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Moissanite: Your Cheaper But Almost-Like Diamond Option

Moissanite RingsAlmost everyone knows that diamonds are “a girl’s bestfriend.” However, this is no longer the case today, as more and more practically-minded individuals and couples now opt for the hardest mineral’s cheaper, yet nearly-as-great alternatives. Aside from tanzanite as well as other precious mineral stones such as sapphires, emeralds, and rubies, there is the moissanite stone.

According to, moissanite jewelry continues to make a name for itself in the industry since 1995, when jewelers started to create such stunning and beautiful pieces of jewelry from these stones. And the best part, aside from the fact that it resembles diamond, is that it only costs a fraction of the latter’s price.

Your 10 times cheaper option

A 1-carat diamond has a price tag of around $3,000 to $5,000. Get a moissanite stone featuring the same size, and you have a 10 times cheaper alternative. Note though, that moissanite stones have different forms, so just in case you want something that is almost as clear as a diamond, you would have to pay a little higher. However, it remains far less expensive compared to diamonds.

Almost as pretty as diamonds

Moissanite, particularly the Forever Brilliant version, has an almost colorless quality like diamonds. Yes, diamonds still beat them in this aspect, but considering the price, their nearly colorless characteristic, and their greater brilliance, make them almost identical.

Almost as durable as the hardest mineral

Arguably the best asset of moissanite is that it stands just next to diamonds when it comes to hardness. In other words, it is also just as durable and scratch-free as the hardest mineral known to human. It can withstand up to 1,200 degrees Celsius of heated temperatures as well as extremely high pressures. This means that you do not have to constantly replace the stone unlike the cubic zirconia, another popular alternative to diamonds.

As you can see, moissanite definitely has all the right qualities that make it fitting for jewelry pieces, especially for rings.

How Insurance Works for Dental Services

Dentist Checking Patient TeethOral hygiene starts with brushing your teeth twice a day and paying visits to your dentist for bi-annual cleaning sessions. The latter can easily rake in a considerable amount of money, and that’s where insurance comes into play.

In the U.K., dental insurance normally covers both regular services and non-routine treatments such as dental implants. If you live in Loughton, dental implant services can be included in your insurance package.

What’s more, some employers are offering dental plans as an added benefit to retain talents—another reason to keep your job when you have this benefit. Likewise, more than a third of employees say a dental plan would have a positive impact on their opinion for a company.

Insurance Stats

According to the Oral Health Foundation, employees who call in sick due to oral health problems costs the British economy an estimated £2.8 billion per year.

At the same time, nearly half England’s adult population has not paid a visit to a National Health Service dentist in two years. In terms of the insured population, 88% have no dental insurance plans. By gender, only 11% of men and 13% of women have them.

Plan Types

A maintenance plan and a capitation plan are some examples of dental coverage plans. Maintenance plans provide routine care and maintenance work, as well as cover accidents and emergencies. These plans usually cover two dental examinations, two dentist visits with x-rays each year.

On the other hand, capitation plans serve as an upgrade to maintenance plans. These offer unlimited treatment for a wide variety of services such as dental implants, root canal and extraction amongst others.


With the advent of the Internet, there are many ways to find bargain deals online for dental work. For instance, some dentists post ads to websites such as Groupon and LivingSocial. However, read the terms of each promotional offer very carefully and take note of the expiration.

For Beginners to Enjoy Whitewater Rafting, Safety is Key

River Rafting in ColoradoRiver rafting has become such a popular extreme sport in Colorado. Thanks to great rivers here. It is stimulating and challenging experience you would not want to miss on regardless of your age or lack of sporting interest. But as exciting and fun as it is, for first-timers, taking safety precautions would make this experience even more fun as most of their fears would be taken care of.

Here's how to make this adventure even more fun by ensuring safety: 

Whitewater rafting in Arkansas river for the first time will be a challenge. But with an ensured safety, you will enjoy most of it. In addition to choosing the best place to have fun and having most experienced guides, you will have to consider the following:

  • Starting out slow means you know the river. Experts classify rapids on a 1-6 scale and you need to know the level of the river you’re going to try. As a first-timer, you must start on class 1 rapid that is slower, has low waves, and no obstructions.
  • Know how well you can handle physical exercise. Check if you are a good swimmer or your body can endure upper body exercises for long hours.
  • Never go rafting alone. As a newbie, try going with an experienced guide.
  • Listen up and listen up good to your tour guide. Be sure to know the common instructions that they would say during the trip. 
  • Raft in place in the presence of a lot of light. Make your plans for rafting to end before darkness sets in. Under-moonlight rafting is done only by some experienced companies.
  • What you need to wear. Wear a good lifejacket that fits you and does not limit your movements. A helmet, wetsuit, splash jacket, and proper river shoes can make the trip much more comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the thrill without the chill.
  • Always have a good grip and stay in the boat. The ride is normally jumpy, but you feel comfortable with good hand and feet clasp in the boat.
  • Leave your jewelry and money in the car. Losing will spoil your day willy-nilly of whether you enjoyed the ride.
  • More protection that you need. You need quality sunglasses, sunscreens, and bottled drinking water.
  • Finally, choose a licensed professional outfitter. This is your first step to enjoying this adventure. The outfitter will ensure that possibly you take all the important precautions and that their services remain enjoyable to you.

First time rafting? Welcome! Take these cautions, go on and try it. The kick and adrenaline will make you want to do it again.

A Brief History of Prosthetic Teeth

Prosthetic TeethProsthetic teeth are artificial teeth meant to replace any missing ones in a person’s mouth. False teeth are common amongst the elderly and those who lost their teeth to gum disease or cavities. The prosthesis may come in several forms, including dentures, bridges and implants.

Prosthetic teeth are a cornerstone of modern dentistry. New prosthetic teeth are nearly indistinguishable in appearance to the surrounding teeth because of how they are manufactured., for example, uses moulded impressions and computer assisted modelling for improved accuracy.

Many people believe that prosthetic teeth are a relatively new invention. They could not be more wrong. Dental prostheses have been around as far back as the seventh century BC, nearly 3,000 years ago.

Ancient Prosthetics

The oldest known dental prosthesis was made by the Etruscans. The Etruscans lived in what is modern-day Italy. Using gold bands, teeth from another person or an animal are strapped around the remaining teeth. The technique was eventually copied by the Romans nearly two centuries after.

In the 16th century, Japanese craftsmen created more sophisticated dentures made of wood. By taking impressions using beeswax, they carefully carve a palate and false teeth that fit well into the patient’s mouth. Though they were originally made entirely out of wood, later models used horn, ivory or human teeth embedded into the structure.

Modern Prosthetics

Japanese dentures paved the way for modern dentures. In 1789, in France, Nicolas Dubois de Chemant developed porcelain teeth. He was the first person to file a patent for it. In 1825, Samuel Stockton began to manufacture them en masse. 

As the Industrial Revolution entered full swing, prosthetic teeth became more refined, using new materials such as vulcanite rubber.

Technological innovations continued, and by the 1950s, Leonard Linkow developed the first titanium dental implants.

Dental prosthetics will only improve as new techniques develop. Until tooth decay and gum disease are eliminated completely, false teeth will likely be part of a dentist’s repertoire for years to come.

Trending Hairstyles for Women This 2016

Hairstyles for Women

Hairstyles for Women in WaikatoHairstyle is very important for women, as this plays a big role on their entire style and look. Every woman knows that finding the right hairstyle for their outfit, personality, and mood can be very tricky. That is why reinventing the look of your hair can be a good idea. You can also consult your hairstylist before trying a new haircut to ensure that it suits you well.

Before you look for Hamilton hairdressers, Jingles Hair Design shares some trendy styles that you might want to try this year:

  • 80s-Inspired fringes

2016 is the best time to try out bangs. The 80s-inspired fringes work well with short hair. Fringes can accentuate most face shapes, highlighting your best features.

  • Winter Waves

Achieve that winter wavy hairstyle like that of Cara Delevingne’s. Try a sexy textured and more volume wave. Use a flat iron to make a half-moon shape with your hair, then alternate directions and create an S-shape wave.

  • The Shag Cut

A shag cut can be achieved by layering various lengths of your hair. The layers are frequently feathered on the sides and at the top, making the hair fringe around the edges. This was popularized by many celebrities during the early 2000s.

  • Pixie Cut

The pixie cut never goes out of style. Its timeless look makes it a favourite of many women today. If you decide to go with this style, pair it with short bangs and add more volume at the crown. This will give a lovely bounce to your cut.

Don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles. As they say, your hair is your crowning glory; be proud of your own style.

The Rich and Famous: Jewelry Collections of the Most Influential Women

Most Influential Women

Most Influential WomenJewelry pieces are used primarily for accessorizing, but others believe that they’re not just for style purposes, but for function as well. The refined skills of the jewelers who turned rough gemstones into exceptional ornaments cannot be denied. They’re quality investments pieces that may also serve as a symbol of the wearer’s social status.

That is why it isn’t surprising to know that many of the world’s most powerful and influential women own an impressive collection of jewelry pieces. Here are three of those women with the most enviable jewelry collection:

Queen Elizabeth II

The collection of the longest reigning British monarch is so extensive it has its own special room – one that’s as big as an ice skating rink.  Excluding the British Crown Jewels, this queen’s personal jewelry collection is estimated to be worth $57 million, consisting mostly of personal gifts. Yes, the queen has generous friends. All of these are locked safely inside the Buckingham Palace.

Diana, Princess of Wales

One of the most iconic of all the famous Diana jewels was the late princess’ engagement ring. Chosen by Diana herself, it was such a rare occasion for a royal to choose a jewelry item that anyone from the public can buy and one could see from any jeweler, Salt Lake City or otherwise. It was straight out of a catalogue! Talk about “anyone can be a princess!” This blue engagement ring is now in the finger of another style icon, the Duchess of Cambridge, Diana’s daughter-in-law.

Elizabeth Taylor

Like Queen Elizabeth II, the jewelry collection of one of the greatest screen actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age are mostly gifts. “Liz” received the 69.42-carat Taylor-Burton Diamond in pear shape and the 33.19-carat Krupp diamond from her on-and off-husband, actor Richard Burton. He also gave her a heart-shaped yellow diamond – Shah Jahan’s gift to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal in 1621. This lady inspired one of India’s treasured wonders, the Taj Mahal.

Jewelry enhances the look of any individual, man or woman. It’s not that surprising that even the most famous celebrities around the world have pieces they treasure above all else.

Bridal Hairstyles: Tips for Styling Your Long Hair

bride hairstyle

You can do pretty much anything with long hair. This is why many women want it for their wedding. Before you decide on a hairstyle for the big day, it’s important to find a salon that can style your hair according to your vision. Many salons in Austin offer bridal hair and makeup services that can help you achieve the look you want for your wedding. Here are some tips on styling long hair.

Sleek Up do

This hairstyle is perfect for weddings, as it exudes class. If your face is round, however, your stylist will need to add extra body on top, so your face will look longer and slimmer. You don’t have to worry about how it will look, as your stylist knows what works for you.

bride hairstyle

Waterfall Twist

Waterfall twists work for any face shape. This hairstyle is soft enough to flatter everything, and it’s easy to do. This hairstyle adds a little something to an all-down style.

Side Ponytail

This hairstyle is perfect for those who have extra-long hair. A side ponytail can also soften a square jaw. Avoid this hairstyle if you have a round face, as it adds more body to the side, making your face look wider.

These are just a few of the many ways to style your long hair. Make sure to hire a professional bridal hairstylist to look your best on the big day.