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Guide to Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer

Family Law in Albuquerque

Family Law in AlbuquerqueWhen you’re embroiled in divorce proceedings, especially in Albuquerque courts, it would be best to make sure that you’re well represented, and that you’d be able to make the most out of it. That could happen if you have the best lawyer on your side. But how do you make sure of that, then? Here are some tips.

Knowledgeable in Family Law — but Knows How to Speak in Layman’s Terms

Finding the best divorce lawyer in Albuquerque should start by checking if your prospective lawyer is board certified, but is also able to help you know what’s going on by speaking to you in a manner you understand, and not in a way that would just make him seem like a know-it-all. A great divorce lawyer is someone who can empathize with you, not one who will make you more confused than you already are.

Someone Who Knows that Children’s Needs Should be Put First

A lawyer who only thinks about money or the things he’d get probably isn’t someone you can trust. A good divorce lawyer should think about your children’s needs first. After all, they’re really the ones who would always be affected by this divorce.

Someone with Whom You Have Great Rapport with

You’d know if a lawyer could be trusted or not. You would definitely feel it. There are times when you should actually listen to your gut feel — and doing so in finding a lawyer is just right. You should feel that this person is worthy of your trust. You should be able to tell this person about the deepest, darkest parts of the marriage without him judging you.

Affordable, but Competent

And, try to find a lawyer who is actually competent enough without charging too much. This way, you’d know that he or she actually cares.

Competent Lawyer = Hassle-Free Divorce

By knowing how to choose the best lawyer among the many choices you have, you can be sure that your divorce would be hassle-free — and that’s truly what you want and need.

Family Law 101: Five Common Areas Covered by Family Law

Family Law

Family LawFamily law is a practice area that covers legal problems that a family may face. It consists of statutes and case precedents, encompassing rights and responsibilities of members. Most practices in these area focus on legal topics about marriage and children.

Here are some of the most common topics on family law and what you need to know about them:

Divorce Vs Annulment

Divorce and annulment are similar in the case that the goal is to dissolve a marriage. Nonetheless, court procedures differ in the sense that annulment treats the case as if the marriage never existed. This is not the case with divorce.

Domestic abuse

Experienced family law solicitors also encompass the prevention of any type of abuse at home. Domestic abuse is not only limited to relationships between present or ex-spouses and the children. It also covers physical and emotional abuse involving elderly members, those who are in a dating relationship, and even roommates.

Child custody

This issue is one of the most common disputes taken to family courts. Matters involving custody and visitation are always judged by the court based on “the best interests of the child.” The court may assign a child’s legal and physical custody to one parent; nonetheless, these rights can also be shared.


Also known as spousal support, alimony refers to the money given by one spouse to the other during a separation or following a divorce. The purpose of these payments is to recognise the other party’s contribution to the marriage. In a more practical sense, it is given as assistance for the spouse to achieve financial independence.


Mediation is a process wherein couples discuss issues and end disputes with positive resolution. Legally known as family dispute resolution, it involves the assistance of a mediator or FDR practitioner. Many couples seek mediation to save themselves from costly, time-consuming, and stressful court proceedings.

These are only five of the most popular topics covered by family law. Consult family law solicitors for more information on the scope of this practice area.