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3 Different Kinds of Sauces and Their Uses

Kinds of SaucesEverybody loves eating, that’s for sure. And for every favorite grilled or fried food, there’s a corresponding sauce that shouldn’t be missing on the table. However, there may be times when you get too overwhelmed as to what sauce is for what and how else you could prepare the perfect match. To put an end to this long time concern, listed here are 3 different kinds of sauces and what their best use are.


According to experts, Hollandaise sauce is a mother sauce. A mother sauce is a base sauce you can either simply use as it is or use as a base for another kind of sauce. As for its use, Hollandaise sauce is famously used for eggs benedict and other saucy sandwiches because of its rich and creamy taste. It’s very easy to make with just egg yolks and butter, but if you’re not confident in making your own you can also buy hollandaise sauce from the store.


It’s an Italian white sauce usually used for topping pasta or pizzas. This one is also a mother sauce, but people typically use it as it is. It’s made very simply by thickening milk with flour and butter. You could add salt and pepper to taste or if you have already used salted butter, the taste would already turn out fine. Bechamel sauce can also be a base to Alfredo sauce with an addition of eggs and parmesan cheese.

Classic Tomato

Of course, this list will not be complete without the classic tomato sauce. You can make it with canned tomatoes, but the sweetness of fresh tomatoes definitely makes a better sauce. This classic sauce is best for the pizza base, meatballs spaghetti, meaty or vegetable lasagna, or even fried fish for a twist. Tomato sauces can still vary in types such as herbed, spicy, sweet, or even creamy with a little cream or cheese.

Cooking and eating are a lot more fun when you play with taste. The food experience, even though it’s an ordinary meal time at home, can be a lot more fun when you prepare and experiment new taste and recipe. This could also be an enjoyable bonding for the whole family.

Will You Really Benefit More from Buying Fresh, Organic Produce?


vegetableIn Australia, fresh produce is monitored for chemical residue. Because of this, the fruits and vegetables grown using conventional farming methods are safe to eat. That’s why more people are buying organically grown food and retail sales are increasing every year. This niche is growing rapidly as information spread about the advantages of organic food.

Simon George & Sons, one of the leading fruit and vegetable wholesale suppliers in Australia, shares more information below:

The Key Characteristics of Organic Farming

The main premise behind organic farming is to establish a means of raising livestock and growing fruits and vegetables in a way that works harmoniously with the environment. Instead of imposing a schedule, the approach follows natural farming cycles. This method of farming promotes preservation of ecosystems, conservation of energy, and conservation of nutrients present in the soil. Organic farming is not entirely free from the use of chemicals. Biological substances and naturally occurring pesticides are used to promote the growth of fruits and vegetables.

Organic vs. Conventional Fruits and Vegetable

The preference for organic produce is founded on the belief that they are more nutritious than conventionally grown fruits and vegetables. According to studies, this is not necessarily true and there is no significant difference in the nutrient content. Both are rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Nevertheless, organic produce offers three distinct advantages. First, they contain more Vitamin C. Second, organic fruits and vegetables contain more selenium. Third, organically grown produce has significantly lower nitrate levels.

How to Know It’s Organically Grown

When you buy groceries, do you look for the ‘certified organic’ label issued by an organisation accredited by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF)? When you decide to visit the new local organic retailer, do you check for the notice from the Organic Retailers’ and Growers’ Association of Australia (ORGAA)? When you buy, it’s best to look for the grower’s certification number and determine whether the product is endorsed by an organic certifier.

Yummy Foods that Could Silence Your Growling Stomach – The Best in Clayfield

italian pizza

italian pizzaClayfield is a residential suburb located in the wonderful city of Brisbane. This suburb is popular for its numerous restaurants. Be it pastries or foreign dishes, satisfy your stomach with delicious finds from this area, and emerge full and satisfied.

Don’t know what to eat? Here are some foods that you may like eating at a Clayfield restaurant, as compiled by

  • Pastries and Coffee

    What could be more delightful to eat than your favourite slice of cake and a drink of your warm coffee? After a tiring tour in Clayfield, it is absolutely a must to indulge in sweets.

  • Anything Italian

    The core of today’s Italian food are tomatoes, corn, beans, peppers and potatoes. With these as ingredients, any Italian dish such as toasted ciabatta, caprese salad, orochiette dish, and the like would taste superb!

  • Burgers

    This classic favourite of the Western world would never be out of the list. Burgers could be a breakfast, lunch or dinner function, and it would not seem out of place. Those juicy beef patties, crunchy bacon, cheesy cheese, and succulent lettuce and tomatoes are a hit to anyone’s taste buds.

  • Thai Cuisine

    When craving for hot, sour, sweet and salty flavours at the same time, then Thai foods are a must try for you. Creamy curries served with rice and spicy stir fries? How about booking one – now?

  • Japanese Eats

    Japanese food is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, and Clayfield is fortunately a haven of Asian restaurants, among them Japanese. Who can resist the taste of those tiny sushi rolls and the ever popular ramen? For something more adventurous, try sashimi. Eat them raw and fresh – salmon, eel, crab, tuna or yellowtail.

You would never run out of good places to eat in this neat residential suburb. In fact, there are also restaurants with gaming areas. Enjoy eating delicious food while having a great game. Clayfield won’t ever bore you.

Top 3 Asian Restaurants in Brisbane

Chinese Food

Chinese FoodAre you tired of the usual Western-style dishes on your plate? Why not go for Asian food? It’s the biggest continent in the world, so you’re sure to find a variety of dishes from its different countries. Fortunately, you don’t have to go far to begin your food adventure in Brisbane. For starters, here’s a list of Asian restaurants you should try:

Peng You China Kitchen and Bar (Chinese)

Located in Gasworks Plaza, is a traditional Chinese restaurant that offers a casual, fun, and social atmosphere that’ll make guests feel relaxed while dining. They offer griddle-cooked gyoza, Taiwanese street-style fried chicken, tofu pastry parcel, and house-wrapped spring rolls for starters. They have soup, rice, noodles, and live seafood selections, as well. For big groups, they have shared dishes and set menus that are fit for your budget.

Golden Buddha (Thai)

This restaurant is open every day for dinner only, but you’ll likely enjoy the food on their menu because they grow their own herbs. As a matter of fact, they’re included in the Brisbane’s best Thai restaurants list by The Urban List. Their chefs are willing to adjust to your taste, whether you want less chili or need a low fat, vegetarian, and gluten free serving.

This Seven Hills restaurant offers entrées, seafood, meat, curry, noodles, and rice meals for dine-in, takeaway, and catering for any type of event. They have cooking schools, as well, if you want to learn how to cook the dishes they serve.

Ichiban Yakitori (Japanese)

Located along Creek Street, the handcrafted buns of Ichiban Yakitori are a must-try. These have miso-roasted pork belly fillings with chilli hoisin sauce, pickled cucumber, and coriander. You can have Dijon mustard, braised beef with pink coleslaw, and raspberry spread mix in your fillings, as well. If you’re looking for heavy meals, their tonkatsu rice burger, beef curry, and chicken and beef yakitori skewers are ideal for satisfying any stomach.

These are only some of the top Asian restaurants in Brisbane. If you’re craving other cuisines, like Korean or Indian, feel free to browse lifestyle magazines to serve as a guide.

Fresh For Kids: 3 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

fresh vegetables

As a busy parent, preparing your child’s school lunch box can be challenging. But don’t resort to pre-prepared lunchbox foods and sweets. Packing a healthy lunch for your little one is important to make sure they get the right energy and nutrients. When it comes to healthy lunch ideas for children, buy fresh vegetables and stick to basics.

fresh vegetables

Here are some tasty and nutritious ideas you can try preparing:

A bento box

One of the ways to build a healthy lunch is to be creative. The solution is to remake your kid’s favourites in a healthy way. Buy fresh vegetables and fill a bento box with snacks. These can include:

  • Egg salad on romaine lettuce.
  • Gluten-free crackers.
  • Easy-to-eat veggies such as carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and celery.
  • Frozen fresh fruit.

Children will love going back to school with this bento box. Use colourful cupcake liners to divide the veggies from fruits.

Cauliflower salad wrap

Sneak a vegetable into the lunch box with a classic salad wrap that adds a creamy cauliflower that will go unnoticed. Use different types of breads such as wholegrain, pita pockets, or Lebanese bread.

Egg muffins

Lunch or snack, egg muffins are high-protein, low-fat, single serving delights. Make three to five pieces to keep your little one feeling good and active all day long. Remember to use only egg whites to avoid cholesterol.

Skip the same usual meals and upgrade to these outside-the-lunch-box surprises. It’s important to keep offering healthy choices in a variety of ways, as kids learn to eat what is familiar to them.

Ice Cream Parties: Making Your Child’s Special Day Even Sweeter

icecream party

Throwing an ice cream party is a great alternative to the usual cakes-and-candies type. Add some fun-filled games, and parents and children alike will surely have a blast at your event. You can choose gluten-free ice creams to keep the party on the healthy side.

If you’re preparing for one, here’s what you should include in your shopping list:

Ice Cream

To know how much you need, allow about two servings of ice cream per child. Buy a good variety of ice cream flavours, but never skip on the originals. Some kids may not prefer unusual flavours.

icecream party

Fruits for toppings

Frozen fruits are more affordable than fresh ones, although the latter has richer taste. Simply thaw out your frozen finds a day before the party.

Cookies, candies, and cereal

Prepare some cookies and candies for children to sprinkle on top of their ice cream. For a more unique taste, experiment with cereals as toppings on the sundae.


Almonds and walnuts add an extra pop to your average ice cream. As some people may be highly allergic to them, keep them separated from other food as a precaution.

Sauces and mallows

Buy some caramel, hot fudge, and cherry sauces for an added twist. If you have vegetarian guests, substitute marshmallow fluff for real marshmallows, as most brands don’t contain gelatin.

Ice cream parties are a sure-fire way to have fun with both adults and children. As long as you keep the essentials in mind, the celebratory mood will definitely keep going.