Preventing Dental Caries in Younger Kids

Dental Checkup in LehiPreventing tooth decay in children involves more than brushing teeth regularly. It is also important not to allow fluid or beverage to pool in your kid’s mouth. Note that drinks like milk and fruit juices coat the teeth in sugars, promoting tooth decay and cavities. The problems worsens if you dip a pacifier in a sweetener or let your kid walk around with a bottle or training cup full of sweetened drink.

If you want to prevent caries, Kid dentists in Lehi share a few suggestions:

Choose Water Over Others

After breast or bottle-feeding them, clean your child’s teeth. It is best not to let them fall asleep while sucking a formula and other sweetened beverage. Water between meals remain the best beverage for your child. Offer it instead of milk or juice to quench thirst. You can also buy tiny water bottles for kids or be a role model to encourage them to drink more.

Use a Regular Cup

Prolonged bottle-feeding can increase your kid’s risk of developing tooth decay. Your child can start using a sippy cup from 6 to 12 months. By the time they reach 12 to 15 months, they should use a normal cup, and by 18 months, they should completely stop the use of bottles. This does not just lower the risk of dental caries, but also assist with coordination and feeding.

Have a Balanced Diet

As soon as your kid starts eating solids, introduce a balanced diet. This helps set the stage for healthy eating habits, while also allowing them develop a taste for good foods. When it comes to snacking, give them healthy choices and avoid giving sweet treats often. Make sure that they drink water or brush teeth after eating to wash away the sugars.

Apart from these tips, it is also a good idea to start early with dental visits. Note that they should see one every six months. Make sure to have a optimistic attitude when taking your kid for a dental checkup. If you hate or fear going to the clinic, it is likely that they may feel the same way. You should also your reassure your kids that they will have a pleasant experience.