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Scrap Metal DIY Projects You Can Do at Home

Scrap Metal DIY Projects in AucklandYou’ve probably seen a couple of DIY videos on what you can do with scrap metals. Whether you have a small workshop at home with a variety of tools or not, this article shares a few simple DIY projects that you can do using scrap metals.

Garden Ornaments: One of the simplest, easiest ways to reuse scrap metal is to turn them into decorative pieces. If you have some discarded auto parts, you can turn them into bird feeders or a small herb garden. The best thing about these small projects is that you can paint them any colour you want and nobody would know they’re scrap and they’re actually metal.

Tables: If you have discarded sewing machine tables lying around, you can use it as the base of a really cool picnic table. The combination of wood and scrap metal give off that authentic country chic vibe. It’s a great conversation starter for any events you plan to have. Best of all? You did it all yourself!

Chic Chandeliers: You can turn old tin buckets into chic chandeliers or lampshades. You can paint them any colour you want to fit your home’s current colour scheme.

Coat or Key Hangers: If you have an assortment of dented utensils — forks and spoons and even butter knives — lying around, you can sell them to scrap metal recyclers or you can turn them into a DIY coat or key hangers. All you need is a piece of wood, a pair of pliers and a set of nails or screws. If you’re feeling a little bit luxurious, you can even paint the entire thing gold.

Reuse and Recycle: If DIY projects are not your thing, you can always just sell your scrap metals and earn a few bucks for your trash. One of the best practices is to educate yourself and your family on which scrap metals are recyclable and not and dedicate a recycling box where you can store them until it’s time to sell.

Interior Designer Tips for Your DIY Home Project

Interior Designer IdeasYou don’t need a professional interior designer to add a little glamor to your homes. Sometimes, all you need is a little ingenuity to bring your vision to life. If you’re planning to do some DIY home decorating, here are 5 simple tips from the professionals.

Give Your Homes the Illusion of Additional Space

Sometimes, closed doors can make a room feel claustrophobic. Unless you’re using them for storage that really should be kept closed, try breaking down some walls. For instance, the space underneath your stairs is often boarded up and closed. Unless you have a wizard under your staircase, you can try tearing down the walls and converting it into an open storage space.

Experiment with a Rug

A rug not only protects your floors from scratches. A rug placed in a well thought-out space can add a luxurious feel to your home. Rectangular rugs are the most common but you can try with other shapes until you find the best one that fits your current décor. A round-shaped rug can also deliver the chic vibe you’re looking for.

Pay Attention to Your Doors

One of the first things people notice when they visit your home is your door. Now that they’ve stepped inside, continue to great vibe by investing in craftsman style interior doors. There are many kinds of doors you can choose from your homes. Interior double doors can easily make your home feel exquisite, elegant and even well-ventilated if yours come with glass panels. There are many choices to choose from that you can even choose a particular design for each home in the house, says an expert from Uber Doors.

Fake Height with Colors

If you have floor-to-ceiling cabinets, it can make a room feel smaller, especially if it’s your kitchen. To fake height, try to use a lighter shade of paint on your ceilings. For example, if you have cream-colored walls and dark wood furniture, try painting your ceiling white or even sky blue to draw the eyes upward.

Level Up the Chic Factor

Whether you are renovating on a budget or going all out, these simple tips can help you spruce up your space and add that chic, elegant vibe you’ve always wanted. Best of all, you can do it without hiring an interior designer.

Done In 30 Minutes? The Fast Method of Cleaning Your Fridge

Cleaning the FridgeNo one enjoys doing chores, especially cleaning the fridge. However, the sooner you do it, the sooner you can do the things you like. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean thoroughly. There are quick and efficient ways to get rid of rotten food and to clean off spills using absorbents, according to Argyle Commercial. Here’s how.

Empty the Fridge. Clean the Contents

Remove the food in your fridge one by one, dividing them into two groups. The first area is for the items that should be disposed of while the other area is for the things that you need to put back inside.

If you haven’t cleaned your fridge for a while, there’s a huge possibility that the olive jar and milk carton aren’t clean. Use a damp rag to wipe drips on the sides, bottoms and lids. Everything that you need to put inside the fridge should be clean, so you do not spread the dirt around.

Clean Inside the Fridge. Return the Contents

Take out the drawers and shelves if they are removable. You can clean the interior of the fridge, especially the soiled areas, by spraying it with a mixture of vinegar and water. Service Force recommends using a toothbrush to clean difficult-to-reach areas that welcome dirt build-up. Wash the shelves and drawers using warm soapy water and leave them for a few minutes to dry. Afterwards, wipe the fridge with a rag.

You can then return the dry drawers and shelves, and put the contents back in the fridge. Label each section to keep them organised in their particular areas.

Your fridge takes care of your food while you are out, so it is best that you take care of it, too. Make sure to regularly clean your fridge and that your food is stored in a clean environment.

Things You Are Doing That May Damage Your Plumbing System

Plumbing Systems in North Salt Lake CityLike everything else in your home, you need to take good care of your plumbing system, as it plays integral roles in supplying you with water and then draining it away from your home. However, even this component of your home, regardless of its durability, can still develop problems.

This, combined with the following things you most likely do, will only cause further issues and eventually kill your pipes, drains, and sewers.

Using your toilet as a disposal system.

Like iRepair Plumbing Heating and Air pointed out, do not use your toilets as a means to dispose of garbage, even though they have the “flushable” label on them, such as toilet paper, sanitary napkins, cat litter, make-up remover pads, scrubbers, and even your or your child’s goldfish that recently died.

Only use toilets for the sole purposes manufacturers have created them for and never as a garbage bin. When you dump waste items into them other than human waste, these objects gradually accumulate and cause clogs in the pipes.

Trying to clear away clogs with so much drain cleaning chemicals.

HouseLogic advises against the use of drain cleaning chemicals. One good reason for this is their corrosive effect on pipes, especially those made from metal and galvanized materials. Keep using them, and you can expect your pipes to corrode from the inside to the outside. And while not all household drain problem solutions have the same potency, continuously and regularly using them will have the same effect.

Trying to get rid of the corroded areas on the pipes’ exterior.

Doing this does more damage than good. Do not scratch them away or probe them, thinking that this will eliminate the corrosion. Do so, and even the smallest leak will become bigger, increasing the risks of larger damage, which may then lead to water damage.

Make your plumbing system last for as long as possible by avoiding these things. When facing a problem involving pipes, drains, and sewers, you should just contact an experienced plumber to resolve your issues right away.

Make Your Business Follow Environmental Precautions by Utilizing Drum Filter Cloth

Drum Filter Cloth for Industrial ProcessesDo you constantly find the water running in your manufacturing processes to be murky? Are you worried that your company might be violating a lot of environmental rules, which will put you at risk of being shut down?

The solution to this dilemma would be to obtain the necessary equipment to properly sanitize your water drainage, where waste would be efficiently segregated.

Moreover, even if you don’t see anything in your water, but you don’t have any machinery installed yet, it is likely that there are still contaminants which are just not yet visible to the eye.

Through Pipes and Drums

In order to address this, you will need a powerful filter to efficiently draw out all the waste from your water. One mechanism you can’t go wrong with would be the rotatory filter, which makes use of a vacuum to separate solid particles even to sizes smaller than a micrometer.

An important component in here would be the drum filter cloth as it helps to contain the slurry to, later on, allow the solid waste particles to pass through the knife for easy separation and disposal.

With this thorough and meticulous system, you would not be surprised at how clear and pure the water would turn out in the end.

Abide by Environmental Policies

If you do not have an effective filtration system, you may be producing large bulks of waste on a daily basis. With the use of a rotatory drum filter, you can be assured that all the contaminants you have running through your processes would be sifted out as dry as possible – ready to be disposed of.

Play your part for the environment by ensuring you have top quality equipment in the treatment of your water.

Since this would not be an easy purchase at the start, you may opt to find a laboratory which could run preliminary tests on your industry to determine how much filtration you actually need – and for you to be convinced that you really have to invest in one.

Steps to Packing in an Organized Way

Steps to PackingMoving can be a difficult process especially if you have too many stuff and belongings. However, you can also view it as an opportunity to start new and fresh.

Instead of packing all your clutter and moving them onto your new home, you must rethink all your belongings and give up those you won’t use anymore. Here are some packing tips that will help you choose which ones to keep and give away.

Yard Sale

The first group of items you can choose are those that will be perfect for a yard sale. This include things that you bought but never got around to using, things you only use a few times and then ended up storing at the garage, and things that are still in good condition but you think won’t fit in the new house. This way, you can free up space in your new home while making a few bucks.


After the yard sale, you can simply donate the things that nobody bought to a charity or homeless shelter. Aside from those leftover stuff, you can also donate things that are in good or semi-good condition which other people can still find useful.

This includes used clothes, old cooking tools, figurines and decorations, and many other things you aren’t using or won’t use anymore.

Keep and Pack

Now that you got rid of all the clutter, it’s time to organize the packing. Call your chosen movers in Salt Lake City in advance to reserve the moving date and ask them to deliver the boxes at your doorstep.

Pack accordingly. You should label each boxes to sort out the items per size and what room they’ll be unpacked. This way, you can make the unpacking process easier once you arrive at your new home.

By following these steps, you can make the packing process easier so you could have time to get ready for other aspects of the move like calling utility companies, redirecting your mail services, and decorating your new home.

Renovating Your Home? Think About These Factors First

home building

home buildingMany Australians love the idea of renovations. It’s a fun task, but can be quite mind-boggling, as well. From the construction materials to the smallest detail of the design, you need to put a great deal of thought on your renovation project.

To make the task easier, experts at advises DIY-ers to think about these factors:

How Much are You Planning to Spend?

You must have at least an idea of how much you’ll be spending for your renovation. Do your homework—compare costs and do some window-shopping for materials.

Don’t be too cheap. It’s better to spend a high – yet reasonable – amount on the project rather than to scrimp yourself and end up paying for improvements later on.

Save up. Yes, you can borrow, but it’s better if you don’t. After all, you need to take into account all the costs in your budget. Borrowing money for your renovation project defeats that purpose.

What are the Details of the Project?

The small details can either make or break your renovations. Be thorough with the materials you’ll be using for the renovation. Perth shops usually carry a range of items for home makeovers, which makes material selection easier.

If you’re not sure of the layout, spend time visualizing how you want the space to look like. Take note of all the points to cover for the project – from new interior décor to changes in the layout of your furnishings. Provide clear instructions on how you want the renovation to be done, especially if you’re going to enlist the help of other people.

Do You Need a Contractor for the Renovation?

Renovations can be complex, and some tasks can be too hard for a simple DIY-er. Tiling, plumbing and placing electrical wires seem easy, but these can involve a lot of work. You need to enlist the assistance of a contractor at one point in your project. Make sure you hire one with a good reputation, though.

In the end, it’s the results that matter. After all the hard work, you’ll realise that your efforts are worth the beauty of your newly-renovated space.

Get Everything You Need in a Shutter With Just Five Words

window shutters

window shuttersGetting the right kind of shutters for your windows is a creative and elegant way of adding privacy to your house. You just need to know the right tips and tricks to determine which kinds are right for you. It’s a simple process; just base your choice on these five factors:


Not all shutters belong to the same price range; some are considerably costlier than the others. Take into consideration how much you want to spend on these window accessories before choosing a design.


It is important for you to determine the type of lighting you’d want for your home. If you want to keep the area well-lit, then light filtering systems are best for you. Conversely, if you want the area to have a good amount of shade, then you may choose to have the blackout window treatment.

There is also a choice between operable versus non-operable slats. The former gives you the ability to tilt the slats to gain a clearer view outside and, at the same time, allow more light in. The non-operatable kind, on the other hand, will only allow you to see what’s on the other side of the slats when these are raised. But, this is less expensive and needs less maintenance.


The climate within your area will also help determine the amount of insulation you’d want. This will subsequently decrease your overall cooling or heating energy costs.

The shutters that provide the greatest insulation are cellular shades. These are followed closely by cell shades and honeycomb shades.


You must also choose the right style, material and colour of shutters that go with the overall theme in the area to create the desired effect.


Windows come in just about any shape and size. Big windows look better with cellular shades or wooden blinds, whereas small windows are more visually appealing with window film. Arched windows need specially crafted shutters that take their shape while high-built windows need motorized window treatments for ease of access.

There is a wide variety of shutters to choose from. Just follow the guidelines to choose which one is best for you.

What is Metal Roofing Good For?

roof metal

roof metalA number of materials suit roofing, with each material conferring certain benefits due to their properties. One of these is metal roofing, which is quite popular among new homeowners because of its combination of utility and aesthetics, coupled with its resistance to any weather condition.

Lasts Almost Forever

Normal shingle roofs last for 10 to 15 years, if you maintain them well. Metal roofs, on the other hand, lasts up to 50 years with minimum maintenance. They are available in a wide range of colors, textures, styles, and sizes. Apart from the usual protection from the elements, metal roofs are stylish and lend value to your property.

Other Benefits

They are a little expensive, but given that they last much longer in comparison, the price is worth it. Depending on the type, these are much lighter than other materials, and hence put little stress on the walls and rafters. They are fireproof, thus appropriate for people living in wildfire-prone areas.

With a little care and consideration, a metal roof can withstand nearly all weather conditions, including heat waves, hurricanes and hail storms. Cypress Metals & Laser Cutting says that ceramics have similar advantages as well, but they are heavier, and suit only a few architectural styles.

Blends With Any Style

In contrast, metal harmonizes with any style, any color, any décor. You can coat a metal roof with any color, or textured to suit the style of the home, and it wouldn’t look out of place. Pick from small or large tiles, vertical slats or rows.

They reflect the heat of the sun and keep the home much cooler; when painted in light colors, you can save significantly on home utility costs as a cheap insulating alternative. You can even overlay them on existing asphalt shingles.

With so many benefits, it is not surprising that metal roofs are very popular in many parts of the country. It is rare to see a material that marries both form and function.

Boost Your Professional Image with DIY Business Cards

DIY Business Cards

DIY Business CardsPrinting your own business cards can help you save on your marketing budget. All you need are some pieces of specialty paper and low-cost ink cartridges for your printer. You don’t have to worry about quality as some home printers can produce excellent prints comparable to that of commercial printers.

Designing the cards, however, involves more than just putting your personal information. There are some things that you need to consider to make your business cards look impressive and professional.

Introduce yourself

Make a good impression to potential clients by having your name nicely printed on the card. Don’t forget to add your business name. These details will tell people who you are and what you do even before you say a single word. Print your name and your business name using a font size larger than the other texts to display them prominently. To increase your savings, use inexpensive compatible ink cartridges for your printer.

Here are the basic contact details that you should include in your cards:

  • Address – You may indicate that this is only a mailing address if you are not offering in-house services. If you doing business only, you may leave this out and use your URL and email addresses instead.
  • Email – Use an email address that sounds professional and official. This should be different from the one you usually use for personal online correspondences.
  • Phone – Whether mobile or land-based, phone numbers are the most effective method of contact for the consumer. If you’re using a land-based number, include the area code as well.

Additional details

Apart from your basic contact information, there are other details that you may include on your business cards to boost your marketing efforts. These details are the following:

  • Position or Job Title – Adding your job title is useful if you’re working in a large company. This will make it easier for your contacts to reach you amongst different departments. If you are the proprietor, you may put “Owner” or “Chief Operations Officer” under your name.
  • Slogan/Tagline – If your business name is quite vague, a slogan or a tagline should to give your potential clients an idea about of what to expect from you. Apart from making it catchy or memorable, your slogan should be short and direct to the point.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, business cards can help you promote your services. As long as you design them well, your home-made cards can make you look more professional and credible.