Paternity Testing: Is There Really A Need?

Paternity TestingYou never imagined a day will come when you would request a paternity test. Situations vary from people to people. There are cases when they doubt their partners so much that they have to get lawyers from companies such as ALP Lawfirm.

Did you know that it’s not the only situation that needs a DNA test?

Child Support and Legal Paternity

When it comes to divorce, the battle gets pretty bloody. The mother would sometimes not let the father see his child. He will then file a complaint against her for custody and visitation rights. In return, the mother files a paternity suit for child support. It will be an exhausting cycle. If you want to get a firmer grip of the law, you will need a legal paternity test to validate or invalidate the claim.

Inheritance Rights

Family disputes, especially when inheritance is in the equation, will be extremely difficult to fix. When a father has passed, children will claim the inheritance. Some children may come from the divorced portion of his life. Getting a DNA test to prove that you’re an heir will make the process less difficult. The doubts you have for your siblings or the doubts they have on you will vanish with that legal document.

Biological Parents

Children who grew up with adoptive parents will want to meet their “real” parents when they grow up. Some parents conceive young while others get a divorce that breaks them to the point where neither of them can take care of the child. In the end, their child will always look for them. The test can assist a person in finding her biological father.

Sibling Relationships

Have you ever seen the Disney movie Parent Trap? The parents got a divorce and decided to split their twin babies. When the twins grew up, their parents unknowingly sent them to the same summer camp. The twins meet and figure out that they are siblings. But, not all of you are lucky to have a twin, right?

The best way to identify if someone is really your sibling is to both undergo a DNA paternity test to see if you have the same father. It won’t reveal who your father is, but it will verify that you are indeed siblings. To know who the father is, the father himself must also take the test.

The mentioned situations are just some of the reasons fathers claim for paternity tests. It’s not because they doubt their partners; sometimes they just need proof for other legal matters.