Don’t Let Your Swimming Pool Become a Death Trap

Swimming Pool

Swimming PoolEvery year, thousands of American families go through heartbreaking pool tragedies, including near-fatal and fatal drowning of young children. Most of these swimming pool injuries and tragedies took place in the backyard of homes. The unfortunate thing about this is homeowners could have easily prevented these incidents.

Preventing Pool Injuries and Death in Your Home

Barriers come in the form of a wall or fence, pool safety cover, and door alarms for the home. While these are not completely childproof, these barriers can offer significant protection for children when adult supervision is not available. They offer adults extra time to locate a child before a potentially tragic incident takes place. Because of this, these safety additions must be near equipment, structures, and similar items that small children can use to climb over the barrier.

Pool fencing makes a practical addition to homes. If you’re planning a pool fence DIY plan, the height of the barrier must be around four to five feet.

If a part of your home serves as one side of the pool barrier, the people behind recommend installing door alarms on every door that leads to the swimming pool area. Make sure that all doors have self-latching and self-closing locks that small children can’t easily reach.

Pool covers can add another extra protection. Maintain the covers properly and make sure the controls are not accessible to children.

Some Crucial Points to Remember

A swimming pool barrier system prevents children from getting under or over it; this keeps them away from the pool area, unless under the supervision of adults. Some states have specific pool safety policies that you must adhere to, so make sure you are aware of the specific rules in your area.

As effective as they are, these pool barriers shouldn’t be a substitute for adult supervision. As a parent, you are responsible for the welfare of your children.