From Beaches to Grasslands: All the Places to Explore in New Zealand

New ZealandA holiday in New Zealand can be an expensive venture, but the vast beauty of this land makes it a prime destination for travellers, adventure seekers and newlyweds. Known for its picturesque landscapes and its unique climate, New Zealand is a favourite of people with a love for the outdoors.

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The Grasslands

New Zealand is full of sprawling grasslands and majestic mountain ranges. The Kepler Track, one of New Zealand’s most popular walking and tramping tracks, takes three to four days to complete. The alpine tussock grasslands cover the area for kilometres in every direction. You will even get a chance to visit the Luxmore caves and to see the famous Iris Burn Falls.

The tussock herbfields are especially commonplace in the South Island. These expansive grasslands may even have larger snow grass that grows up to two metres in height.

The Beaches

The beaches of New Zealand are equally majestic and totally unique. Did you know that there are coastal hot springs found only on the Coromandel Peninsula? The Hot Water Beach looks like a normal beach at first, with its chocolate coloured sand and blue waters, but just two hours after low tide, the beach bubbles and gurgles as a natural hot spring rises from the ground. These unique coastal springs carry mineral rich waters full of calcium, magnesium and potassium.

For surfers, the Piha Beach in West Auckland has rips and currents that challenge surfers of all skill levels. Windswept with black, iron-rich sands, adventure seekers can brave the waves and have the time of their lives.

New Zealand is full of surprises. It is a wondrous place for holidaymakers.