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Dealing with the Risks Associated with a Faulty Boiler

Boiler Repairs

Boiler Repairs in Salt Lake City Boilers are an essential appliance of homes. They keep the hot water flowing in the taps when we most need it. Could you imagine a life where boilers didn’t exist? But, when not maintained, they can be dangerous.

Boilers have been associated with serious injuries. Often, such cases are linked to faulty boilers or improper installation. As such, homeowners should ensure their boilers are maintained, serviced and repaired by professionals. Most boilers have designs with an exclusive focus on safety. They come fitted with thermostats, pressure relief valves, oxygen depletion sensors and overheat stats that cause the boiler system to readjust or shutdown at some point.

Your household appliance can still break down for various reasons. In most instances, boiler faults are not dangerous. Some common issues that do not compromise safety include low water pressure, rumbling sounds, and no hot water in the taps.

However, Allhoursplumbingslc.com and other boiler installation experts in Salt Lake City note that some problems spell out the danger. If you see any of the following signs, get some professional help immediately.

  • Fumes or smell of used up gas
  • Flames
  • Pilot light constantly going off
  • Evidence of soot or spillage of black substance on the pipes
  • Frozen pipes

Signs of fumes, smoke, flames or black substance on the pipes or on the boiler itself can be an indicator of the presence of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide in your home can be deadly. Do not wait for you or a family member to complain dizziness or headache to figure out the presence of carbon monoxide.

Frozen pipes are equally dangerous, as they can cause the hot water pipes to burst, leading to spillage into your home. Such spillage could damage your property extensively, or worse still cause burns to you or your family members.

Never try to adjust or repair faulty boilers on your own. Hire only professionals to fix your broken boiler. Besides, adhere to all safety precautions provided.

Boilers Repairs: Understanding the Importance of Maintenance

Boilers Repairs

Boilers Repairs in Salt Lake CityLike appliances and components of a building, boilers have a definite lifespan. Even with the best maintenance, they will eventually need replacement when they reach their limit. If you believe in Murphy’s Law, whatever can go wrong will go wrong when you least expect or want it.

Though boilers can function for years without problems, breakdowns can occur. Most of these happen when you skip cleaning and maintenance, or sometimes it could be due to malfunctioning electrical and mechanical components. Find out what caused it by having a professional look at the system.

Here are some factors influencing the most frequent boiler repairs in Salt Lake City and the rest of Utah:

Old Age

This is the obvious and among the biggest causes of breakdowns. At some point, repair costs may even exceed replacement because replacement parts become difficult to find. As a property owner, if you have the best boiler repair and maintenance company on your side, then you have assurance of getting good service and advice for your old unit.


Hiring a professional to get the system serviced and cleaned up regularly is important. Too much dirt in your boiler system reduces efficiency and wastes fuel due to overheating. Make sure to change the filters regularly and have experts check the system at least twice a year.


The lifespan of a boiler is around 15 years — if maintained well. Some last longer, but it is still a good idea to start preparing for a replacement. Newer systems are far more energy efficient and result in lowered bills. Look through your maintenance records and make the decision accordingly.

There is no doubt that newer and highly efficient boilers are available and they can reduce bills by 30% or more. It is a good idea to replace a boiler before it breaks down when you can least afford it.