Auto Detailing vs. Car Washing: What’s the Difference?

car clean

car clean

A common misconception among some car owners is that a simple car wash and auto detailing service are the same. The truth is there are some huge differences between the two. Depending on what service you require for your car, choose the one that fits your needs. But first, you must understand what each of these services does.

Auto detailing experts from offers a brief discussion below to help car owners:

Car Wash

During an auto wash, the vehicle is washed using mechanized cloth, detergent and brushes, followed by drying. In some cases, an additional cleaning of the interiors is also part of the services. This is performed by vacuuming and wiping the interiors.

This is an economical option, but it is a superficial cleaning and the tunnel wash process can damage your car paint. Also, tiny dust and dirt particles on the mechanized cloth or brushes may cause scratches to the surface of your vehicle and damage the paint.

Auto Detailing

In auto detailing, expert professionals perform the process manually, and they carefully wash every section.

There is no cross-contamination, as the same cloth isn’t used for different areas like the paint surface and wheels. So, there is no danger of scratches occurring. The interiors are also detailed manually. Even the toughest crevices and spaces are cleaned using suitable vacuum attachments. Detailers use the right devices for different surfaces to make sure they do not get scratched or dented.

Unlike a car wash where every location is treated equally, detailing makes sure each surface is cleaned thoroughly. So, it is more comprehensive and creates a cleaner surface. The choice of detergents in detailing is also very specific to the surface targeted. Water-based solutions are used only where the parts are not prone to water damage. Otherwise, alcohol or similar bases are used in the cleaners. Talk to an expert to get the right knowledge on the materials to be used for cleaning your car.

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