3 Things that will Complete Your Thailand Experience


Most travelers visit the country of Thailand every summer or during their family trips. They simply cannot resist the good food around the area, the accommodating locals, and the majestic views and attractions, such as the famous Grand Palace, and Ayuthaya—the former trading capital of Asia which has become one of the largest cities around the world.

Becoming a home to travelers, Bangkok, Thailand was the most visited city for the previous year. With all the magic that the land has to offer, here are three things that you should not miss when looking for an authentic Thailand experience:


Beaches and virgin islands

With its 1,430 scenic islands, Thailand has been home to a number of travelers and beach goers. Among tha famous beaches is Koh Phi Phi Lee, which is featured in Danny Boyle’s film The Beach. Overseas Property Portfolio points out that the increasing demand for beachside properties, ranging from condo and apartment sales to villa or townhouse rentals, is caused by the swelling of the tourism industry. Many travelers enjoy sunbathing and beach bumming along the coasts of white sand beaches. These beaches have somehow become home to many.

Tuk-tuk Experience

Traveling in Thailand may also mean going through the tuk-tuk experience, perhaps quite regularly during your stay.“Tuk-tuk” is what they call three-wheeled motorcycle taxis found on the streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and other cities. You might get a pleasant surprise when you encounter tuk-tuks decorated with lights, colorful paint, dangling trinkets just to grab the attention of many travelers. It is also a marketing stunt to attract passengers. The tuk-tuk’s typical capacity is limited to two persons. There are times, however, when the drivers would squeeze an entire family in.

Ornate Spirit Houses

Around 95% of Thailand’s population is comprised of Buddhists coming from the Theravada school. Some of them pray to Buddha images and don amulets for protection. When you chance upon one of the houses in the area, you can’t miss the colorful and ornate spirit houses or altars. This is because of the integration of animist practices into the religious life of Buddhists. These altars serve as a place for offering food and garlands, made to appease the spirits inhabiting the land. Also, remember not to touch them. Many locals can be highly superstitious about their displays.

So prepare your list of places to visit in Thailand, and include beach bumming, riding a tuk-tuk, and having your selfie near a spirit house, for an authentic tourist experience in this colorful country.

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