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4 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

Cooling fan

Cooling fanSummer is still a few months away, but you need to make sure your home is prepared for the heat. You don’t want to spend too much money on air conditioning bills, repairs and maintenance when electric bills skyrocket. You can make a few adjustments to ready your home and keep you cool and comfortable even when the season is at its hottest.

Check Your Air Conditioner

Take your equipment and have it checked for any necessary air conditioning repairs. Make sure your air conditioner is in top form before summer. Anticipate how much you’re going to use it. As the air is hot, your air conditioner will have to work overtime to cool down the surrounding.

Use Ceiling Fans

Help circulate cool air by buying and installing ceiling fans. When the air is not that hot, you might not even need to use the air conditioner at all! It can save you a fair amount of money on electrical bills if you don’t have to use your air conditioner 24/7.

Invest in a High End Cooling System

There are thermostats in the market that can be timed or even operated remotely. You can set the temperature to very low an hour before you arrive from work and set it to cool once you’re home. This ensures the temperature is not too hot nor too cold when you arrive after a long day.

Electronics and Lighting Placement

Your electrical devices should not be near the thermostat, to keep an accurate reading. When the thermostat reads a warmer temperature because of lighting or heat from your electronics, it will alert your air conditioner to work overtime.

Summer may be fun, but it can get stifling hot. It can even cost you more on electricity and gas bills. Conserve energy without sacrificing your comfort by preparing your house well for the season. You will enjoy the bright, sunlit days without the discomfort of prickly hot weather.

Enemies Inside You: 3 Contaminants That May Be in Your Drinking Water

E. coli bacteria

E. coli bacteriaDrinking water is a precious resource for anyone, and you want to make sure yours is free from contaminants. These contaminants can range from microorganisms to volatile organic chemicals and pose serious health risks and illnesses.

Fortunately, there are effective ways to make sure your drinking water is safe from these health risks. Using the reverse osmosis water filtration method, for example, can remove almost all of the harmful bacteria in your water and keep it safe and clean.

To have a better idea of possible contaminants in your drinking water, specifically microorganisms, take a look at the following:

E. coli Bacteria

Eschericia coli, more known as E. Coli bacteria is a strain of coliforms that lives on fecal matter. The very presence of the bacteria suggests that water source is contaminated with human or animal waste. They can pose serious problems to infants and people with weak immune systems.

Vibrio Cholerae

These bacteria are notorious in health circles, as they are responsible for the acute diarrhoeal infection called cholera. Most people do not develop symptoms, which makes the disease even deadlier and infectious. An effective water filtration method can prevent the bacteria from contaminating your drinking water and keep you safe from the potentially fatal disease.


Salmonella is known to cause salmonellosis. Like E. coli, the bacteria thrive in human and animal waste, which can enter water sources through sewage overflows or faulty sewage systems. If you are drawing water from a well, it is a must to use disinfect and filter it before using. If possible, test your water regularly if you suspect your water source is contaminated with Salmonella.

When it comes to drinking water, it is better to be safe than sorry. Exhaust all means to make sure your drinking water is free from any contaminants and use proven methods to filter it thoroughly.

Online Shopping: Is it Endangering Physical Stores?

Online Shopping

Online ShoppingIn the years to come, people might have to go online shopping—for everything. It is a long shot, but that’s also what they said about the prospects of TV, the Beatles and the internet. Jeff Bezos and his Amazon and Jack Ma and his Alibaba could be just the tip of the iceberg.

The Convenience of It All

Just think about speed. How long will it take you to shop for an iPad 2 in Australia? If you do it by visiting physical stores, even a day would not be enough to visit all the Apple stores selling gadgets in Perth; it will take mere minutes to shop online.

The preference for online shopping not just speculation either. A British survey from the Center for Retail Research stated that “e-commerce is the fastest growing retail market.”

Sales in the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland and Spain are expected to grow from £132.05 billion in 2014 to £156.67 billion. In the US, online sales are also expected to rise from $306.85 billion in 2014 to $349.20 billion in 2015.

The Devices to Match

However, these online sales came not via PC’s and Macs. In the US, eighty-four percent of online buyers used mobile devices, not desktops.

That should be valuable knowledge for any online entrepreneur who wants to develop a perceptive business plan and responsive web design. Perth experts help achieve this, if you would rather reap the benefits without the hard work.

The years ahead could be gloomy for brick-and-mortar stores and the changes would manifest faster in major urban centres in developed countries like US, UK, Australia and Japan. In fact, holiday sales in the US already revealed lesser foot traffic.

Online shops exist alongside brick-and-mortar stores nowadays, but it is not unlikely for the earlier to overthrow the latter. Businesses should do what it must: adapt or close up shop.

“I Want a Divorce”: What to Do When Your Spouse is Hesitant to Divorce


divorceYou have every right to file for divorce and serve your spouse with divorce papers. But if your spouse is reluctant and you do not want things to turn ugly, forcing the issue is not the best thing to do.

So what exactly are the options if your spouse continues to refuse the idea?

First, you need to understand where the reluctance is coming from. You will then need to counter their arguments so that they agree to peacefully ending the marriage.

Here are some of the reasons your spouse could be reluctant to divorce:

“It’s better for the kids if we stay together…”

Most spouses think that it is important to stay together, believing that divorce only causes long-term damage to children. In reality, divorce itself is not what causes the greatest long-term effect on children—the conflict between parents is really the culprit behind it all.

Children should live in a home that is supportive, loving, and respectful. Experts say that if your marriage is full of resentment, harmful criticism, and insults, then it is time to hire a family law attorney, such as those at, and push through with the divorce if you want what is best for the kids.

“If we work on it, it will get better…”

Divorce is rarely a snap decision—and it is likely you have been thinking about it for a very long time. So, when your marriage reaches the point where you are absolutely certain about ending it, no amount of time can change your mind.

It is now up to you to let your partner know that you have given this a lot of thought.

“Divorce is way too expensive…”

Divorce can be expensive if your spouse is not willing to cooperate. Tell your spouse that having a peaceful and diplomatic divorce is less costly than having an adversarial one later on.

With these tips, help your spouse come to terms with your decision and work with you to peacefully end the marriage—for the sake of everyone involved, especially the children.

3 Often-Missed Quality Questions When Purchasing Lifting Products

Lifting products

Lifting productsIf your business operates within the rigging industry, then you know the important roles different lifting equipment play. This is particularly true when it comes to overhead lifting slings.

In the market, you are going to encounter dozens and dozens of brands, which may make it hard to select the best one for your needs. So, remember that the popular saying ‘you get what you pay for’ also applies to the purchase of these pieces of equipment.

That is why it is a must to go beyond price alone when purchasing such products. To help you get the best value for your money, says you should never forget to ask the following questions:

1. What are the Quality Procedures the Product Manufacturer Implements?

When assessing potential sling suppliers, make sure the manufacturer of the products only applies stringent and rigorous quality procedures. Always remember that these pieces of equipment are designed to lift thousands and thousands of pounds, so it is a must that the manufacturer ensures they can withstand these weights.

2. How Often Does the Product Manufacturer Break-Test the Equipment?

Also, make sure the manufacturer regularly runs break testing procedures on the equipment as a way to assess whether the products meet both the design and strength requirements.

3. What are the Policies Enforced by the Manufacturer Regarding Material Quality?

Lastly, ask about the quality of the materials used in the construction of these lifting products. Like the construction of the equipment itself, components should also be designed to last and have the ability to carry such considerable weights.

Failing to take these factors into consideration puts you and the users of the lifting products at risk, so be certain that you purchase the equipment only from a reputable supplier.

4 Reasons for Lawyers to Have a Blog

Lawyers should have a Blog

Lawyers should have a BlogMarketing a law firm has always been a tricky subject. Compared to other, non-regulated industries, you have to observe more ethical standards when promoting a legal practice. Limitations are ever-present in the field of lawyer marketing.

Despite these restrictions, though, there is one thing that should be present in the website of every law firm: an updated marketing blog (just please do not call it a blawg). You might ask why, so here are four reasons to justify the need for a legal blog:

Build Authority Online

The legal profession is a large field – and as the statistics forecast, it will still get bigger. As such, you have to set your practice apart from other firms. One great way to do this is to blog about your knowledge of the law. When your audience sees that you have a lot to say about the field you focus on, you become an industry leader in their eyes.

Improve Online Visibility

Your blog as a sign of authority also works from the perspective of search engines. A blog gives Google, Yahoo, and Bing more pages to index. Ergo, these sites will have more content to show to every searcher. Depending on the popularity and quality of your blog, you can acquire several backlinks and improve your online presence through regular posts.

Make Laymen Legally Aware

For most people, the law is too complex to understand. Then again, there are articles and blogs that help clarify what the laws are all about. This is something your blog will embody as you explain different regulations and statutes that cover your practice areas. Marketing aspect aside, this makes the general audience a little more knowledgeable about the rules they follow.

Reach Potential Clients

But perhaps the most important benefit of a blog is that it helps you reach prospective clients. The topics you cover will surely appear in the search queries of people looking for a lawyer. With proper optimization and marketing, you can reach – and eventually, acquire – new clients just because you write a blog post every now and then.

A marketing blog is helpful for every law firm. Apart from promoting your own practice, every entry you make improves the awareness of the general audience regarding the laws they should know – and that, in itself, is already a great benefit.

Untreated Water Damage: How It Can Affect Your Home

Untreated water damage

Untreated water damageWater damage affects your home by compromising its structural integrity, creating health hazards, and promoting the growth of mold and mildew. When left untreated, damage will continue to worsen, leading to greater problems and expensive repair bills.

Water damage experts suggest addressing the problem immediately to avoid big threats to your home. Here are the things that can happen when water damage is left untreated:

Drywall Disintegration

Wallboards are likely to disintegrate if you let it remain wet for too long. The board may smell, rot, or warp, and the electrical parts can short out and malfunction. Too much exposure to moisture can also make the drywall brittle and a breeding site for mold. It is best to hire water damage and black mold removal experts to address the problem immediately.

Wooden Floor Damage

Prolonged exposure to water compromises the integrity of wooden floors. As wood responds to moisture very slowly, it is important to act immediately when you notice cupping, warping, and discoloration on the material. Water-damaged wood can also become a breeding site for mold, mainly because of moisture and dust layer beneath the wet material.

Electrical System Failure

Wet cable and wire products impair the integrity of your home’s electrical system. Exposure to standing water also damages circuits, which may also result in insulation deterioration and premature system failure. It is always best is best to hire an inspector to check your electrical box and all wiring systems.

Furniture Damage

The longer upholstered furniture pieces sit in the water, the more damaged they become. While the damage is manageable or at least subject to partial repair, it can still compromise the quality of the furniture. It is best to move them to a safe or dry place and clean them as soon as possible.

Health Hazard

Silt, mud, and other contaminants in the water make everything in your house dirty, causing all kinds of health hazards. Microorganisms can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals. Simply removing standing water is not enough. It is best to contact restoration experts for cleaning and drying out the home.

Don’t leave your home exposed to water damage for long. Make sure to address the problem immediately by contacting water damage experts.

3 Window Tinting Facts That Would Make You Want to Have Yours Tinted Right Away

proper car tinting

proper car tintingIf you’re looking for ways to increase the privacy of your car, the first thing that probably crossed your mind is to have its windows tinted. This only makes sense, as it is one of the biggest benefits and main functions of window tints. But, there are actually a lot of other good things that such treatments can deliver, many of which are not that well-known.

So, if you need more urging to go for a car tinting Perth service soon, here are some of the other things you can enjoy once you do.

  1. Much Better and More Comfortable Driving Experience

Whether you are a new or an experienced driver, you know how annoying it is to have the sun in your face whenever you drive. But, this is not just an annoyance; it can affect your vision, which puts you at risk of getting involved in an accident.

Having your windows tinted is going to help reduce glare not only from the sun, but from other sources of light, such as incoming traffic.

  1. Longer Lasting Upholstery

You are not the only one affected by being exposed to the direct light and heat of the sun’s UV rays; your car’s upholstery is, too. Within just a few short years of overexposure to light and heat, the interior of your vehicle is going to fade, crack, and warp.

You can prevent this by simply going for window treatments, especially tints, as they can block up to 90% of the sun’s light and heat.

  1. Turns Your Regular Car Windows to Shatterproof Ones

High quality window tints can also significantly reduce the risk of your vehicle’s windows from shattering upon impact, in case of a road accident. This can significantly reduce the risks of getting injured from broken glass.

Hopefully, now that you know about the other benefits of car tinting, you have already realised just how valuable it can be.

Living Large in a Three Bedroom Apartment

Living in an apartment

Living in an apartmentLet’s face it–nobody wants to end up with a small box of a space when shopping for a new home. You want a space that is manageable and easy to maintain, but at the same time won’t make you feel cramped.

Living in an apartment is a good option for a home, but with all the single room spaces offered out there, you may think that they’re all just for individuals and couples. Raising your little ones in them may not be an appealing idea.

This is why larger apartments are making a comeback on the market. says that in Brisbane, 3 bedroom apartments for sale are in demand. Buyers constantly snap up these homes that there may now be more demand than supply.

Spaces ideal for families

Living close to the centre gives families access to the best facilities and institutions. This is especially great for kids as they learn much from top calibre schools and museums that only cities can host. What’s not so great is the cramped quarters a lot of city housing has. Your children need space for playing and for just being kids. Three bedroom apartments have the right space for families, but without sacrificing on accessibility.

Space for possibilities

A third bedroom gives you the potential of having a space that’s suited for your other needs. Apart from keeping it as an extra room for guests and family who may drop by, you may also turn it into a playroom for your kids or a home entertainment centre. You may also transform it into a studio for your artistic pursuits. Another reason why three bedroom apartments are becoming popular is that buyers are moving from larger homes into properties closer to the city. They may choose to live without a lot of the space they’re used to, but a third room gives them the benefit of having a home office or study.

Spaces for unwinding

Apartments may give more access to its owners to city living, but apart from having enough rooms, spaces for unwinding are also essential. Three bedroom apartments in carefully planned and developed communities have spacious gardens and common areas just for the enjoyment of residents. Residents may even have access to services not typically available in other types of homes.

Consider a three bedroom apartment when looking for the ideal space for you or your family. You’ll have the luxury of having the best that the city can offer near you, but in a home that allows you to have enough room to breathe.

Can Poorly-Maintained AC Unit Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality?

air conditioner

air conditionerNausea, dry cough, headache, sleepiness and irritation in the eyes.

These are the typical symptoms of indoor air pollution. The quality of air at home is the main topic these days, and for good reason. When you inhale unhealthy air and endure bad indoor environment, it can profoundly affect your overall well-being, not just your comfort. Though exposure to poor air quality may not quickly result in serious health problems, you may suffer the slow, subtle effects.

The causes are complex and often not completely understood by homeowners. But that does not mean the consequences of poor air quality should be overlooked.

How Air Quality Affects You

The impact of indoor air pollution can range from throat and nose irritation to cancer and respiratory disease. If you’ve experienced relief after leaving a particular room, then the symptoms you felt can be due to air contaminants.

Daily household chores, such as heating, cooling, vacuuming and cooking are some of the causes of indoor pollutants at home. But if you are constantly cleaning the carpet, ceiling or windows, your air conditioning unit might be the culprit. When ventilation is inadequate, there’s not enough supply of good air that can flush out contaminants. Clogged air conditioning system can lead to dirt buildup, indoor moisture or insufficient airflow, which needs your immediate attention.

What You Can Do About It?

The dust or grime in the air ducts and filters can kill your AC unit’s efficiency. That can eventually affect the cleanliness of air circulating inside your home. Not only that, dirty air conditioner can decrease cooling and make breathing harder. When not maintained, your system can spread mould, decrease effectiveness and increase the operating cost. Don’t let your AC unit be the cause of sky-high energy bills and health problems.

Industry professionals, such as All Air Services, note that regular maintenance allows you to determine whether the system needs repair or replacement. A clean heating and cooling equipment works at peak efficiency, not to mention lasts longer.

Every time you have an air conditioning unit installed, don’t forget that it needs care. Keep it in shape to achieve the comfort you desire, save money and avoid costly health problems in the future.