difficult to stay productive throughout the day.

Low Carb Weigh Down

Be careful with the weighing scale during your first weeks on a low carb diet. Dehydration through constant urination may trick you into thinking you’ve begun to lose weight. Technically, you’ve only just loss sufficient amount of fluids, not calories.

And while it looks nice to see you’ve lost a pound or two, you’ll need to regain water weight soon. Filtered water serves your cause better than beverages with added sweeteners do. Apart from keeping your sugar intake at bay, good ole water enhances oxidation. This means improved fat burning capacity and energy levels for you.

Dehydration takes many facets depending on your diet and lifestyle. The formula, however, to keep properly hydrated remains unchanging: keep sipping water no matter what!

From Needing Assistance to Making a Mark

Senior Care

Senior CareYou can’t stop people with disabilities to experience a range of negative emotions. Where daily living is by itself a challenge of immense proportions, it’s certainly easy to fall prey to dungeons of gloom and despair. But all the challenges could be the very crucible by which strong characters are formed – as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) has shown many times before. And with the right tools success could certainly be possible – along with a whole new level of faith.

Conquering Polio

FDR may have been born rich but no wealth and comforts shielded him from the onslaught of polio. As he was about to turn a leaf towards his 40’s, infantile paralysis, or a disease much better known as polio struck. That would leave a mark that would change his life forever.

However, all the suffering only strengthen his resolve. He could have easily given up his political career as hiding the disability from the public would certainly be an exercise in futility. Rather than wallow in pity he made strides in rehabilitating himself – biding his time at Warm Springs.

Long story short, FDR even if paraplegic became the 32nd president of the United States – leading the war effort in WWII. Most remember him as a most-abled-bodied leader, not as a “crippled” president.

Equipping the Suffering

Most definitely, the challenges of people with disabilities are cumbersome to say the least. Where normal people would hop to any place they want, the suffering of over 56.7 million Americans would leave them stranded to places as familiar as home.

But this shouldn’t leave them distraught. Today, with many assistive technologies delivered by CadanAT.com, people with disabilities are given a better shot at living the life they long for. These technologies could be integrated right into smartphones and tablets in the form of apps. Or as in the case of an iPhone embedded via gesture-activated controls for instance.

Certainly, the future looks bright for people with disabilities for as long as they believe great things happen from small beginnings.

Snore No More: A Quick Fix at Night


sleepingSome people snore when they sleep; men do so more than women. Even dogs and other animals may snore. This does not mean it is a normal output of sleeping. To some, there can be an underlying health problem. Others may often snore due to stress or exhaustion from a day’s work.

It may not be a problem for you, but it could be for the people you share a room with. To avoid any future arguments, here are some quick fixes:

Changing Positions

Biologically, a snore is a sound produce when there is something blocking the air passages. When you sleep on your back, your tongue may slide down your throat. This may disrupt the natural flow of air while you sleep, as The Mattress Department explains. The disruption causes a vibrating sound, which is the snore.

Changing your positions may put a stop to this. You may want to try sleeping prone, but it may cause back pain upon waking. Sleeping on your side may help reduce snoring, while keeping your back safe from problems.

Nighttime Routine

When you are tired from work, all you want to do is jump on your bed and sleep. You could have less time to do your nightly ritual because of overtime or traffic. This does not mean you should forget your evening preparation. Always remember, you do not just sleep. You should sleep comfortably, or you may develop health problems, such as back and muscle pain.

Always mind your comfort before going to bed. Some people sleep with more pillows, while some choose to use none. Whatever your needs are, you should invest in a good mattress for back support. Getting ones with memory foam may help alleviate the discomfort in your sleep. More comfort means less chances of snoring to scare your partners away.

All the Reasons You Need to Get Chiropractic Treatment Now

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic Treatment in CaliforniaThe technologies that power the medical and pharmaceutical industry nowadays has become so advanced and state-of-the-art, but this does not mean that only this field has a monopoly in treatment for health problems. A number of non-invasive procedures can also minimize symptoms, treat, and even cure a wide array of diseases and illnesses, with chiropractic care being one of them.

Whether you are looking for a specialist in providing back, muscle, joint, or nerve pain relief in California, a chiropractor can help you get the non-invasive, more natural treatment that you need.

Through chiropractic services, you can enjoy the following:

  1. A more natural healing process.

With chiropractic care, you can expect a more natural healing process. There are no painful surgeries involved here, nor are there down times for you to wait patiently for. As a consequence, it minimizes the need for costly drugs and medications.

  1. Improved immunity.

Through the expertise and knowledge of a highly qualified and reliable chiropractor, your immune system and its functionalities will benefit greatly. As this part of the body deals with the healing of injuries and the prevention of infections, strengthening it will make you more protected from diseases and illnesses, and you will also heal faster.

  1. Tried and tested to be effective on chronic pain conditions.

Fibromyalgia, arthritis, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and other muscle-, joint-, and nerve-related chronic pain conditions are just some of the health problems chiropractic care can treat. The application of correct chiropractic treatments considerably reduces the symptoms of these conditions.

All in all, chiropractic care is one of your best options for improving and strengthening your overall health and well-being. So contact a licensed chiropractor in California now to say goodbye to the pain you may be feeling in your back, muscles, joints, or nerves.

Water is the Answer: Swimming to Ease Varicose Veins


SwimmingVaricose veins are not only painful and bothersome. They are unsightly, a characteristic that will make you conscious about yourself. This is a common problem among people over the age of 50. Those who have family members with varicose veins, pregnant women, and overweight people who lead a sedentary lifestyle are also at risk for these pains.

Clinics, such as HogueClinics.com, say that some physical activities may help ease varicose veins. Of all the exercises, however, swimming provides the most benefits. But before knowing how swimming can relieve the pains in your legs, you should understand how varicose veins develop.

The Origins of Varicose Veins

Varicose veins form when the blood flows back in the vein. The accumulation of blood due to backflow may cause the veins to swell. This is the reason varicose veins are painful. Backflows, on the other hand, occur when the valves in the vein loses elasticity due to aging. These valves are important, as they work against gravity, which pulls the blood down the vessel.

Several factors affect the function of the vein. Those who do not take part in physical activities have poor blood circulation, which in turn wears down the valves. The restriction of blood flow, which may be caused by wearing the wrong clothes or lack of exercise, also causes varicose veins.

The Benefits of Swimming  

To lessen the effects of varicose veins, you need to counter the effects of gravity on your legs. Common sense may dictate that moving around and taking part in sports offer benefits. But high-impact sports and prolonged standing may make things worse.

Swimming is an ideal choice as it minimizes the effects of gravity on your veins. The water acts as though it is a compression stocking. The varying pressures applied on your muscles may improve the blood circulation in your veins.

If you don’t know how to swim, simply basking in the water offers the same benefits. You can tread the water or use a floater or a swim board to extend and stretch your legs.

These are only some of the ways swimming can reduce the pains caused by varicose veins. Before taking part in this activity or similar sports, ask your doctor for some recommendations.