Hair 101: Tall Hair Tales Debunked

Hair Myths in MidvaleWhether you’re sporting a pixie cut or long, beachy waves, you probably have hair challenges that are uniquely your own. Add to that the many hair myths that have been burning up the rumor mill, and you get hair paranoia. Without further ado, below are the top hair myths you should really stop believing starting right this instant.

Hair Myth #1: Plucking even one gray hair will lead to more gray hairs.

This myth might seem true solely because seeing one gray hair usually indicates there are more gray hairs. It’s just a matter of time until you see your other gray strands. So no, this is totally a myth, plus your hair will actually become weaker if you pluck it excessively over time. What’s worse, it could actually stop growing back. It’s either you book a hair color treatment or be that effortlessly cool silver-haired person.

Hair Myth #2: Trimming your hair regularly will make it grow quicker.

Hair growth occurs at the scalp; so cutting your hair regularly won’t affect its growth. However, an instructor from a top cosmetology school in Utah says that there’s an excellent reason why hair specialists recommend cutting hair every six weeks to two months. Frayed or split ends might cause breakage and make your hair appear thinner. This means that when you trim it, your hair will look fuller.

Hair Myth #3: Coloring treatments will ruin your hair.

While bleaching is one of the most terrible things you could subject your hair to, not all coloring treatments are bad for your hair. Bleaching removes your hair color so it will weaken your hair. However, adding color in your hair, with the right product that is, will make your hair look plumper and thicker.

Hair Myth #4: Mothers are to blame for male pattern baldness.

Plenty of men think that their baldness came from their mother’s genes, but sorry to say that you really can’t pin baldness on your beloved mommy. Hair specialists point to multiple genes, from both pop and mom’s sides, as contributing factors to male pattern baldness.

Hair Myth #5: Wearing hats could lead to hair loss.

Genetics is to blame for hair loss, but is triggered by extreme stress and high testosterone levels in some cases. This myth probably started because hat-wearing people noticed hair inside their hats after wearing it for some time and assumed that their hair is falling off.

So the next time you hear one of these hair myths that are truly just that, myths, you know better.