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3 Wise Ways to Defend Against Running a Stoplight Violation

Red Light Ticket

Red Light TicketRunning a red light violation is one of the worst traffic offenses you could commit in Houston and the rest of the U.S. As you’re caught by an enforcer, the state generally considers this a criminal offense. Without any accident involved, the fine stands at $235. As it will count as two points on your driving record, it can most likely increase your insurance rates.

Good thing is, running a red light can be defended in many ways. Due to its subjective nature, it’s going to be your word against the officer’s words. Your chances of convincing the court that you’re innocent of this violation if you do any of the following:

Prove You Have a Better View

David A. Nachtigall and other legal professionals say that establishing a scenario where the officer didn’t have the best angle to prove that you actually ran a stoplight is one of the most effective defenses there is. Unless the enforcer is sitting close or directly at the side of the intersection, their position when the violation happened may be questionable. This type of defense is solid, especially if you can verify there are many vehicles that may obscure the cop’s line of the sight.

Claim the Officer Didn’t See Your Red Light

In a perfect world, traffic light changes are 100% synchronized. The light may turn green, however, even the light for cross-traffic is still yellow more often than not. This delay can cause the officer to assume that you’re running a stoplight. If you can prove to the court that the lights were inaccurately timed, then an acquittal is a huge possibility.

Do Not Say the Yellow Light Is Too Short

Any self-respecting criminal lawyer would advise you against claiming that the yellow signal time is too short. While it may be true sometimes, using this defense might bring you too close to admitting that you were driving overly fast to stop soon enough. If you feel that the yellow light expired in less than three seconds, consult your attorney to weigh the possible advantages and disadvantages of this defense.

Despite the high success rates of this defense, any of them may not work if they don’t to your situation. It’s best to discuss your case with a seasoned traffic lawyer to know the best course of action to take.

Short Guide to Start Off Your Small-Scale Farm

Small-Scale FarmFor those who have played FarmVille and FarmVille 2, it’s easy to imagine how much time, effort, and attention farming needs. However, unlike digital farming, the actual process of it is a lot more frustrating than what you have experienced on screen.

This is something you need to consider if you decide to be a farmer, even a small-scale one.

So if you are convinced you’re ready for this, trades equipment shop Direct Trades Supply offers a quick and simple guide to start you off.

What You’ll Need

A. Land

First of all, you need a farm to farm on. This process is already hard enough because you have to choose your location well and, of course, you have to have the money to lease or buy a lot. You could try to research if your local government has loan plans; Queensland, for example, does.

B. Seeds and Livestock

A piece of empty land is nothing if you don’t have the produce you are going to take care of and eventually sell. You can buy some from seed distributors. You can also ask if you can solicit help and initial supplies from other local farmers.

C. Equipment

You can’t till the land with your bare hands; you are going to have to buy machines, fencing wires, and tools. Not to mention you have to have some storage building. It’s not unheard of to share with other farmers, but it’s more convenient to have your own, so you better save for this.

D. Buyers

Of course, you have to get back all that money you spent on the seeds, animals, and tools you bought. Good networking and communication skills are needed here. You want loyalty from customers so you have to give quality crops and stocks.

Notes of Caution

It’s better to start your own farm if you already have experience in farming. There are schools and certification programs that can help, but it would be better if you tried working for a real farm for a considerable period of time. A few years on the job can also be a deciding point on whether or not you really want to be a farmer.

Another thing to note of if you are really serious about farming is considering making it a business instead of a just a hobby. Primary producers have more tax concessions when it’s a legitimate business.

So if you loved FarmVille, maybe this is the chance to start a real farm of your own.

Why Build Your Home from the Ground Up, And Not Buy a Finished One

House in UtahNow that you’ve decided to have your own home, the most important question you probably have to answer is whether to build or buy a house. There isn’t an easy answer to this, as both options are attractive in their own ways.

The usual advantages of simply buying a completed property are cost and convenience. Once you’ve pre-approved your mortgage, you can already shop around for the houses you can afford and move in as soon as possible. On the other hand, building a house doesn’t always share these benefits. There are unique rewards you can’t typically find in buying an already built property, though. Here are some of them:

Have Exactly What You Like

If you have the means and in no hurry to move out of your current residence, there’s no denying you want to witness your dream home being constructed from the ground up. As in any new home construction in Utah, Alabama, or anywhere else in America, you get to decide on the design right from the start. A residential developer might have a range of home styles you can choose from, but you usually end up making a compromise because everything is already in place and you have to settle with the one closest to your dream house.

Live More Efficiently

Unlike buying relatively older properties, a new construction project lets you use more efficient materials for green living. A sustainable house isn’t only good for the environment, but also gives you incentives with reduced utility bills and functional home components.

Enjoy Greater Profit Potential

In case you decide to resell your property, a new property could most likely help you recoup the expenses you made than a house previously owned by more than one family. From a buyer’s perspective, a new house requires less maintenance and fewer repairs. Unlike old properties, you can ask for a better price for your house because of its expected good condition.

Above all, a new house can give you a sense of emotional connection, which you can’t get from buying an existing property. Without it, you might feel like living in a house not entirely yours.

Accused has no Representation in Perth Esplanade Murder

Perth Esplanade Murder

Perth Esplanade MurderUnfortunate as it sounds, the West Australian Police and criminal defence firms like Timpano Legal don’t catch a break as the Major Crime Squad and criminal lawyers start off the year with cases of assault and homicide.

One of the more notable ones is the Esplanade, now known as Elizabeth Quay, station murder. Late this January, Elizabeth Quay Station was witness to a post-Australia Day brawl. Patrick Slater, 26, was an unlucky victim. He died at Royal Perth Hospital some hours after the assault.

Accused of Murder

There are currently five people the court associates with Mr. Slater’s murder: Christopher James Birdsall, Dylan Terrance Wayne Anthony, Clinton Frederick Mead, an unnamed 11-year-old boy and most recently, a 19-year-old from Yangebup.

The first one, Mr. Birdsall, was granted a suppression order so his name couldn’t be given publicly. But the judge withdrew the order shortly afterwards. Christopher James Birdsall is without legal representation. Mr. Birdsall’s reason for this is that he was constantly moved from one prison to another for safety purposes. Similarly, the 11-year-old boy did not stay in one prison for too long, for protection.

A Similar Incident

Not even a full month after Patrick Slater died, another young man was murdered in Perth. Kuol Akut, 17, migrated from Sudan to Australia with the hopes of escaping the violence in his home country. Mr. Akut was found unconscious nearby a party in Girrawheen. He was in a coma before dying at Royal Perth Hospital. An 18-year-old man has been charged with Mr. Akit’s murder.

At this point, crime rates in Perth are only getting higher. From 2013 to 2014, there were 86 people killed, and last year’s number is 88 murders. It’s alarming to see that in the last six months, there have already been 50 cases of homicide in West Australia.

Shopping for Storage: What Do You Need to Look Out for

Storage Company in DenverIf you’re moving into a new apartment and you just don’t have enough space for all your belongings, a storage unit is an excellent option. Many self-storage facilities in the city provide a secure holding place for your things, as you plan your move without having to worry about the safety of your stuff. Considering a storage unit is an awesome idea, whether you’re moving to a new city or just a few blocks away.

Here’s what you need to look out for when looking for one:

Think about the storage type

While you may already know the size of storage unit you may want to rent, industry professional says it's important to not just rent a unit that will only fit your items. You should also be able to fit inside and work around. Being in a situation where your storage is filled up to the brim can make things hard when getting things out.

If you value having a cool climate, you may need to consider a climate-controlled unit, unlike the generic style units. Check to see if the renter’s insurance policy covers the belongings in the storage unit. Good security and proper monitoring are also factors you should include.

Do your research

You should never let location determine the type of storage you choose. Research to find out if the available options that suits your needs. Check their reviews online. If they have positive reviews, this could indicate that they offer quality storage services.

Ask questions

Visit and ask any questions you may have regarding the storage unit. Be sure to check the type of unit they’re renting out. Some companies offer special discounts, which can mean that you get to save a couple of dollars during your move.

If you’re planning to move and you’re not sure that you’d want to carry all your belongings, you might want to consider renting a storage unit from a reputable moving company. Consult an experienced moving and storage company to get the best deal.

Bringing the Beach to Your Backyard: A Guide to Coastal Landscaping

Coastal Landscaping in Kent

Coastal Landscaping in KentThere is a digestible clarity in looking at every element of a home’s design as individual musical notes. Each one needs to sound good. Each one needs a reason to be where it is. Each one needs to harmonise with the others. Designing a home is like composing a song, laying emphasis on this singular nature. Unless you are working with a sprawling piece of real estate, playing an entire library of hits within various genres, there is rarely a good reason to stray away from the design scope of a single song or two.

Say you decided to cover the calming melodies of the ocean, and you want an exterior that captures the seaside’s effortless magnificence.  Here are a few notes you may add to your coastal composition:


There are many instances in design where contrast works beautifully. This is not one of those instances. Gardens overlooking the open ocean should not feel cramped. This is doubly important for outdoor areas located away from the ocean, or bodies of water. The best way to establish a continuous flow between the beach and your backyard is by making your landscape free of unnecessary clutter. This means no appliances or gaudy decorations, as much as possible.


For the few decorations you do place, make sure they are natural to the theme you’re going for. It is not enough to place objects representative of the theme. They need to achieve a sense of belonging. Trees need to sway along with the breeze. Structures such as benches and sheds need to take a more traditional approach, meaning you should stick to wood and classical building styles. Decorators from Oakleigh Manor recommend the use of teak, a durable tropical hardwood that perfectly captures the look and feel of a coastal garden.

Exposed Aggregate

Finally, as the most specific requisite of any beach-themed locale, exposed aggregate serves as both ‘styled concrete’ and ‘functional sand’. The texture provided by the small, sometimes colourful pebbles is crucial in bridging the gap between the shore’s fine earth and your home’s solid floors. Exposed aggregate is not only a stylistic choice, however, since it protects people from slipping even when its surface is wet.

These are just three essential notes you can use in designing a coastal-inspired garden or backyard. There is virtually no limit to what you may add to the composition of your backyard’s design. Unconventional elements may even surprise you and your visitors with how efficient they are. But, starting with these three simple notes is the best way to open your song and take it to more stylish oceanic lengths.

The Growth of Solar Power Will Come at a Price: The Fall of Traditional Power

Solar PowerThere’s almost no argument whether renewable energy has a future in the world. It is the future of the world, and if the use of hydrogen could be developed enough, society is set for a crude-less time. More than that, everyone needs this. If the majority of the population continues to use traditional energy sources for the next century, the state of the environment will be much worse off than expected.

It’s one thing to talk about what will power cars. The moving parts, the unpredictable amount of usage, and engineering and architectural challenges that go into implementing a new source of power is too complicated an endeavor. This is why the melting point of renewable energy will fall on the shoulders of residential and commercial properties. But, as always, a transformation of this magnitude won’t be smooth. Something will have to surrender, and in energy matters, it’s certain that it’s going to be something big.

From the Other Side

According to a report by Bloomberg, more than a million homes will switch to solar power by next month. The other part of the article, however, focuses on how plants on the east coast will cut supply by 1,400 megawatts. On the face of it, only private vendors of power get the brunt of the whiplash — all $2 billion of it. Yet, this cutback of power is a prime example of what the United States will experience once it’s moving the whole country to the green side.

On the other hand, this means residential and commercial solar panel systems will skyrocket in just 30 days. By any measure, this is one of the wildest surges of growth in the renewable energy sector. More than that, the photovoltaic (PV) panels of today are a lot more efficient that you think. In the first year of usage, it will provide significant savings. When it reaches maturity, it will cut electricity costs even more.

As for the shortening of supply, there will come a time when traditional power suppliers will keep their energy provisions at a bare minimum. This is inevitable, as solar power grows in prominence and something that everyone must tackle. Not everyone will be enthusiastic about making the switch. Other than that, some places in the country might just not have immediate access to solar contractors.

A Social Effort

Everyone, or the majority of the population, must get in on the renewable bandwagon. This is the only way of ensuring total implementation. Rather than pressure, it would be a wiser choice to look at how solar power will give you benefits.

Electricity savings and environmental concern are such a strange combination. No matter how wide the distance between them, they find a common ground in a noble cause: to use the abundant resources people have and not damage the world even more.

The Realities about Mortgage Deposits

Home Loan in Armstrong CreekA deposit is one of the most important components when applying for a home loan. It sets the tone for you to get the most favourable rates available, allowing you to pay less interest over the lifetime of your mortgage. Especially you’re talking about Sydney or Melbourne homes for sale, a large deposit would help lower the overall loan amount you have to borrow and ease the pressure of repaying a huge debt for the years to come.

But even if it’s one of the most common terms thrown around, there’s a good chance you still don’t fully understand the ins and outs of a mortgage deposit. It’s more than just the money you pay out of your pocket, as it plays several significant roles you might be aware of.

You Can’t Afford Not to Have One

Unlike in the past, a deposit is no longer optional. Lenders these days have become stricter in terms of extending credit to borrowers. In many ways, it says a lot about your capacity to repay and ability to maintain your repayments over an extensive period.

If you can’t show you have the means to pay at least 5% of the property’s purchase price, you’re bound to, more or less, face denial.

You Can’t Have Enough Overnight

Home loan providers don’t only care about the amount you can put down, but also the sources where the funds come from. Having a large sum of money as a deposit isn’t enough to impress lenders; you must prove first it’s genuine savings of yours.

Most lenders would want to see if you have money regularly deposited and genuinely saved in your own bank account over the last three months. Funds coming from gifts, personal loans, government-provided grants and the likes are not considered as genuine savings by almost all lenders.

You’re In More Trouble If It’s Too Small

The smaller your deposit, the slimmer your chances to get a rate the suits you. Again, lenders would consider you a big risk if you can’t provide a down payment higher than acceptable. In most cases, paying a not-so-large deposit would keep your loan amount big and cause you to pay high interest. As a result, you’d pay thousands more money over time, which you can avoid by putting down a larger deposit.

A deposit isn’t just another expense you have to endure when getting a home loan. You must do everything you can to come up with a big down payment because its size is instrumental to the type of your mortgage you can get.

See, Create, and Appreciate: Why Art is Good for You

Art AppreciationArt is good for the mind and body. As a form of expression, it can also be therapeutic and make you feel better.

Art comes in a number of forms; hence, the endless number of things to create. Surrounding yourself with art is good for you. If you are interested in buying some pieces for your home,, a company that curates and sells limited edition art prints in Queensland, may be able to provide you with museum quality artwork at affordable prices.

Here are a few things on how art can do great things to your mind and body:

Cytokine Levels

This diverse group of peptides and proteins herd the cells together to protect the body from getting infected, diseased, and traumatised. But, too high a level of cytokine may cause Type-2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, and arthritis, to name a few.

Studies suggest that a healthy body emit positive emotions, and that by appreciating art, the wonder and awe it evokes from people, they can maintain a healthy level of cytokine.

Stress Levels

Art can reduce anxiety and stress levels, which in turn heightens positive emotions.

Going to a gallery and experiencing art can decrease stress levels. Try going to an art exhibition during your lunch break or your free time while munching on a sandwich; it might do you some good. Studies show that upon exit, people had lower levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Get Creative

Art encourages people to create things for themselves, not just be an audience to someone else’s work of art.

Had a hard day or just looking for something to pass the time? Try immersing yourself in activities like photography, painting, drawing or writing. Creating art trains your mind to focus on even the minute details. You can also try walking and admire the things around you; the details are everywhere. These activities will calm you and help you feel relaxed at the end of the day.


Creating something gives you a sense of accomplishment and boosts your self-esteem. Art can increase your levels of Dopamine, which will motivate you to do more and strive for higher goals.

The next time an opportunity to create art arise, do not hesitate. If you find a piece of art that pleases you, use it as your inspiration. Art comes in different forms and may emit a number of emotions, but most importantly, it encourages creativity.

Smart Planning: Relying Safety on Print

Printed Safety Materials

 Printed Safety MaterialsOne small mistake and the person working in a hazardous workplace may suffer from serious injuries. As the consequences are real and catastrophic, all forms of safety approaches are expected to be done, including regular maintenance of equipment and providing safety manuals. However, prevention is always better than cure. Why solely rely on taking care of heavy machineries when workers can distance themselves from the hazards.

Checklists and guides

The dangers and hazards of the workplace are usually not removable, making it necessary to always take them into account. To keep your employees safe, it is best that they know how to determine the risks in the work site. Industry professionals, such as B&S Printing, suggest using a take 5 checklist. These are also used to determine which risks can be lessened, eliminated or replaced, further ensuring the safety of the area.

Heads up!

As long as workers are aware of their environment and the risks associated with it, they are able to perform the necessary cautious approach that would distance them from accidents. Have some posters, signs and labels. Upon entrance to certain locations, these will serve as reminders and guidance for what lurks ahead.

Study materials

Safety is a two way process, it involves the cooperation of both the employer and employee. Despite routine maintenance of equipment, if the workers are unaware of the instructions, precautions and needed operations, they are exposed to dangers. This is a problem solved by handbooks and manuals. In the end, it is not the availability of the equipment that will save a person, but rather how it is used.

When death is a possible consequence, there is no room for errors. Every step should be undertaken, regardless of how simple it may be. Nobody knows, but that single misplaced or forgotten label could result to an unwanted scenario.