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What You Track is What You Get: Winning at PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

PPC AdvertisingDitching thorough analytics may result in 97% of inbound marketing campaign failures.

Does that capture your attention? It should.

Hubspot’s 2014-2015 State of Inbound Report revealed the shocking statistics. Inverted, marketing strategies without good analytics only have a 3% chance at success. But what does good analytics mean exactly?

In the world of PPC advertising services, there’s a variety of metrics you could track. The question is, which of these should you track?

What You Track, What You Get

Before you dive into the complexities of paid search, keep this in mind: your business will produce more than what you measure.

This is important in PPC advertising, which considers every click valuable. There is an opportunity cost associated with each lead; as a result, spending time optimizing the wrong metric should NEVER be an option.

A total of 77% of companies heavily depend on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), but this should not be the case. Remember, not all KPIs are equal; only some link to real company success. If you’re not careful, you’ll waste time in meaningless number games. Therefore, it pays to know the indicators that lead to success.

  • Traffic

Traffic metrics (e.g. clicks, cost-per-click [CPC], and click-through rate [CTR]) are some of the easiest metrics you can track. Since you pay for each click, the PPC platform does the job by tracking for you.

These metrics provide information on the users finding you — how they do it and what you should do to get more attention. It offers important feedback on which ads work and if they resonate with your audience.

  • Conversions

To ensure your site receives the right traffic, tracking conversions is a must — and you need to track EVERYTHING.

While traffic metrics tell you what the audience thinks, conversions focus on what the traffic thinks of your landing page. It’s not easy to track like traffic marketing, but a little effort transforms this into a low-maintenance metric.

  • Return on Investment

Return on Investment (ROIs) is your golden metric and is also one of the most difficult. Efforts on profits revolve around your ROI metrics. Still, optimizing your strategy through ROIs focuses on maximizing profit.

Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Keep these indicators in mind and save your PPC strategy from future bumps.

What is Hydro Jetting and What Can it Do for You?

Hydro Jetting Professional plumbing service providers often use the hydro jetting method to clean up slow or clogged sewer lines. Experts blast water through the lines at high pressure, removing blockages in the process. A hydro-jetting system typically uses around 4000 psi to achieve optimum results.

Video Inspection

A video inspection is the first step in the hydro jetting process. Beehive Plumbing noted that this is to spot the location and identify the cause of the problem. If tree roots are the culprit, water blasted at high temperature will force its way through them. Hydro jetting, however, is not the recommended solution for broken pipes since it would only cause more damage to the weak areas. Video inspections will likewise help prevent the risk of surrounding areas experiencing sewage back flush.


Hydro jetting is for silt, sand, and scale build-up removal in residential areas. It’s also for removing hair and other residues that accumulate on the pipe’s walls. This process takes place at restaurants regularly to get rid of grease and accumulation of food particles.

Hydro Jetting and Snaking

Hydro jetting can completely eliminate build-up, unlike the process of snaking. Using the snaking method on the pipelines will break up the clogging, but will leave remnants on the inner walls. Hydro jetting doesn’t involve the use of harmful chemicals, so it is environment-friendly.

Professional Service

Let a professional handle this process. The lines may be damaged severely by the high pressure, especially if no prior inspection took place. Experienced plumbers are well versed in using the system, and they know how to clean the entire system properly and what to do to prevent damage.

While hydro jetting is popular in commercial plumbing, homeowners can benefit a lot from the system, too. If you regularly have your lines snaked, hydro jetting can help get rid of all the remaining debris. It can significantly help improve the performance of older plumbing lines that have years’ worth of debris accumulation.

When to Have a Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in BoiseAre you wondering if you already need a root canal? While some undergo X-rays and routine checkups to know if they need a root canal, there are a lot of instances that you can already detect it through various symptoms.

To help you decide, here the major signs that you should look out for:

Pain in your teeth

You know that something is wrong when you feel pain, says Caring Smiles Dental Clinic. If you feel pain inside or near your teeth, it is highly possible that you are in need of a root canal. The pain can start mild until it reaches to a point that it is already unbearable. A few patients compare it to the rhythm of the heart. For some people, the pain lasts the whole day; while some only experience pain when they are lying on their back or standing.

Sensitivity to extreme temperatures

Another sign that you need to have a root canal done is your sensitivity to anything that’s hot and cold. You can feel intolerable pain by just drinking cold drinks and sipping a bowl of hot soup.

Swelling and tenderness of the gums

Not all teeth that need root canal swell. In some instances, swelling can be seen in the neck and in the face. In case you cannot see an evident lump, try to look for an area in your teeth that is inflamed or tender. Even without pain, you can feel that the swollen spot is quite sensitive. In some instances, the swelling disappears right away – but if it does not, then you need to take an antibiotic to ease the pain in the infected area.

Detecting the signs that you need a root canal is very important so you can avoid further infections. As such, if you experience some of these signs, do not hesitate to consult your trusted dentist right away. You can surely find a dental office offering an affordable root canal treatment. Seeking immediate dental care is absolutely helpful.

Hair 101: Tall Hair Tales Debunked

Hair Myths in MidvaleWhether you’re sporting a pixie cut or long, beachy waves, you probably have hair challenges that are uniquely your own. Add to that the many hair myths that have been burning up the rumor mill, and you get hair paranoia. Without further ado, below are the top hair myths you should really stop believing starting right this instant.

Hair Myth #1: Plucking even one gray hair will lead to more gray hairs.

This myth might seem true solely because seeing one gray hair usually indicates there are more gray hairs. It’s just a matter of time until you see your other gray strands. So no, this is totally a myth, plus your hair will actually become weaker if you pluck it excessively over time. What’s worse, it could actually stop growing back. It’s either you book a hair color treatment or be that effortlessly cool silver-haired person.

Hair Myth #2: Trimming your hair regularly will make it grow quicker.

Hair growth occurs at the scalp; so cutting your hair regularly won’t affect its growth. However, an instructor from a top cosmetology school in Utah says that there’s an excellent reason why hair specialists recommend cutting hair every six weeks to two months. Frayed or split ends might cause breakage and make your hair appear thinner. This means that when you trim it, your hair will look fuller.

Hair Myth #3: Coloring treatments will ruin your hair.

While bleaching is one of the most terrible things you could subject your hair to, not all coloring treatments are bad for your hair. Bleaching removes your hair color so it will weaken your hair. However, adding color in your hair, with the right product that is, will make your hair look plumper and thicker.

Hair Myth #4: Mothers are to blame for male pattern baldness.

Plenty of men think that their baldness came from their mother’s genes, but sorry to say that you really can’t pin baldness on your beloved mommy. Hair specialists point to multiple genes, from both pop and mom’s sides, as contributing factors to male pattern baldness.

Hair Myth #5: Wearing hats could lead to hair loss.

Genetics is to blame for hair loss, but is triggered by extreme stress and high testosterone levels in some cases. This myth probably started because hat-wearing people noticed hair inside their hats after wearing it for some time and assumed that their hair is falling off.

So the next time you hear one of these hair myths that are truly just that, myths, you know better.

Saving Money for Your House’s Down Payment

Buying a New HomeThe bigger the down payment you make for a new house, the bigger your savings. It will also be easier to pay for the house because your monthly amortization goes down with a big down payment.

Saving for a house is not the same as putting away money for retirement. You’ll need some money to make an offer on any house for sale in St. Louis, MO, for example, and you need it quite soon. Here’s some advice to help you save for that dream home:

Get an Estimate on how Much you Need

This is the time to get prequalified, so get in touch with a mortgage lender who will tell you how much you can afford based on your total income per month. If you want to get a good deal on the house you’re looking at, think about setting aside at least 20% of the total price for your down payment. With a 20% down payment, you can find better houses and better deals.

Have a Timeframe

The ideal time to save for a house is when you start working or making money. That’s quite early, but if you want to afford a house before coming too close to retirement, it’s a good option. Would you rather party in your twenties or save for a more comfortable life in the future? Most young people would choose the former, but then regret it when they’re almost 35 with nothing to show for it. Be the one who breaks the mold.

To afford a house in five years, for example, you need to earn more money and save $9000 to $10000 per year. That should be enough to cover the down payment on a decent house.

Automate Your Savings

It’s easy to be tempted by the excitement of an extravagant vacation, or a new pair of shoes every month or two. You’ll justify this by saying you’ll save double the amount next time, but that would be a difficult rule to stick to. Instead of doing it on your own, talk to your payroll office regarding an automated savings account. They can take out the amount you specified from your paycheck and deposit it in your savings. This way, you won’t be carrying around the amount and opening the door to the temptation of breaking your budget.

These are only a few things to help you save for the down payment on your new home. Stick to your savings plan and you’ll be able to afford that house just as you planned.

Reasons Why You Should Go for a Section 8 Rental Investment

Rental InvestmentThese days, many landlords are realizing the beauty of a certain form of rental investment that won’t be hard for them as entrepreneurs — and would provide them a good amount of money. Interested? Well, here’s what you need to know…

You can work separately from the government

Sometimes, the government could just be too tough. However, with a Section 8 rental investment, your property would no longer be prone to inspections regarding HUD qualities, and basically, the government won’t be taking anything away from you and your business — and it means you’d be getting the right profit that you deserve.

There is no shortage of tenants

When you’re putting your property up for rent, you definitely wish that there would be tenants wishing to move in — and that’s surely what you’ll get with a Section 8 investment. Once you try this type of investment, you can expect a long list of possible tenants wanting to move into your place, and the best part is that in case the tenants get to damage the place, they would be disqualified for assistance — so that will definitely work for you and your business.

It helps people live independently

One of the main reasons why this type of housing investment was made in the first place is because it allows people — especially those who have tried government-assisted housing before — to transition to independent living without feeling like they are being judged, or are not being treated fairly.

You will feel the benefits

More than anything, when you have tenants who know how to pay their bills well and on time, you will experience the benefits and reap the rewards right away — compared to traditional housing rentals.

Try something new

If you’re gearing to try something new, make sure that you try this type of investment. It’ll help you get the best rewards from business — and make you see the world in a different light, too.

The Value of Nostalgia: Investing in Old Pokémon Trading Cards

Pokémon Trading Card GameThe Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) first came out in October of 1996 in Japan. It bases itself on the Pokémon video game series, while later expansions would feature cards relative to the TV series. Since then, the collectable card game has grown in popularity to cater to fans across the world.

Today, the old Pokémon trading cards, such as the Base, Jungle and Fossil sets, are more than just collectables. They now have, albeit varied, investment values. Depending on which card you own, you can make as low as 100,000 USD if you have the rarest of them all.

Is There Money in Old Pokémon Trading Cards?

In investing, it helps to have some cash to spend, or at least, prepare your financial cushion. Rapid Loans can provide for people looking for short-term loans. These loans are easier to secure and can provide you with the cash you need to start your investment.

For instance, regular cards from the first three sets have rates between 1 to 13 USD. If you have a box full of these old Pokémon cards, you can begin by pooling them together for a quick sell. You can easily buy them online through auction or collector’s websites.

The rarest and most expensive of cards are the Pokémon Illustrator card and the Japanese Holographic Charizard. These two cards are worth around 130,000 USD in total.

The Value of Nostalgia

Basically, these collectible investments are mere cardboards. Its value, aside from its rarity as a manufactured commodity, lies in the meaning they have had to people.

These cards once meant a lot to children. Battling with their decks, trading cards and collecting amongst friends — the Pokémon TCG started a craze. And today, since these children are all grown up with purchasing power, they can more or less dictate the demand and supply of these cards — making them a worthwhile investment that will only continue to grow in value.

Accelerated Testing: Ensuring All Products Come Out Reliable

Product managementWith the kind of high complexity and ever-evolving consumer market, product manufacturers have to ensure they deliver only the most reliable products to consumers. They need to have confidence in their products so they can make certain they deliver and even go beyond consumer standards.

Meeting these objectives is of utmost importance. Products that do not comply with these standards have a greater risk of ending up recalled. Poor and unreliable products can lead not only to the dissatisfaction of customers and product returns but also a damaged company or business image. This is why an accelerated test is a must for all product manufacturers.

Consumer product testing through HALT

Consumer product testing is one of the most critical processes all product manufacturers have to implement. Basically, it involves the evaluation of goods and products that go into the retail marketplace. A common and useful product evaluation and testing method is the HALT.

HALT 101

HALT, or Highly Accelerated Life Testing, is comprised of techniques that aim to discover product weaknesses, failures, or damages during the designing, creation, and manufacturing of a new product, an expert from Qualmark Corporation explains.

Through these tests, manufacturers can quickly find these faults through the use of accelerated stress testing conditions. Implementing these evaluation processes will not only allow them to discover a weakness in the product but repair and improve it right away. It is a continuous process of looking for weaknesses and fixing and improving them until they no longer find any failure.

HALT allows manufacturers to resolve issues with a product before they become bigger and more expensive to resolve.

The Process

The process behind HALT involves the testing and evaluation of every potential value stimulus, including UV, humidity, radiation, all-axis vibration, and temperature among several others.

Testing products under accelerated conditions during their development enables manufacturers to immediately find the weak links in their products and resolve them quickly to ensure that they have a high level of reliability before they begin to sell them in the market.

Travel to the UK on a Budget with this Penny-Pinching Guide

UK TripYou can do and see a host of things in the United Kingdom, but the reality is that travelling to the U.K. does not exactly come cheap. Lucky for you, everything’s cheaper outside of London. When staying in the capital, however, you have to be frugal. Below are some money-saving tips.

Where to Sleep

Run-of-the-mill hostels could set you back between 20 to 50 GBP per night for a typical dorm room. You could take advantage of free Internet, TV, common room, laundry facilities, and usually breakfast. Budget hotels provide pretty much the same amenities but prices start about 75 GBP for a twin room per night. Apartments are priced relatively the same as budget hotels.

How to Get Around

The National Rail Service is costly. However, you could book your tickets during off-peak hours and in advance to get cheaper rates. For more affordable transportation, consider the Megabus, where you could buy extremely cheaper tickets. But be warned that you should book tickets at least one month before your trip to get special fares, most especially if you’re travelling popular routes.

Where to Eat

Kebabs as well as fish and chips are between 3 to 5 GBP, while Asian and Indian lunch entrees start at 6 GBP. If you’re cooking, allot at least 60 to 80 GBP for groceries per week. If you plan on eating in nicer restaurants, expect the prices to start at about 25 GBP. Consider going to local pubs where they serve local comfort food that starts at around 10 to 12 GBP.

What to See and Do

The majority of activities are relatively affordable and plenty of major museums are completely free. However, castles and other must-see attractions are between 10 to 25 GBP so budget your money wisely. Whole day wine, cycling and ancient ruins tours are around 80 GBP per day.

It’s likewise vital to note that you could avoid hefty cell phone charges by purchasing a U.K. SIM card before the trip. This way, you won’t have to use your local data plan and don’t have to guess how much you’ll be paying for your phone bill back home. Likewise, consider booking everything that you can online and in advance to get low rates.

Caretaking or Letting? Which Suits You Best?

Caretaking People invest in management rights for various reasons. From lifestyle choices to investment returns and alignment of homes and businesses, investors benefit from recurring and identifiable management rights.

Some management rights have different inclusions. There are those that do not include real estate while some focus on caretaking or letting only. Because management rights are safe investment propositions, it pays to know which part of the industry suits you best.

What is Caretaking?

According to Resort Brokers Australia, a local brokerage company, care requirements are major elements for any management rights business. Agreements with the body corporate specify all actual caretaking duties. Some agreements are general in nature, showing requirements in detail, which include daily, weekly and monthly duties.

One of the most important aspects of the management rights’ caretaking component is whether duties are supervisory or personal in nature. The former includes duties performed by employees or contractors paid by body corporates, while the latter requires you to work personally.

In some cases, there can be a mix of personal and supervisory duties within a caretaking arrangement. It is important to know what the arrangement expects from you, as well as the nature and extent of your duties.

What is Letting?

In terms of letting, typical management rights agreements include arrangements with the body corporate, which authorises applicants to conduct letting businesses in the community. Without this agreement, you cannot obtain a resident letting agent licence. The letting agreement with any body corporate encourages you to promote letting units within the community’s title schemes, as well as watch over the standard of tenants.

One of Australian law’s longest standing legal principles is that owners are free to use their property in any way they want. If they do not wish to let their unit or live in it, they are free to do so. Despite the freedom of choice, some owners prefer off-site letting services.

If you wish to know the best options for your management rights, consult a broker first. This ensures you make an informed decision in the future.