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EAM Solutions: Putting Production Success within Reach

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Successful projects in the corporate and industrial fields have some things in common – there’s proper resource management and each piece of equipment is in good condition. This is possible for your industrial processes if your plant practices efficient enterprise asset management (EAM). This enables you to track and manage your assets through maintenance strategies that ensure high-quality performance.

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Planning a Maintenance Strategy

A high return on assets indicates that your operating standards work. There are instances, however, when this doesn’t happen because of lack of knowledge in maximising assets. To solve this issue, you’ll need to overhaul your processes by hiring professionals proficient in proper asset maintenance. Consulting EAM specialists at Mainpac to streamline your policies can produce quality results. This especially works for tasks with intensive requirements.

Streamline Tasks with Effective Software

Asking for advice about the right enterprise asset management software for your plant will make it easier to track the development of each project throughout the production cycle. Find out how to organise your asset registry on a computerised management system, so you can train users on using the EAM software. Checking out resources, such as and can help with learning about proper management of your industrial software needs.

FOS Third Quarter Results Show Record Numbers

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The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has released data showing that it received 575,836 complaints during 2013, an increase of 38% on the previous year. The FOS is an independent body that adjudicates on complaints about financial firms where the customer and the firm cannot reach agreement.

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It may be strange to be talking about the numbers of complaints declining after a record year and such a large annual increase. However, the number of complaints in the second half of the year was 248,801, compared to 327,035 in the first six months. Payment protection insurance (PPI) complaints, which have dominated the FOS’s workload in recent years, were 266,228 in the first half of the year and 190,356 in the second. The combined PPI figure of 456,584 represents 79% of the total.

Interestingly, in the period October to December 2013, the FOS upheld only 48% of the PPI complaints it closed. Previously, this quarterly figure has been consistently over 50%, and sometimes above 80%. This may suggest that many of the most obvious cases of PPI mis-selling have already been dealt with, but consumers should note that it is still possible to make a PPI mis-selling claim. Tougher consumer credit regulations should be in place.

The FOS also issued its latest set of half-yearly firm-specific data, showing financial businesses for which the FOS both received at least 30 new cases and resolved at least 30 cases in the six month period. These firms represent 95% of the total caseload.


Making Your Benefit Concert Safe and Secure

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Concerts have long been a staple activity for organisations of all sizes. Arranging a benefit concert is a great way to raise money for a cause while having fun. Of course, all events need some form of security. As you start to plan your event, negotiate between venues and bands, take some time to think about its overall security.

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Hire a private security company

Never compromise safety for budget. Hiring a security company is one of the first things you should do. Private event security guards and mobile patrol services are important at high-profile events. Security companies have a dedicated staff who will oversee their team and provide you with updates.

Build a team

Planning a benefit concert is stressful, so don’t do it alone. Private security staff members should monitor the crowd and be present during the event itself to prevent anyone from disrupting the event.

Have a backup action plan

This is important when hosting big events. Event organisers should sit down with their security team to discuss all the potential threats. They should have an action plan to deal with threats before, during, and after the event.

Whether you have a hundred attendees or perhaps thousands, hiring a security firm specialising in event security and mobile patrol services is important. Striking the right balance between providing strong security and allowing guests to feel comfortable is key.

Don’t Wait until it’s too Late: Early Signs it’s Time to go for a Transmission Repair

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The time will come when some parts of your car’s transmission will not function the way they used to. Knowing the signs and when to have them fixed will save you money in the long run, if not your own life.

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Leaking Transmission Fluid

When you notice leaking fluid from your car, make sure to pay attention to its colour. If it’s a dark, coloured fluid and has a burnt smell, bring your car immediately to an automatic transmission repair shop in Perth for a fluid replacement. Ignoring this early sign can impair your car’s shifting capabilities.

Distinct Sound

A distinct clunking sound is one of the key indicators of mechanical car problems. Have it checked right away. If you don’t, what would have been an affordable repair could easily become a much more expensive one.

Suspension Sensation

Your car should run smoothly without any shaking. If you’re having a hard time in wiggling into gear at first try, take your car to your local auto transmission shop and have it inspected.

Delayed Response

A delay before the gear engages is usually a sign of a transmission-based problem. A long notable delay from the moment you make a gear selection could be as simple as low fluid to more serious internal problems.

Whether you hire a local mechanic, a specialist like Citywest Automatic Transmissions or go for a DIY auto repair, it’s important to act right away if you noticed these signs early to save your car from further damage and more expenses.

Budget Travelling: Reducing Fuel Costs through GPS

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Whether you own a fleet or simply love going on road trips, one of your biggest expenses will undoubtedly be petrol. Fuel prices increase over time and can take up a sizable part of your budget, so you need to find ways to be a more efficient driver. Tracking devices in NZ like a GPS system is a good example.

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  1. Alternative Route – GPS systems can help you find an alternative route in case an accident or other delays happen on the route you plan to take. This way, you can get out of the area quickly and avoid idle time.
  2. Driving Time – GPS systems can guide you to roads that lead to your destination faster. This way, you can minimise your travel time and save on fuel consumption.
  3. Idle Time – Getting stuck in traffic wastes fuel. For businesses with a fleet for delivery or a similar service, this can lead to the loss of clients if the goods don’t arrive on time. With truck GPS tracking systems, you can avoid traffic and find alternative routes.
  4. Vehicle Speed – Driving behaviour can affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Fortunately, GPS systems can track your speed information to avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration.

Thanks to GPS systems, you can save a significant amount of money on the cost of petrol. Look for a reliable retailer and buy the ideal model for you.

Want to be on Top? The Benefits of Good PR

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Public relations promotes your company by means of newsworthy information posted in print or online. If you want potential customers and business partners to notice your small business, look for a PR agency in Midlands for effective and localised marketing efforts.

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Below are the benefits of employing good PR:

Establishes Editorial Contacts

Publicity is an essential part of media relations. Trusted PR agencies distribute news releases to the media in a way that grabs their interest. By working with established PR agents, news releases about your company are more likely to get published.

Opens Doors for Speaking Opportunities

Your PR agent can arrange speaking opportunities for your organisation. This way, you can establish your presence at different trade shows and industry events.

Develops Key Messages Consultation

Improve the focus of your marketing initiative by knowing your target audience. An experienced PR agent can write an outline of key business messages for you. This will also serve as a guide for upcoming media interaction.

Builds Community Relations

A PR agent helps you build ties on a local level. They’ll help you join groups and lead charitable events that will benefit your community. This is a great opportunity to get the word out about your business.

Tell your story to potential customers and business partners. Hire a trusted PR agency and take your business to the top.

3 Effective Tips on Finding the Right Tenants

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There are two types of agreement when purchasing management rights: the caretaking and letting agreement. The caretaking agreement involves maintaining the common property, while the letting contract authorises you to be a landlord—letting units within the complex and supervising tenants.

The job of a landlord is challenging. You need to perform many roles to ensure the success of your resortbusiness. One of which is finding the right tenants.

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Here are some tips on finding the right occupants:

Determine Your Rental Target Market

The Property Owners Association of Australia and management rights companies, like Resort Brokers Australia, recommend determining who your target rental market is to attract the right candidates. Do you have an inner city apartment or a suburban home close to schools? If you’re close to universities, make your property appealing to students.

Screen Tenants Thoroughly

Check prospective tenants’ income, references, and rental history. Call current and previous landlords of the applicants to know how long they lived at the property and if they pay rent on time or leave the house in good condition.

Make Your Property “Liveable”

View your property as potential tenants would. Is the apartment in good condition? Would you want to live in it yourself? Make the house as liveable as possible; keep paint to muted colours, invest in high quality appliances and furniture, and address all problems before presenting the property to potential tenants.

Planning a Romantic Weekend Getaway on a Budget

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Weekend trips are always a good idea for couples that want to get away and take a break together. Two days may be short, but if you plan properly, two days are all you need. You can do many things and enjoy each other’s company. Here’s how to do it:

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  1. Bed and Breakfasts – Find a good accommodation in The Rocks, Sydney or anywhere you’re planning to go. For overnight stays, many travelers prefer bed and breakfasts. They’re affordable and you’ll have a delicious breakfast to start your day right and power you through your next adventure.
  2. Destination and Transportation – Know the area and transportation options before you leave. It’ll only be a waste of time if you spend hours trying to find a specific location. This will only make both of you tired and lose your excitement about the destination.
  3. Pack Light – Avoid bringing bulky bags because they’ll only get in your way. A small backpack filled just enough clothes and personal necessities is enough. This way, both of you can enjoy roaming around without worrying about your things.

Find an affordable accommodation in The Rocks, Sydney, plan your itinerary, and pack light. Keep these three tips in mind and enjoy the weekend with your special someone.