The Four M’s to Having a Small But Comfortable Home


Small Home Having a small starter home is becoming more and more popular for newlyweds, single executives and even families of three. You may have to adjust a bit after living in a larger rental home, but the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Experts from Urban Homes say that you can maximise the potential of your home with the right elements.

Here are some suggestions for creating more space for your future small house.

Minimise Furnishings – The best part of having a small home is that you can choose not to buy excessive furniture or large appliances. Having minimal furnishings in your home also means less electrical consumptions, less maintenance fees and fewer repairs to be made. This also means you have fewer items that need to be cleaned or dusted.

Maximise Functions – When your initial small block home designs show limited space, you would tend to buy multi-functional furniture, appliances and equipment. Sofa beds, portable gyms and multi-purpose kitchen equipment are but a few of these examples. Look up for other items online that has multiple uses which you feel would help you greatly in your new starter home.

Modernise Everything – A small Brisbane home would usually require modern upgrades to make it more energy-efficient. Install the latest in energy saving appliances and you would definitely save up on your utility bill. The good news is, most of the equipment and appliances are designed to fit into tiny spaces since space saving is one of the features that can be sold.

Multiply Storage – Small house designs use up all its space wisely even going as far as using higher parts of the walls, under the stairs and other unused areas as storage places. The more reputable and experienced construction companies can personalize your storage areas depending on your specifications.

Living compact doesn’t mean you have to live in a stuffy and uncomfortable environment. With the many ingenious ways of ‘expanding’ your limited residence, you will find your starter house a wonderful place to go home to. Always remember, big surprises come in small packages and your upcoming home is proof of that.