6 Moving Hacks for Easy and Breezy Packing and Unpacking

Moving Hacks

Moving Hacks To see your suitcase content neat and organized can bring you joy. This also applies to wardrobe boxes and packing containers used for moving. For an organized packing, try these moving hacks:

  1. Put your clothes and other personal items in a box like you would in your luggage. On the bottom layer, line your tech gears and shoes and fill the centre with rolled-up jackets and jeans. Then lay on top the pants and dresses lengthwise with ends hanging on one the side of the box. On the third layer, put rolled sweaters and shirts and cover them with the dresses and pants from beneath. Lastly, fold the blouses, put toiletries in a separate bag, and set them all on top.
  1. Put the heaviest items in your luggage. The handle and wheels on your luggage make the heavy items easy to move. You can also use the luggage exclusively for a bulk of clothes wrapped in a thin bag. Keep them on hangers for fast unpacking.
  1. Label everything. Putting labels on boxes prompt you to store items according to their category. This makes searching for your things easier. Labelling also works with appliances and furniture that need to be re-assembled. Keep nails and screws of the table and bed in different plastic bags for faster assembly.
  1. Take photos of your electronic connection. Do not unplug your electronic connections without taking pictures of them. This is to remember what goes where.
  1. Keep moving essentials in a clear plastic bag. These include packing tape, hammer, scissors, knife and tissue or cloth in case of a spilled liquid. Likewise, put anything you will want immediately in an overnight bag.
  1. Tape string underneath the box and leave some at the end of the tape. This will allow you to rip the tape easily when unpacking. Bar Services suggests you use a low noise polypropylene tape to avoid disturbing others while you pack or unpack. Another easy unpacking trick is to keep everything in your drawer and cover the top with cling wrap. Also, have rugs cleaned at shops. When you get them back, they are clean, rolled and wrapped – ready to be packed.

Packing and unpacking can be a breeze when you know some tricks, especially in organizing your things. Happy moving!