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Hair 101: Tall Hair Tales Debunked

Hair Myths in MidvaleWhether you’re sporting a pixie cut or long, beachy waves, you probably have hair challenges that are uniquely your own. Add to that the many hair myths that have been burning up the rumor mill, and you get hair paranoia. Without further ado, below are the top hair myths you should really stop believing starting right this instant.

Hair Myth #1: Plucking even one gray hair will lead to more gray hairs.

This myth might seem true solely because seeing one gray hair usually indicates there are more gray hairs. It’s just a matter of time until you see your other gray strands. So no, this is totally a myth, plus your hair will actually become weaker if you pluck it excessively over time. What’s worse, it could actually stop growing back. It’s either you book a hair color treatment or be that effortlessly cool silver-haired person.

Hair Myth #2: Trimming your hair regularly will make it grow quicker.

Hair growth occurs at the scalp; so cutting your hair regularly won’t affect its growth. However, an instructor from a top cosmetology school in Utah says that there’s an excellent reason why hair specialists recommend cutting hair every six weeks to two months. Frayed or split ends might cause breakage and make your hair appear thinner. This means that when you trim it, your hair will look fuller.

Hair Myth #3: Coloring treatments will ruin your hair.

While bleaching is one of the most terrible things you could subject your hair to, not all coloring treatments are bad for your hair. Bleaching removes your hair color so it will weaken your hair. However, adding color in your hair, with the right product that is, will make your hair look plumper and thicker.

Hair Myth #4: Mothers are to blame for male pattern baldness.

Plenty of men think that their baldness came from their mother’s genes, but sorry to say that you really can’t pin baldness on your beloved mommy. Hair specialists point to multiple genes, from both pop and mom’s sides, as contributing factors to male pattern baldness.

Hair Myth #5: Wearing hats could lead to hair loss.

Genetics is to blame for hair loss, but is triggered by extreme stress and high testosterone levels in some cases. This myth probably started because hat-wearing people noticed hair inside their hats after wearing it for some time and assumed that their hair is falling off.

So the next time you hear one of these hair myths that are truly just that, myths, you know better.

Eyelash Extensions: What to Expect During Application

Eyelash Extensions in Beverly HillsUnfortunately, not all people have naturally thick and long lashes. You apply mascara and yet you ended up with spidery and clumpy lashes — the exact opposite of what you’re looking for. Fortunately, eyelash extensions are huge right now. You can easily achieve the lashes of your dreams. If you haven’t tried extensions and are thinking of getting them soon, here’s what you can expect during the procedure.

  • First off, you need to tell the exact look and shape you want. Color choices include black, brown, blonde, red, and even dusky violet. Lash lengths start from 6, 10, 12, and 14mm with sizes starting from 0.15 (the most natural looking), 0.20 (similar to lashes with mascara), and 0.25 (for divaesque lashes). Shapes include J, B, D, C, L, and U for varying curl effects.
  • iLashes by Jill noted that your eyes must be make-up and product free. Expect your artist to clean your lashes to ensure that there’s no oil or protein left. This is for the bonding agent to adhere properly to your natural eyelashes and the extensions.
  • Your artist will put small, sterile pads under your eyes and over your lower eyelashes. You should close your eyes for the entire procedure.
  • The pads will be used as sort of the “work area” for spreading your individual lashes in preparation for the extensions.
  • Your artist will use tweezers for placing each individual extension on each of your natural lash. A durable, but mild special bonding agent will be used for securing the extensions.
  • The entire application process will take about an hour to an hour and a half. Depending on the look you’re going for and the shape and size of your eyes, the lash artist will apply 50 up to 150 eyelash extensions on each eye.
  • Allow between five and 10 minutes of drying time and you’re done.

Now that the easy part is finished, here comes the challenging part — maintenance. Keep in mind that you have to follow all aftercare instructions, most especially 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Whatever you do, don’t wet your lashes for at least 24 hours. If you must, a super fine mist for several seconds will do and no more. Additionally, don’t swim or use hot water or steam on your face for 48 hours.

Done right, you’ll enjoy four to six weeks of mascara-free bliss and waking up to gorgeous lashes.

Arch Envy: Why Have Your Eyebrows Tinted

Woman Brushing Her EyebrowCara Delevigne, Emilia Clarke, and Lily Collins.

You’ve probably guessed what these three lovely ladies have in common: gorgeous brows. If you’re one of the many ladies who take the time to fill in, brush, and shape the eyebrows, then you probably know that having well-groomed brows can make a big difference to your face. A more effective way to get the perfect eyebrows is brow tinting, says

Love Your Brows Whatever the Shape

While brow tinting may seem high maintenance, think of the time you spend each morning with your pencil, gel, and brush – sounds fairly time-consuming too right? Many women get their brows tinted because they abuse their brows by over-tweezing. However, this isn’t the only factor.

A brow tinting specialist points out that eyebrows lighten naturally due to sun exposure, making the inner corners of your brows more prominent than the ends. Likewise, eyebrows seem to fade as you age, so tinting can help in making them look more pronounced and fuller.

The most crucial thing is to find the most accurate shape and tone that will accentuate the shape of your face, make your peepers pop, and go well with your skin tone. Also, while ladies love bold, dark brows, certain hair color and skin tone combinations will look better with brighter and softer eyebrows. For instance, for ladies with light blonde hair, the brow tails should be darker than the tops of the brows for a better brightening effect. Put simply – don’t go overboard and only accentuate what you already have.

Maintenance for Your Tinted Brows

Like colored hair, your tinted brows need a bit of maintenance too. Superior quality eyebrow tints are made with vegetable dyes that typically last between three and five weeks, but this will still vary from person to person. Some ladies have their brows re-tinted every four weeks, while some go in for touchups every two months.

So why not just turn to your trusty eyebrow pencil? Put simply, tinting just looks better and more natural, plus you won’t have to go obsessive-compulsive on trying to make your brows look perfect. Additionally, with pronounced eyebrows, you won’t have to wear too much makeup, which in turn will make you look more youthful. Think about this – Cindy Crawford and Brooke Shields look younger than they actually are, and a major part of it is due to their full, strong brows.

3 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Modern and Expensive

Glass Shower Doors in IndianaThere are a lot of ways to design your home and it all depends on your style and preferences. Today, one of the most popular direction people take is going modern. A modern design has futuristic, elegant, and minimalist elements that make your home look more spacious and expensive. Here are some simple but effective ways to make your home look more modern.

Go for Light Colors

Light colors, especially white, is a great way to modernize your house. White has an effect that makes your home look sleek, comfortable, simple, unique, and spacious. White walls in the living room together with a neutral-colored sofa and other furniture can be an amazing mix. Add some black to further improve the contrast and make your living room look even more modern minimalist.

Install Glass Doors

The bathroom is the perfect place to have glass doors and walls. It’s not advisable to do this in other areas of your home because you’ll sacrifice your family’s privacy. In the bathroom, you can have a separate shower area with glass doors and walls,​ explains. White or cream are great colors for tiles and countertops to accompany the glass. This will make your bathroom look a lot more expensive.

Rethink Your Storage Spaces

To modernize your home, you must replace your old cabinets, bookshelves, and dividers with ones that are more unique. Architecture is now bolder than ever. You can buy unusual and intricate pieces of furniture that will make your home look classier and more appealing like an O-shaped bookshelf or a cabinet with curves. You can also add open shelving options in the kitchen to show off your kitchenware.

With these home improvement projects, even you will be surprised with how modern and expensive your home will look like. Make sure you hire reliable professionals to help you modernize your home properly.

The Perfect Wedding Hairstyles to Match Your Gown’s Neckline

Wedding Hairstyles in Austin

Wedding Hairstyles in AustinNow that you have your dream wedding gown, it’s time you think about the perfect hairstyle for your big day. Your hairstyle is crucial since you have to find the perfect one that won’t steal the limelight from your dress.

Whether your wedding dress is strapless or a one-shoulder Grecian affair, we’ve got you covered. Here are some wedding hair styles in Austin can hook you up with:

V-Neck Wedding Dress = Effortlessly Loose Curls

A V-neck gown will draw the eye vertically and effectively lend the illusion that your body is elongated. To complement the lean, long lines, effortlessly loose curls with a sweet side part will do — if you’re channeling Old Hollywood glamor, simply add a vintage barrette, but for a more fun and laidback vibe, beachy waves will do the trick.

High Neckline Wedding Dress = Topknot

A topknot will lend instant elegance and will complement a formal wedding dress with a high collar. A higher topknot will likewise elongate your neck so you can even pull off detailed and intricate high collars without competing with your hair.

Strapless Wedding Dress = Chignon

Although there are plenty of wedding hair Austin styles that are great for strapless wedding dresses, a chignon is best to show off those shoulders you’ve worked so hard for — why wear a strapless dress if you’re going to let your hair down and hide your shoulders right? A windswept chignon is both sophisticated and romantic, and will work with various hair accessories.

Bateau Collar Wedding Dress = Low Bun

A bateau or boat neckline is classically feminine and a low, simple bun is best to enhance this ageless silhouette. For a more modern flair however, a slightly voluminous, high ponytail will also work.

One-Shoulder Wedding Dress = Side-Swept Updo

One-shoulder wedding dresses are all about the shoulders so avoid flowy hairstyles that will hide its silhouette. A simple side-swept updo, with or without hair accessories will even out and complement the asymmetrical neckline. If you’re going for bohemian chic, a side-swept braid will do.

Keep in mind that when trying to decide your wedding hair Austin style, you must consider how casual or formal your wedding dress is. You should go with a wedding hairstyle that will enhance and complement your dress and balance out your overall look, instead of interfering with your gown’s lines or intricate details.

Spending on A Piece of History: Vintage Jewelry

Vintage Jewelry

Vintage JewelryVintage jewelry refers to all types of ornaments right from the tiny earrings to stunning neckpieces that belong to a particular era or period such as Georgian, Victorian, Retro, etc. It is because these pieces symbolize a particular era so they do not come at exactly cheap prices.

For the same reason, savvy shoppers and vintage collectors prize them more than anything, who know they spend money on a piece of history. says in Utah, buying vintage jewelry is a good business strategy. Here is a simple guide.

Sharp Eyes and Mind

To buy a worthy piece of vintage jewelry you need both a sharp mind and a keen eye for the good ones. You must also identify the pedigree of the item that will give you an insight into its true value.

Importantly, verify the authenticity of the ornament before finalizing the deal; otherwise, you would be just wasting money. Jewelers and appraisers can authenticate the item; do not just trust collectors, as they may have ulterior motives for yours and may mislead you.

Aesthetics are Important, Too

Some buyers are not only particular about the value of the vintage jewelry, but place equal importance on its aesthetics and functionality. That is, if you wish to flaunt the jewelry at gala events, then aesthetics should be one of the important considerations when buying vintage pieces.

In this regard, carefully inspect the condition of the item, and know how to care for it properly. Some vintage pieces are so old they need temperature-controlled conditions, so just exposing them to normal room temperature air may corrode them.

Where to Buy

There are three common places where you can buy vintage jewelry. These are consignment shops, estate sales, and garage sales. Recently, you can also find these kinds of items on online auction sites, but regardless of where you source it from, always inspect the item thoroughly before you purchase.

Finally, remember that if an authentic trinket goes beyond your budget, you can just buy a reproduction.

Use the following tips to buy your vintage jewelry, and have it stored in your personal vault, turn heads at a party, or else sell it to another collector.

Making Your Online Shopping Experience More Exciting


clothingIt has become easier to buy clothes online, especially with the emergence of hundreds, if not thousands, of online stores to choose from. You can buy almost any type of clothes online, whether for men or women or even kids and babies. The best part of shopping online is that it is less time-consuming and readily accessible.

Of course, some people still have reservations when it comes to shopping for clothes online. So, here are some pointers to keep in mind to make the experience exciting and not traumatising:

Prepare a Budget

Shopping online can make you spend thousands if you don’t set how much you are going to spend. So, before you visit any online clothing shop, determine your budget first, so you can limit the items you will buy.

Know What Items You “Need”

Don’t get tempted to buy things you don’t need. If you go on a binge online shopping, you might end up buying things you’ll only regret later. So, avoid clicking that “Add to Cart” button unless you’re 100% sure you need the item.

Also, when you’ve selected items on your “Shopping Cart,” make sure you’ve indicated the right quantity and other details.

Determine Your Size

To shop a little faster, know what size you currently are and make sure you add a little just in case you gain weight in the next few months. Also, keep in mind that not all shops have the same sizing patterns. So, take your measurements and check the size chart the shop provides. While most shops offer return services in case of wrong sizes, it’s best to avoid the trouble.

These are just some of the things you might want to consider, so you won’t be wasting time and money. You might also want to check out websites that are on sale as well as those that can provide you with coupon codes so you can save more.

Get the Best Bling for Your Bucks

diamond blings

Most consumers have little to no knowledge about loose diamonds, their characteristics, and their right value. If you aren’t a jeweler by trade, here are some tips for buying a beautiful diamond on a budget:

Buy Them Separately

Buy a loose diamond separately from the ring settings to save up. There are many loose diamonds for sale online at much lower prices, making it easier to compare diamond rates.

diamond blings

Look for Deals and Promos

Engage your inner deal hunter and look for diamonds at wholesale prices or from clearance sales. Some loose diamond manufacturers even give frequent buyers discount coupons.

Buy Less than 1 Carat Diamond

A one-carat loose diamond is costlier than the 0.98 carat. Choose something with less weight, particularly those from 0.90 to 0.99. Less size brings more savings.

Know the “4 Cs”

To get a good deal on a loose diamond, remember the “4 Cs”: carat, color, cut, and clarity. These characteristics will determine if you’re getting the best quality for your money. In this case, the GIA’s diamond grading system has been the standard for professional jewelers.

You can save money on a ring by looking for a quality loose diamond for sale and following the tips mentioned here. Keep in mind, though, that the lowest price isn’t usually the best deal so only buy from trustworthy merchants.