A Platform that Controls Everything: The Dream for Home Security

Home Security DeviceHomeowners today are constantly looking to upgrade their home in an effort to make it “smarter”, and for years, people have been anticipating the time when there would be a single interface to control a home. While the abundance of smart home technology is beneficial, it also causes a range of problems for consumers, particularly in terms of security and the lack of integration.

Can You Control Anything?

North Star Home says that innovations continute to add to the features that homeowners can control. This isn’t just about a remote control device; it’s more about the “real” control wherever you are with the help of an app. Here are some items you can access remotely:

  • Lights
  • Alarm system
  • Locks
  • Appliances
  • Cameras
  • Thermostats

Fortunately, you can connect these devices from an integrated app. The evolution of technology paves the way for more access.

Security: A Top Priority

Surveys have confirmed that homeowners always prioritize security first, followed by convenience. Not only can you protect your home and family, you also play with your connections.

Companies specializing in the construction and design of smart homes often start with the integration of security systems and other functionalities. Since most of these systems require self-monitoring, it’s up to you to call authorities in case the systems send an alarm.

The Number of Apps you Control

Everything stems back to integration. As much as possible, you want to use one app for everything — one where you can control lights, reset the thermostat, and lock your doors without using another interface. In a perfect world, this easily exists. But today, very few platforms offer such integration.

To find an app that works, you need research and determination to find the best solution. And while you’re at it, remember to ask the right questions.