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A Black & White Answer: Why Are People Not Smiling in Early Photographs?

PhotographOther than the lack of colour, old photographs have one thing in common no matter the subject or the place: none of the people in them was smiling.

The Evolution of Smiles in Photographs

The sternness is everywhere, especially in Victorian photographs. Charles Darwin, who was known as a playful, fun and loving father, looks gloomy in photographs. The portrait of John Frederick William Herschel, a scientist and astronomer, gives off a tragic feel. It only took until the ‘20s for smiles to start becoming the normal expression in photographs.

Why are these people, from unknown sitters to the great and famous, not smiling in front of the lens? What changed?

The many reasons may include technical limitations and the seriousness of the formal occasion. But it seems people of old also refused to smile because of their bad teeth.

Missing or Rotten Teeth

It is largely believed that people did not smile in old photographs because they were hiding missing or rotten teeth, which experts and practices like Bow House Dental agree were all too common prior the 1920s – the days of modern dentistry. Today, people are spoiled to having easy access to dentists and orthodontists, but people in the 1800s certainly did not.

Some experts, however, dismissed this notion, as bad teeth were so common that they are not a contributing factor to a person’s unattractiveness at the time. Very few people had good teeth then, and according to experts, there was likely no stigma associated with dingy teeth.

But according to the book A Brief History of the Smile written by Angus Trumble, just because bad teeth were normal at the time did not mean they were desirable.

Long Exposure Times, Social Stigma

Other than bad teeth, people of the old did not smile in photographs because of the long exposure times for early cameras. Photographers had to ask people to remain still for a long period, and freezing the smile can get uncomfortable after a while.

Also, in the 17th century Europe, the only people who smiled in photographs were the poor, the lewd and the drunk, as well as people in the entertainment industry.

Humans of the 1800s were not unhappy all the time. Although they certainly had things to worry about, it is the long exposure times of early cameras, the social stigma, and the underdeveloped dentistry that should be blamed for the lack of smiles in old photographs.

What to Do When the Air Conditioning Circuit Breaker Will Not Settle

Air Conditioner Service

Air Conditioner ServiceAn air conditioner, like any other equipment in the house, can undergo electrical failures. Some are easily identifiable while others require the diagnosis of an air conditioning service provider. How would you rate the problem of a constantly tripping circuit breaker? Would you prefer calling an expert immediately? Would you rather attempt a DIY solution first? It all depends on your confidence and complexity of your system, but generally, it is better to let professionals handle this problem.

What's it All About?

A circuit breaker is a simple electrical gadget that stops electrical flow through equipment when the current exceeds a certain rating. It is simply a safety switch for preventing equipment damage or even electrical fires.

Reset Once

Resetting the circuit breaker is okay, but you should only do it once. If it trips again, it might be time to call the experts. How do you reset? First, make sure the breaker is in the "off" position. You can move it there if it is halfway. Switch it on and watch. If it trips right after the AC turns on, better call an HVAC professional because the issue could be serious. If it stays on for some time and then trips, try other solutions.

Check for More Causes

An air conditioning circuit breaker could trip because of any of the following reasons:

• Faulty circuit breaker
• Dirty air conditioning filter
• Dirty condenser coil
• Shorted motor
• Grounded motor

Next Step

A dirty filter makes the unit to work harder so it draws more current. Replace or clean the filter and the tripping will stop, if this was the cause in the first place. To handle other problems, Conduct Air Conditioning recommends hiring an air conditioning service provider.

A tripping air conditioner circuit breaker is among the most reported HVAC electrical problems. What most people don’t know is that the issues behind it are easily identifiable and repairable. You may reset the circuit breaker, but don’t do it twice. Hire a professional for a safe and reliable solution.

Teeth Straightening: Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign in Stansbury ParkA beautiful and a healthy smile will not just make you look attractive. It can also give you greater confidence and help you overcome self-consciousness. This is now easier to achieve with new and improved treatment options like Invisalign. It eliminates the need of using traditional fixed braces, so you can enhance your smile the clear way.

Straightening Like No Other

Stansbury Park Orthodontics notes that the best thing about the aligners is that they are removable, allowing you to maintain good oral hygiene and eat whatever you want. They are also nearly invisible and gently move your teeth in the desired position. You will also have to wear the aligners for approximately two weeks, then you have to switch to a new set.

Treatable Orthodontic Issues

With all the benefits of Invisalign, you may wonder if it is the right course of action for you. The good news is, these clear aligners can treat a range of dental problems. These include orthodontic issues that were previously dealt with using traditional brackets. Invisalign can address both minor and complex cases, such as:

  • Wide spacing of teeth
  • Overcrowding of teeth
  • Deep bite
  • Underbite
  • Cross bite

Duration of the Treatment

It usually takes 9 to 18 months to complete Invisalign treatment. Note, however, that the time it takes to complete the treatment will always vary depending on your specific circumstances. It is also important to wear the aligners for about 20 to 22 hours a day for the treatment to be effective. You can remove it briefly when drinking or eating, or for some special occasions.

It is best to consult a dentist or an Invisalign provider to find out whether these aligners are right for you. A review of your health history and a thorough exam are necessary to determine if the aligners are suitable. Note that the cost of Invisalign will always depend on the course of the treatment and complexity of the issue. A reliable provider will determine the cost for your situation.

Dental Implants: A Long-Term Solution to Better Teeth

Dental Implants in LakesvilleDental implants are a natural and improved way of replacing missing teeth. Unlike dentures, which are a temporary solution, the benefits of getting them are long-term–improving both your appearance and your mouth’s natural function.It’s the next best thing to natural teeth, and their durability exceeds that of the original.

The steep price of getting implants might dissuade you, though, especially if you’re looking at replacing several missing teeth. Considering the price, is it still worth getting implants at all?

Dental Implants and Resorption

The short answer to the question is yes. Many dentists in Lakeville, Minnesota highly recommend getting these permanent dental fixtures over temporary solutions simply due to the long-term benefits it provides to your mouth’s appearance and function.

As previously mentioned, it’s the next best thing to natural teeth. It’s a little known fact that once you lose a teeth, a process called resorption immediately takes place. The lack of teeth causes the body to absorb the tooth structure or the dental bone in your jaw. This is actually a natural process since the body is attempting to find a use for a recently vestigial part of the body.

The bad side of this natural process is that in time, the part of your jaw were the reabsorbed tooth bone is will began to sag. For people who have lost several teeth, the lack of tooth bone can cause you not only to look older, but also negatively affect the placement of the remaining teeth.

Dental implants allow you to retain the natural structure of your face and prevent the rest of your teeth from getting displaced. Since they are fitted right into the dental bone, it tricks the body into thinking that there’s still a tooth (or teeth) left. This slows down the process of resorption, and in some cases, completely stops it from happening.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Dental implants allow you to retain the natural function of your teeth, and keep them where they rightfully belong–your mouth. You don’t need to put them in a cup or glass, and you can brush them like they were your real teeth. This also means that you don’t have to worry about what you eat or a risk that it might fall off while you’re eating or talking.

Apart from saving you from an embarassing moment, implants are also built to last and are stronger than your original teeth. It’s very rare that you need to have them adjusted or replaced, and they really do last a lifetime. Though they are unaffected by bacteria, you still need to brush and floss regularly since your gums aren’t immune.

Dental implants are a permanent solution to missing teeth. They’re the next best thing to your original, and with proper care, will last a lifetime. With all the long-term benefits it brings to your mouth’s appearance and functionality, they are truly worth it.

Simple Hacks to Properly Maintain a Water Heater

Water Heater MaintenanceOnly a few homeowners in Salt Lake City are keen to keep their water heater running efficiently, so the equipment will last longer. Though it can be time-consuming, it’s important to follow the maintenance procedures. This article shares the things you should not overlook.

Routine Maintenance

Every homeowner must be aware that the water heater tank gets dirty over time, as various minerals and sediments stay on the bottom. Depending on the water quality, the “extra” stuff can quickly eliminate the water heater’s efficiency.

If left unnoticed, they not only make the water heater work twice harder, but they also make the tank rusty. It will be then slowly eaten away until the entire unit becomes in need of replacement. This is very costly but can actually be prevented. How? You just need a bucket, a hose, and gloves for safety.


To do a simple regular draining of water heater to keep it in good condition, remember that you need to know where the actual heater is. This could be very easy but tricky for non-experts. Most of the time, it is located in your garage. Be cautious, though. You will be dealing with electricity, gas, steam and very hot water. One mistake might mess up the whole system.


There are many simple ways to increase a water heater’s operating durability and efficiency. You may add insulation and set the temperature. But this has to be done once only. Flushing the tank and checking of the anode rod, on the other hand, must be done annually.

The advantages of water heater maintenance are undeniable but remember that sole efforts to maintain your equipment can be dangerous. It is still advisable to ask for the services of experts in cleaning and maintaining water heater in Salt Lake City especially if you are a newbie.

The Dangers of Illegal Eviction

Rental PropertiesRental properties are great investments, but they have their fair share of risks too. Their value is tied closely to the neighborhood’s prosperity, damage can be very expensive to fix if it’s not covered by insurance, and vacancy is always a problem. Worst of all, however, is the risk of a bad tenant.

Most property owners have had run-ins with this type of renter. They never pay on time, are a nuisance to their neighbours, and even damage the unit. This is why landlords are willing to do thorough background checks on prospective tenants, so they can screen these people out.

If you have a problem tenant and they won’t listen to you, the only real option left is to evict them to minimise your losses. But be careful; property lawyers in Brisbane caution that rental owners can face serious legal ramifications if they don’t do this correctly, explains

The Dangers of Illegal Evictions

As much as you’d like to get rid of the problem tenant immediately, you can’t just throw them out and change the locks. Landlords have to go through due process, and failing to do so will expose you to liability. Courts may award your tenant damages, making a costly situation even more expensive.

1. Provide notice – You should first give the tenant a termination notice. In most cases, this will be a “Pay Rent or Quit Notice” if they are behind on rent, or a “Cure or Quit Notice” if they are violating terms in the lease, such as by owning pets.

If they have seriously damaged the property or have repeatedly transgressed, you might be allowed to provide an unconditional quit notice, which tells the tenant to move out without an opportunity to simply pay their debt or fix the situation.

2. File a lawsuit – If your tenant hasn’t still hasn’t left, it’s time to go to court and file for eviction. The hearing will be scheduled, and you and the tenant will be given a summons to attend. Make sure you’ve prepared enough evidence to prove your claim.

Records of communication, photographs of property damage, bounced checks, and other documentation are all helpful at this stage.

3. Wait – If you’ve successfully proven that the tenant has violated their lease, the court will give them a few days to move out. Once the court order has been given, all that’s left to do is wait. If the tenant still doesn’t leave with the appointed time, don’t try to remove the tenant yourself, that’s the police’s job.

This is going to be a time consuming and frustrating process, so it’s best if you do it with the help of a property lawyer. Once the tenant is finally out, you should also reevaluate your screening process; perhaps there’s something you can change to make sure that this never happens again.

Home Loans for Medical Professionals: Tips on Choosing the Best Mortgage Company

Home Loans

Home LoansBuying a home through a mortgage can be galling experience when you fail to secure it from a friendly lender. The burden of repaying the mortgage can follow you for several years eating a big chunk of your earnings.

It is important to research and find a company whose rates and terms are friendly and professional in handling the proceedings. For medical professionals in need of a home loan, companies will help you achieve your desired objectives. When shopping for a mortgage company, it is vital to be informed of factors that can help you enter into a fair deal and so that you will not encounter problems while repaying.

The interest rates

Knowing the interest rates will help you know which company is the most suitable for your plans. You should conduct research and analysis to discern who offers affordable rates that your salary can withstand for the set period. You can gather information regarding the rates from online sources or probably from mortgage agents and brokers.

Your credit score

You need to know whether your credit score allows you to take a mortgage loan. It is also important to consider your profession before going for the loan. Most lenders prefer certain occupations, for instance, medical professional loans are very prevalent, especially for doctors.

Portability of the mortgage

Portability means the ability of a mortgage lender to allow you relocate to another house with the same mortgage. Portability reduces the rates by reducing the rates you had previously paid. Loans which are not portable are very costly because they demand the payment of similar rates to the ones you had paid before relocation.

Cost of mortgage insurance

When your lender requires that you take mortgage insurance, you should consider an insurance policy that you can be able to handle. Most of the policies are expensive making the mortgage and home loans even more costly to repay.

Home loans are good since they create an avenue through  which you can afford a home. The most important thing for you is to be informed to ensure that you commit to a loan that your capacity enables you to handle efficiently.

Too Much Sun Can Kill You, Literally

Sun Rays in AustraliaAre you fond of sunbathing? You need to be extra careful, as too much sun exposure can hurt your skin, and the damage may range from mild sunburns to something as severe as skin cancer.

You can prevent this from happening by wearing protective gear, especially when you go out. Hats are highly recommended, as skin cancer affects the head more than the other parts of the body, such as the nose and the ears – the focal point of melanoma in men.

Shade is also important in terms of sun protection. Umbrellas and trees provide enough protection from the harsh rays, but at home, it is also necessary to provide shade even through the windows. Fortunately, there are many window solutions available in the market that provide shielding from the sun, such as sunscreen blinds.

Taking In Too Much Sun

Sun exposure is not a bad thing. It provides us with vitamin D, which helps with the absorption of phosphorus and calcium needed to keep our bones healthy. It also improves mental health, as well as reduces the risk of developing multiple sclerosis.

Spending too much time under the sun, however, can lead to a number of skin diseases. This includes loss of elasticity, premature ageing, rashes, dryness, as well as sunburn. A severe case of sunburn could be the onset of sun poisoning. Melanoma – a type of skin cancer – is the most serious one that you can get. It develops at a rapid rate and most of the time, this can be life-threatening.

Skin Cancer: A Widespread Problem Among Kiwis

Melanoma is the fourth most common type of cancer in New Zealand.

The country recently surpassed Australia in the rates of skin cancer. The problem is that it seems that Kiwis are not aware of this. Melanoma patient Kathryn Williams said that Kiwis do not understand the risks they willingly put themselves through, especially when they go outside unprotected.

The rate of melanoma in New Zealand between 1982 and 2011 has nearly doubled. This disease also accounts for 1 in 10 cases of cancer.

Whether you go out for a stroll outside or bask in the sun at home, remember to stay safe. The sun can be good for you, but too much can lead to life-threatening skin illnesses.

3 Ways to Maximize Your Local SEO Strategy

SEOLocal SEO is a booming digital marketing strategy because people need to localize search results more than ever. The changes in customer behavior are due to the fact that mobile devices are readily available and one search query is just a few clicks away. If you are a small- or medium-sized business that has a brick and mortar shop, then you should invest in localized web presence. Here are the basic things you need to do to start getting website traffic from people who want what you’re offering.

Classify Your Business Model

You should classify your business model for search engines to correctly identify you. Are you a brick and mortar business or an online shop? Do you have a single location or multiple locations? Do you have a home-based business or a multi-practitioner business? Once you determine this, it’s time to create your own Google My Business Account and put in your business name, contact information, hours, directions, and location for you to appear on Google Maps and Search.

Create a Content Strategy

You need a content strategy for customers to know more about your business and your products and services. If you have multiple products and services, you can create new webpages for each one you have and provide all the necessary information for people to want to buy or try it. You must also have your location(s) and contact information prominently placed at the top of the web page.

Get Good Reviews on Listing Sites

Lastly, you need good reviews on listing sites as part of your SEO efforts in San Diego to make people want to visit your shop . The more good reviews you have, the more prominent and credible you become. That’s why you need to appear on all listing sites you can be on and encourage your core customers to leave glowing reviews about your business.

Keep these tips in mind and you will surely experience wonderful benefits for making an effort to build up your local SEO standing.

Make Your Home Elderly-Friendly with these Top Strategies

Elderly-Friendly HomeAs the Health Care Associates and the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has cited, approximately one million over the age of 65 account for a huge percentage of hospital emergency rooms due to injuries caused by products in their household. And this number is just for the elderly people.

The primary causes of injuries in home sustained by older people

Of all the injuries that older individuals sustain in their own homes, slips, trips, and falls are the most common. Carpets and rugs are often the culprits for slips and trips, as well as anything else in the form of small items cluttered around the home.

Burns and scalding from open flames and hot tap or shower water also make it to the list of common injuries among seniors.

You should also note that the bathroom poses the greatest hazard in elderly people, especially when it comes to using the bathtub or the shower. Without the right tools and support, they can easily slip and fall, resulting in sprains, strains, fractures, and worse, concussions.

Creating a safety checklist for households with elderly occupants

Many of the things that pose hazards to elderly individuals are easy to overlook. Fortunately, they are also easy to fix. You can prevent these dangers by simply creating a checklist enumerating the areas in your home that pose the highest risk for these accidents. The bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and living room should all make it to this list.

Additions you should make for a more elderly-friendly home

Investing in a bathtub for elderly use is one of the greatest additions you can make to your home to prevent slips and falls that can cause serious injuries. Installing safety bars, grab rails, and safety rails in the bathroom and stairs will also help considerably minimize the risks of accident-causing injuries. You should also replace your existing carpeting and rugs with slip-resistant products.

With the right knowledge and the use of elderly-friendly fixtures and furnishings, you can make your home a safe haven for your older loved ones.