Simple Hacks to Properly Maintain a Water Heater

Water Heater MaintenanceOnly a few homeowners in Salt Lake City are keen to keep their water heater running efficiently, so the equipment will last longer. Though it can be time-consuming, it’s important to follow the maintenance procedures. This article shares the things you should not overlook.

Routine Maintenance

Every homeowner must be aware that the water heater tank gets dirty over time, as various minerals and sediments stay on the bottom. Depending on the water quality, the “extra” stuff can quickly eliminate the water heater’s efficiency.

If left unnoticed, they not only make the water heater work twice harder, but they also make the tank rusty. It will be then slowly eaten away until the entire unit becomes in need of replacement. This is very costly but can actually be prevented. How? You just need a bucket, a hose, and gloves for safety.


To do a simple regular draining of water heater to keep it in good condition, remember that you need to know where the actual heater is. This could be very easy but tricky for non-experts. Most of the time, it is located in your garage. Be cautious, though. You will be dealing with electricity, gas, steam and very hot water. One mistake might mess up the whole system.


There are many simple ways to increase a water heater’s operating durability and efficiency. You may add insulation and set the temperature. But this has to be done once only. Flushing the tank and checking of the anode rod, on the other hand, must be done annually.

The advantages of water heater maintenance are undeniable but remember that sole efforts to maintain your equipment can be dangerous. It is still advisable to ask for the services of experts in cleaning and maintaining water heater in Salt Lake City especially if you are a newbie.