Stylish Contemporary Fireplace Designs

contemporary fireplace

One of the most beautiful and sequester corner inviting during the winters is the fireplace. Who does not love having a fireplace at home? From getting the rustic touch to going back to the vintage era, a fireplace can bring about a great deal of nostalgia and class.

contemporary fireplace

Different Types of Fireplace Designs

The popularity of having a fireplace at home is increasing each day. You can now find different contemporary fireplace design options to suit your home and life style.

• A fire place with walnut paneling is a sure shot design for an upstate studio. Team it with white ceiling and walls to accentuate the fireplace.

• Stone fireplace is touted to be one of the most popular contemporary fireplace designs. This is the perfect choice for those, who love a rustic look in their living room.

• Transforming your room into a queen Victoria inspired one is just so easy with a contemporary fireplace design that boasts of vintage ethnicity.

• Accentuate your room furniture with brown and natural hues and this is a perfect example for a lovely contemporary fireplace in Salt Lake City where the weather is always ideal for a fireplace moment, there’s a myriad of shops offering modern choices.

• Want a fireplace that you can enjoy from anywhere in the home? Install a sleek stainless steel gas fireplace surrounded by a mesmerizing stone façade.

• Another popular contemporary fireplace design is to paint the walls and its surroundings in a contrasting light color. Doing so enhances the fireplace.

• Have an elevated gas fireplace, where glass and marble mosaic tiles cover the floor to the ceiling in hues of brown, gold, cream and grey.

• To have a conversational area that boasts of luxury, elegance and style, sophisticated moldings can be combined with a marble-tiled surround – a wonderful setting for a traditional fireplace with a touch of contemporary style.

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