Pre-Purchase Inspection: Why It Pays to Do Your Property Homework


HouseBuying a new home is an exciting event, and for many, is the first big step to true achieving true independence and responsibility. Pre-built or ready built homes are arguably the easiest properties to purchase, and is a popular choice for many first time homeowners.

The prospect of buying a new house, however, means that you may often get too excited and fail to do the necessary homework on your house. While this may seem unnecessary for some, it is an integral part of the buying process for many reasons.

Pre-Purchase Inspection

A pre-built home may seem like the ideal property to purchase or invest in, but you have little to no idea if the house itself may be hiding some problems that you can’t see with just a tour of the property.

Many building inspectors in Perth, such as, note that some houses may look structurally sound, but they may actually be hiding some structural issues and concerns that may end up costing you more in the long run. This is especially true if you’re buying a rather old home that’s been refurbished.

In the same light, be wary of houses that discounted prices. More often than not, these homes may be in dire need of repair work that the old owner is willing to reduce its price tag way below than its original market value.

Make Your Purchase Worthwhile

Doing your homework and performing a pre-purchase inspection doesn’t just save you the hassle of addressing a home’s existing issues and concerns, you also make your purchase worthwhile. Apart from avoiding the dangers of houses that aren’t structurally sound or may have existing problems, undergoing pre-purchase inspection also helps you determine if the area where your house is located is actually liveable and up to your standards.

This may not matter to some, but if you’re planning to resell your property in the future, location is very important. No matter how good looking your prospective home may be, if it’s located in a troublesome neighbourhood or is near a lot of construction developments, expect that its property value may plummet. A pre-purchase inspection doesn’t necessarily cover this, but the specialist will be able to determine if the house itself is in ‘problem’ area.

Buying a new house takes a big investment, especially for first time homeowners. While the goal is to save money on your purchase, a pre-purchase inspection is a good investment to make to ensure that the house you’re planning to buy is actually worth buying.