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Corporate Videos: Boring No More

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Here’s a fact: most corporate videos are boring. Such visual materials have such a bad reputation that customers don’t bother to watch them, and new hires often end up zoning out when shown the video as part of a training seminar or other company event. Most corporate videos feature shots of the CEO speaking, employees working, and a senior employee narrating the history of the company. These clichés are expected, but the point is that sometimes the videos lack important information.

corporate video

Most corporate videos suffer from poor production value and reduced quality and, but same doesn’t have to be true for your company. Follow these tips to create a video that establishes your brand and communicates your marketing message effectively:

Veer Away from the Traditional

You already know what a traditional corporate video looks like—long introductions, boring music, and lengthy interviews. Breathe new life to your company’s video by thinking of a new style or approach. MotionElements, an online marketplace for Asia-inspired stock video clips, backgrounds, and after effects templates, suggests veering away from the traditional and working with your creative team to come up with a kick-ass idea.

It might also be best to use high-quality stock video clips and powerful images to reinforce your message, and a better camera, like a DSLR from Canon or Nikon with HD capabilities, to ensure outstanding video quality.

Use Compelling Music

Music carries your audience through the show. It reinforces emotions and keeps people motivated and interested to keep watching. When creating a corporate video, always remember the concept of variety – even when it comes to audio. Use different music for every chapter or section to make your video more interesting.

Tell a Great Story

Audiences love a good story. The best way to grab the attention of your target audience and keep it is to create a video that tells a great story. Narrate how your business started or talk about how you reached a particularly special achievement in a creative way and with a plot that promotes your services and products subtly.

You have two options when creating your corporate video: you can hire a production house or create the movie yourself. If you plan to take over the work, however, make sure to use only high quality images and royalty-free footage.

First Impressions Matter: 3 Common E-Commerce Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Most people are prone to making quick judgements. It takes only a couple of seconds to create a first impression, and websites are no different. A recent study shows you only have about 50 milliseconds to make visitors stay or leave. That explains how quickly people form an opinion about the visual appeal of websites.

You can control your customer’s experience by writing blogs, tweaking your website, and posting ads. Your profit, however, mostly lies in how you design your ecommerce site. According to industry expert Bambrick Media, a poorly designed website can negatively impact a visitor’s trust.

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First impression depends on the colours, spacing, photos, amount of texts, and more. Do not let the following e-commerce design mistakes kill your sales.

Confusing design

Your website design should reflect what you are offering. People are likely to leave your site if they cannot figure out immediately what you are selling. For instance, do not include images of houses if what you are selling is food. You will just confuse customers. Many websites have difficulty communicating exactly what they sell. If this happens, hire the services of SEO companies to help you have a clear value proposition.

Too much clutter

Always strike the right balance with text and visuals. Customers are more likely to buy products when they are presented visually. People who visit your site will click on the first thing that grabs their attention. For certain products, such as skin care or supplements, it may be in your interest to introduce more text. Help them make a smart purchasing decision. Hiring SEO experts can help create focus and reduce clutter.

Difficulty finding products

If you have many products, it is best to provide a search function. This way, shoppers will find their preferred products quickly and efficiently. Some people do not want to spend a long time looking for things.

Do not drive shoppers away from your online store. Avoid these common web design mistakes to help you display your products carefully without overwhelming consumers.

All About Aerial Yoga Training: The Secrets to its Popularity

Aerial yoga is a relatively new form of yoga that has gained recognition across the US. As an unconventional form of exercise, it helps students feel rested and recover from serious issues such as post-traumatic stress syndrome. Also known effective anti-gravity yoga, it is fast becoming a popular activity in many parts of the world. What exactly is this method of yoga? Here’s a brief discussion from Antigravity Fitness:

Understanding Anti-Gravity Yoga

This is a form of yoga which incorporates yogic principles of stretching, breathing, and meditation with aerial and gymnastic arts. Muscles are toned and lengthened, which help the body to benefit from inversions, essentially due to zero compression. Inversions done through suspension and other props help create space in the spinal column and relieve stress in the lower back.

Image by: Aine | License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Image by: Aine | License: CC BY-SA 2.0

Aerial yoga training methodology was created and developed by a famous gymnast and yogi – Christopher Harrison. Harrison developed the anti-gravity hammock and found it a useful tool for relieving stress on joints and different muscles in the body. It is well-known as a great rehab tool that helps practitioners feel emotionally rested and recover from stressful situations. Most of the AG classes begin with students being cocooned in their hammocks. While in the hammock, they do meditation and breathing exercises which helps in calming the nervous system.

For All Shapes and Sizes

Many students feel rejuvenated, balanced, and relaxed after doing just a few sessions. People who work in high stress jobs have enjoyed many benefits from participating in aerial yoga training. Thanks to word of mouth advertising, many people have learned about it and attended classes. Just like conventional yoga, this method helps people meet life’s challenges head on, regardless of their fitness levels, ages, shape and size. It’s challenging enough to make people feel a sense of achievement from participating in one or more sessions.

This yoga method incorporates Pilates as well. This allows people to develop core strength and develop long lean muscles. Students use hammocks strung up at different heights to open and get space in their hips and spinal joints. Instructors have to go through rigorous training programs to get certified. The reason this method is so effective is that it provides support to practitioners to get stretched while being completely supported by straps and hammocks. Instructors help students in every way possible.

Health Care Industry: Skills Every Pharmacy Technician Should Have

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Reliable pharmacies employ technicians to clean and stock shelves, take details of prescriptions from doctors and patients, and fill them accordingly. Pharmacy technicians are qualified to fill prescriptions which other employees of the pharmacy can’t. As proof of their task’s importance, job opportunities for these professionals are likely to grow by over twenty per cent in 2018.

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To understand what their position entails, here’s a brief discussion of their responsibilities:

  • The primary skill of a pharmacy technician should be his knowledge about drugs and medicines. He should know the basic pharmacology of common medications, how they work, and what doses need to be consumed. But, their knowledge need not be as vast as that of pharmacists, but their ability to recognise generic and brand names for common diseases like asthma, flu, diabetes and hypertension counts.
  • He should be able to instantly recall sizes, shapes, and colours of commonly prescribed and consumed prescription to avoid silly errors when filling in prescriptions. He should also have a basic working knowledge of the side effects of such medicines, allergies, and the type of foods to avoid when taking them. Keeping track of outdated stock of medication also falls within their professional responsibilities.
  • In large pharmacies where a lot of documentation is done, a pharmacy technician types instructions and medication labels for patients. They also upgrade prescription records and transfer papers to insurance companies for coverage verification. So, good typing skills are required as well as attention to details while properly maintaining records. He may be tasked to balance cash register receipts on a daily basis and conduct weekly, fortnightly or monthly bookkeeping exercises. In pharmacies run by nursing homes or hospitals, a pharmacy technician is also responsible for daily checking of an inpatient’s chart to make sure that the latter receives his correct medication on time.
  • Prompt customer service and cordial interaction with colleagues, patients, and doctors is an absolute must for a pharmacy technician. When taking instructions or information over the phone, he must clarify any doubts regarding dosage amounts and other details before filling in the prescription. In retail pharmacies, technicians are also often required to process payments made by credit cards.
  • Pharmacy technicians should also possess a working knowledge of human anatomy and chemistry to understand how different drugs work. They may also be required to undergo some basic courses for the same in community colleges, or by way of on-the-job training or internships.

Beyond Decorating: The Intricacies of Commercial Interior Designing

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Interior designing isn’t just an art. It also requires and relies widely on market research and other fields to gain an expert understanding of the basic needs of the clients.

Commercial interior design is the process of generating and administrating the creation or restoration of a commercial plot. It’s more than just decorating spaces. It also deals with the selection of materials for the project and the outline and positioning of interior fortifications, plumbing, and electric works. In addition, it involves communicating and coordinating with builders, property owners, and suppliers. Thus, it’s necessary for interior designers to have a strong implementing knowledge of structural design.

empty commercial space

Commercial interior designers work with clients to come up with an arrangement that begins with the creation of the building. Some even deal with renovation.

How do they work?

The initial process is called field verification. This involves measuring the work site and determining the magnitude of the building to be constructed. It also involves designing the ceiling and coming up with lighting ideas that match your needs and space.

Commercial interior designing consists of the following:

  • Retail – This includes malls, departmental provisions, visual merchandising, and sales outlets.
  • Image and Spatial Branding – This involves the use of a legroom as a medium to communicate the commercial brand name.
  • Corporate – This refers to the designing of workplaces for banking and IT industries.
  • Healthcare – includes designing of sanatoriums, consulting rooms, dental clinics, psychiatric clinics, and state-of-the-art laboratories, among others.
  • Hospitality and Recreation – includes resorts, hotels, motels, bistro, pubs, eatery, fitness clubs, and health resorts.

When it comes to effective commercial interior design, a designer needs to address a few things. This includes having a good knowledge of your brand and its products so the designs match with the visual concept, the budget, the deadline for the completion of the project, your thoughts about green designing, integration of the old furniture into the new workstation, and your business’s prospect for expansion.

Towards Better Quality: Improving Your SQL Server Performance


Everyone wants the best performance when it comes to using SQL servers. While SQL servers are “wonder performers,” they need occasional tune ups to enhance or maintain their performance. While you can call on a DBA to get more out of your SQL server, here are a few pointers to help you do the same.


I/O- The Silent Killer

Oftentimes, important I/O performance problems for retrieving and storing data within files prove to be the most challenging. While you can fix this problem by revamping the hardware, there are other more simple and affordable tricks you can use to achieve the same results. These include the following:

  • moving files to flash storage
  • improving the performance of the log file
  • moving log files to faster storage

Prevent Lengthy Transactions

DBA Services Pty Ltd recommends keeping your transactions as short as possible. Open transactions can cause deep performance problems. Preferably, begin a transaction strictly after a user feeds in some changes into the record and add some logic to the code. By doing this, another user won’t tamper with the contents of the record and long transaction should no longer be a concern.

A few other important tips to tuning your SQL server for improved performance include:

  • assigning data type numeric columns
  • preventing substring searches from occurring, as searching any indexed character data is always easier by beginning the search in the middle of a data
  • avoiding duplicate indexes, as they demand that the database engine work harder to process during key operations such as deleting, updating or inserting data
  • using one big database to reduce the time the server may spend in making disk enquiries
  • controlling the quantity of published data as unnecessary replications will only increase the work for your computer
  • allocating the right quantity of memory for stored procedure caching depending on what extent you feel your applications will utilise the stores procedures
  • using the multiple table DELETE option to lower the overall number of engine calls
  • using stored procedures as far as possible — use the procedural language rather than in application libraries or codes for creating functions that can be retained in the database engine

These few pointers should tweak and tune your SQL server and have it performing to its full potential in no time.

Remove the Bacteria: Keeping Your Toothbrush Clean and Safe


Your toothbrush may be contaminated with bacteria once you clean your mouth. If left untreated, bacteria may live in the toothbrush and cause illnesses. Keep your toothbrush safe and clean with these tips:

Remove the Debris

Rinse your toothbrush with tap water to remove the debris. Make sure that there is no toothpaste left in the head of the brush. If you have an immune disorder, you may soak it in antibacterial mouthwash or run it through the dishwasher.


Let it Breathe

Don’t cover your toothbrush with a toothbrush cap, as the moist environment can promote bacteria growth. If you need to use a toothbrush cover, choose one with small holes to let air in. Also, don’t store it in the medicine cabinet, as the lack of light and moisture may encourage bacteria build up.

Out in the Open

Dentists suggest storing your toothbrush upright in a cup to allow the water to drain water from the head of the brush. Make sure it has access to good air circulation and isn’t suffocating in a drawer when not in use. Doing so may cause you to develop a sore throat or canker sore if you have a cold.

Let it Go

Health specialists at Mill Street City Dental Centre recommend replacing you toothbrush after three months or when it shows signs of wear. Worn bristles cannot clean your teeth and gums adequately. This also applies to other types of toothbrushes like electric or power models.

Keep it Away

Don’t let your toothbrush touch others toothbrush. Bacteria on one brush may transfer and cross-contaminate another. Moreover, keep it at least three feet away from the toilet, as studies have shown aerosol effect of germs when you flush the toilet.

Give much thought to cleaning and storing your toothbrush with these tips. You may visit your cosmetic dentist or the Australian Dental Association for more tips on keeping your toothbrush clean.