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Network Expansion Strategies for Small Businesses

Network Expansion

Network Expansion In the business industry, it’s wise to maximize all the help you can get to achieve your goals. Stepping out of your comfort zone and meeting new people is an effective way to build connections.

Networking is about fostering relationships, sharing information, and accumulating sources of support in the industry. In building networks, there is more to just setting up business meetings left and right. There are clever yet simple ways to meet people outside the borders of your business interests and connections.

Look for Assistance Outside the Company

Sometimes you need help from someone who isn’t part of your company. The agents from Devoted Business Development say that these consultants can “offer a fresh perspective, new unbiased ideas, and grab the attention of the employees better than those that work with them day in and day out.”

Keep in Touch with the Alumni Association

It pays to look back often, so you can move forward further. Rekindle your connections with people from your alma mater. Chances are these people are also looking for new business networks. Talk to people even if they’re graduates from a different major, as this presents a better opportunity for expansion.

Don’t Just Participate, but Host Events

You never know who the other players in your league are unless you gather in one place. Attending events allows you to meet new people. But, if you’ll host it yourself, the focal point of the event is you and your business. Being the host adds prominence, which is essential in grabbing other’s attention.

Make the Most of Different Useful Tools

Capitalize on the emergence of modern technologies by using them to connect with others. There are several online tools that can help expand your business, including social media, podcasting, and guest posting. These allow you to reach out to as many people as possible without spending a lot.

As a small business, you want to avoid committing mistakes and errors as much as you can. But, staying within your comfort zone won’t help your business grow; you should expand your networks.

ECE Programmes: What You and Your Child Can Look Forward To

child education programmes

child education programmesParents of a child under five years old can make the most of the early childhood education (ECE) opportunities available to New Zealanders. Aside from government-funded ECE programmes, you may also find personalised before and after school care from professionals in a nurturing environment.

What services are available in New Zealand?

Parents of young children are fortunate in that they can choose from a variety of affordable ECE services to ensure the little ones grow up to be active and confident learners. By far, there are about 4,000 teacher-led and parent-led services.

Start making inquiries in learning facilities near your home.  The institutions that provide after school care during school term may also offer holiday programme care.

What are the qualifications of the staff?

To assure parents of quality services, childcare job applicants in NZ undergo extensive and detailed screening before they are accepted. These professionals are chosen for their excellent organisational and communication skills, as well as their initiative.

They are reliable and have ample experience with childcare. Count on their empathy for innate differences in the children’s temperaments, as well as in their cultural backgrounds. Be confident you are leaving your children in capable hands.

What can your child learn?

Trained teachers and facilitators are on hand to open your child’s awareness of new things. They present activities in an environment that is conducive to learning. Children are encouraged to develop their abilities and achieve goals they have set for themselves. The licensed childcare provider Family Matters says children develop their senses and explore at their own pace.

In this kind of setting, your children can look forward to plenty of exploration and amazing discoveries. Your kids can also meet other children their age and inspirational individuals who can serve as their role models.

Qualified professionals supervise daily programmes. They are skilled at preparing and executing constructive learning activities. Moreover, they always make sure the environment is safe for your children.

Part of caring for your children is making sure they learn important lessons. With the assistance of childcare professionals, and the government shouldering part of ECE expenses, it is easier to provide kids with a good education.

Snore No More: A Quick Fix at Night


sleepingSome people snore when they sleep; men do so more than women. Even dogs and other animals may snore. This does not mean it is a normal output of sleeping. To some, there can be an underlying health problem. Others may often snore due to stress or exhaustion from a day’s work.

It may not be a problem for you, but it could be for the people you share a room with. To avoid any future arguments, here are some quick fixes:

Changing Positions

Biologically, a snore is a sound produce when there is something blocking the air passages. When you sleep on your back, your tongue may slide down your throat. This may disrupt the natural flow of air while you sleep, as The Mattress Department explains. The disruption causes a vibrating sound, which is the snore.

Changing your positions may put a stop to this. You may want to try sleeping prone, but it may cause back pain upon waking. Sleeping on your side may help reduce snoring, while keeping your back safe from problems.

Nighttime Routine

When you are tired from work, all you want to do is jump on your bed and sleep. You could have less time to do your nightly ritual because of overtime or traffic. This does not mean you should forget your evening preparation. Always remember, you do not just sleep. You should sleep comfortably, or you may develop health problems, such as back and muscle pain.

Always mind your comfort before going to bed. Some people sleep with more pillows, while some choose to use none. Whatever your needs are, you should invest in a good mattress for back support. Getting ones with memory foam may help alleviate the discomfort in your sleep. More comfort means less chances of snoring to scare your partners away.

A Kitchen Anti-Mould and Anti-Mildew Tool You Should Have Now

Kitchen in Perth

Kitchen in PerthMoulds and mildew really love the kitchen, seeing that many parts of this room, like the sink, countertops, cabinets, shelves, tiles, and other surfaces are frequently damp or wet.

You cannot allow these microorganisms in your home, not only because colonies of them are unsightly, but they can also cause health problems.

What are your options in preventing the growth of these microorganisms?

Fortunately, preventing the growth of these things can be done not only through regular scrubbing or through the use of harsh chemicals. By installing glass splashbacks, you can avert the potential health concerns that moulds and mildew can bring, while also enhancing the overall appearance of your kitchen.

Why are splashbacks better than bare walls or tiles?

Splashbacks are extremely easy to clean and maintain; you only need to wipe them down to get rid of any ‘splashback’ from washing the dishes, cleaning your ingredients, or any other type of liquid. This is far better than leaving your walls or tiles bare and unprotected, as these are quicker to accumulate grime, especially the grout between your tiles.

In addition, high quality glass splashbacks from Perth consist of strengthened, toughened glass, they can provide further protection for your walls and tiles, while also being durable on their own.

Where can you mount these splashbacks?

As long as you work with a reliable glass splashback specialist, almost any surface can be applied with these treatments. Aside from the kitchen, glass splashbacks can also be used in the bathroom, to protect the walls and tiles there and also prevent mould and mildew development.

With these kinds of benefits that splashbacks have to offer, you should soon realise that they are worth your purchase. Not only can they help put a stop to the growth and spread of potentially disease-causing microorganisms, but they can increase the value of your home as well.

Reasons You Should Consider Buying Ballroom Dance Studio Software

Ballroom Dance Studio Software

Ballroom Dance Studio SoftwarePhysical exercises can become boring if you do them alone and without any kind of music. Programmers have worked smart to create advanced ballroom dance studio software that’s tailored to play music as you work out. It is ideal for gymnastics, yoga, and fitness studios. Here are the benefits of listening to music as you exercise.


A recent study showed that listening to fast music motivates one to work even harder, compared to slow tempo music tunes. It was found that the best songs are those with 120-140 beats per minute.

Makes Workout More Enjoyable

As mentioned earlier, music has the ability to make exercises more enjoyable and engaging. Choose motivational songs or those that remind you of some happy moments that you had in the past.

Help Keep Pace

The rhythm and beats curated by will stimulate the motor area of your brain. This will in turn help you to keep pace especially when doing self-paced body exercises such as weight lifting and treadmill exercises. Exercising at a consistent pace helps to ensure that energy is utilized efficiently.

Elevate Moods

When you’re feeling down and demoralized, music will help elevate your mood and encourage you to do the exercises. It also helps to promote mental health by relieving stress. No matter how bad your memories and experiences, the tunes will crank you up throughout the workout.

Quality ballroom dance studio software can help you acquire all these benefits. It comes with a simple interface that is easy to navigate, so no prior experience is required. Make your workout sessions more exciting and effective by investing in it today.

Excessive Force: When a Police Officer’s Actions Become Illegal


PolicePolice officers wield a considerable amount of power when they make an arrest. Unfortunately, there are cases when they abuse this power, often resorting to excessive and even deadly force to apprehend someone they deem dangerous.

It’s surprisingly difficult to tell if a police officer is starting to use excessive force, especially if you find yourself on the receiving end of their anger. It’s important to draw a line between your rights as a citizen and their right to exert their power.

Unlawful Use of Force

Noll Law Office says there is actually no solid definition for excessive force, as police officers have the right to subdue their suspects aggressively if they feel they are being uncooperative or are violently resisting arrest.  Police officers may use force when the situation demands it, but they still have limits as defined by the law.

A police officer can’t, for example, use physical force on a person who isn’t resisting or is already in police custody. Using a weapon against an unarmed person as well as intimidating a suspect or witness into giving a statement are unlawful.

Seeking Justice

Unfortunately, many victims of excessive force are also charged with a crime and immediately assume that they’ve lost the battle. Getting charged with a crime doesn’t mean the injuries you receive are unimportant, though. You still have the right to sue them for any injuries or damages that they may have caused.

It’s important to seek professional legal help as, unfortunately, police agencies may simply dismiss your case in favor of the officer’s statement. Your attorney will help you gather evidence that will prove that the police officer had used force beyond their legal boundaries and responsibilities.

Determining the line between your rights as a citizen and a police officer’s right to use force is important. You should not be afraid to seek justice and compensation if you feel that their excessive use of force caused you injuries you should never have had to sustain.

Why Do Accidents at Work Happen?


Construction Workplace safety is one of the highest concerns for companies of all sizes. Employee injuries not only cost the company greatly in lost productivity, they can also expose the business to various legal risks. Preventing accidents should always be a top priority.

To accomplish this, it helps to understand why accidents occur in the first place. While every situation is different, especially across different industries, there are some common elements.

  1. Poorly enforced or understood guidelines – Every company should have a clearly defined safety program to govern every process. From handling machinery to always wearing the appropriate protective gear, these guidelines must be properly documented.
  1. Worker overconfidence – After doing the same job every day for years, a worker usually starts to underestimate the risk of an accident occurring. This can lead to a severe lack of awareness of potential dangers, or them taking shortcuts. Programs like Take Five for Safety seek to remedy this tendency by making it a habit for employees to start tasks with a quick hazard assessment.
  1. Terrible site housekeeping – Unclean, disorderly work sites are a disaster waiting to happen. All it takes is one spill or one misplaced tool, and a major accident can occur. A lack of sanitation also leads to various long-term health risks. Companies should always stress the importance of good housekeeping in all things, no matter what the location or job.
  1. No accountability – Some managers unfortunately believe that the consequences of workplace accidents are not severe enough to warrant the time, effort, and resources necessary to prevent them properly. Their belief is that simply having insurance is enough. The company must make it clear that negligence and half-hearted measures will not be tolerated.
  1. Inadequate equipment maintenanceFrom handheld tools to forklifts, everything that an employee comes into contact with must be properly maintained. Injuries can easily occur when equipment malfunctions, not to mention the repair costs that invariably accumulate.

Proactively going after the most common causes of injuries is the best way to improve safety. While it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of accidents in the workplace, a dedicated effort to minimise these dangers will definitely help.

: Perseverance, Motivation and Foundation: Keys to Unlocking a Child’s Intellectual Potential

Child’s Potential

Child’s Potential The foundation is everything for children. Parents should never underestimate how a child’s ‘firsts’ means to them in the long run. But it will not do them any good to panic about everything because they would end up becoming tiger parents. This kind of super-strict method helps kids succeed in life, but it may also cause psychological damages, such as depression and behavioural problems.

First-World Advantages

Living in advanced countries, understandably, has advantages for children. For one, they get the best the world has to offer, from high standards of living to top social infrastructure. As for education, training and development, Singapore is on par with European and American standards. Whether your kid is attending or yet to go to school, he or she can have the best preparation for success.

The Value of Perseverance

During their formative years, children are at the peak of their curiosity. This endless quest for new things drives them to know more, and they will persevere until they exhaust themselves. For that persistence to last, Carol Dweck of Stanford University says children should receive praise for their efforts. In the process, they become better learners.

Ms. Dweck also said children like a certain kind of plaudit, the one that focuses on their engagement in the process. By praising their hard work, strategies and focus, children remain motivated learners. The study also observed how ‘process praise’ affected kids later in life. They performed better in math and reading. What you should take away from the article is that praise can be a motivator or de-motivator.

Growing Up Properly

There is no better way of ensuring a kid’s mental and physical wellbeing than by helping them grow up properly. As you learn to love your child, do well with them by nurturing their faculties. Read, talk and play with them because as a parent, you are their first love and first source of knowledge. Furthermore, teach them how they can filter the things they observe and experience.

For parents, raising a kid should be more joyful than tiresome. That way, you will feel no exhaustion in guiding and caring for them. Until they are of a ripe age, they need you to be there.

The Clueless Woman’s Guide to Waist Training


waistYou most probably see them on the Instagram feeds of A-listers, hugging snugly to famous celebrities, helping these people get fit and healthy: waist trainers. Yup, the waist-cinching corset. From Kim Kardashian to new mothers everywhere, it seems as if everybody has jumped into this waist-training trend.

Although popular and really not new, this practice is still obscure for some. For clueless women who want to try this waist-slimming activity, here’s a primer from

Cinch an Inch

Waist training involves wearing a latex waist trainer or tight corset to emphasise an hourglass figure. The material does two things: redistributes fat and triggers sweating. Compressing fat cells make you look slimmer, while stimulating perspiration trims the waistline as you retain less water in that area.

Moreover, latex waist trainers physically restrict the stomach, keeping you from overeating. Like any other slimming efforts, though, results are not instant and healthy lifestyle is important.

Search for the Best Corset

It’s important to consider the quality of the over-all garment when choosing a corset. The first thing you should check is the steel bones at the seams. These rigid pieces of metal can be flexible spiral or flat steel. Ask the seller if the bones are tipped or dipped to ensure that these will not damage the fabric.

Make sure that you also know the number and positioning of steel bones. A high-quality material has 20 or more bones, as it should be able to tolerate being worn frequently for long periods. Moreover, it should have the grommets placed in the centre between two parallel steel bones and stays at the back of the corset. This kind of orientation offers additional support when lacing the corset.

Waist No Time Training

Make sure that your waist trainer is a proper fit. It should be tight on the core area, but not too much that it restricts breathing. As a beginner, target about two to three hours a day wearing the trainer. Over time, start adding an hour to the program. The goal is to wear it for at least eight to ten hours a day.

When you feel like the trainers are getting too loose after some time, it means your waist is already slimming down and you have to get a smaller size of corsets.

Try waist training today. As you go about your routine, do not forget practising healthy lifestyle to get the best results.

6 Moving Hacks for Easy and Breezy Packing and Unpacking

Moving Hacks

Moving Hacks To see your suitcase content neat and organized can bring you joy. This also applies to wardrobe boxes and packing containers used for moving. For an organized packing, try these moving hacks:

  1. Put your clothes and other personal items in a box like you would in your luggage. On the bottom layer, line your tech gears and shoes and fill the centre with rolled-up jackets and jeans. Then lay on top the pants and dresses lengthwise with ends hanging on one the side of the box. On the third layer, put rolled sweaters and shirts and cover them with the dresses and pants from beneath. Lastly, fold the blouses, put toiletries in a separate bag, and set them all on top.
  1. Put the heaviest items in your luggage. The handle and wheels on your luggage make the heavy items easy to move. You can also use the luggage exclusively for a bulk of clothes wrapped in a thin bag. Keep them on hangers for fast unpacking.
  1. Label everything. Putting labels on boxes prompt you to store items according to their category. This makes searching for your things easier. Labelling also works with appliances and furniture that need to be re-assembled. Keep nails and screws of the table and bed in different plastic bags for faster assembly.
  1. Take photos of your electronic connection. Do not unplug your electronic connections without taking pictures of them. This is to remember what goes where.
  1. Keep moving essentials in a clear plastic bag. These include packing tape, hammer, scissors, knife and tissue or cloth in case of a spilled liquid. Likewise, put anything you will want immediately in an overnight bag.
  1. Tape string underneath the box and leave some at the end of the tape. This will allow you to rip the tape easily when unpacking. Bar Services suggests you use a low noise polypropylene tape to avoid disturbing others while you pack or unpack. Another easy unpacking trick is to keep everything in your drawer and cover the top with cling wrap. Also, have rugs cleaned at shops. When you get them back, they are clean, rolled and wrapped – ready to be packed.

Packing and unpacking can be a breeze when you know some tricks, especially in organizing your things. Happy moving!