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Making it Happen: Searching for Rental Apartments in Makati

apartments for rent

Convenience, value, affordability, and amenities are some of the top considerations when finding an apartment in Makati. Below are some pointers to help with your search:

apartments for rent


Is the building located in a safe area? Before you make a down payment, make sure that the property has smoke detectors that work and reliable security personnel who can protect you in times of trouble. There are many apartments for rent in San Antonio Village that fit the bill.

Price vs. Amenities

Though apartment prices tend to go up each year, it doesn’t mean that their value is decreasing. Finding a San Antonio Village rental apartment with great amenities is easy. You may also work with a real estate broker to help make finding property easier and faster. Most brokers have comprehensive listings of available apartments located in the city’s prime locations.

The Law

In the Philippines, there’s a law called Rent Control Act of 2009, which places a 7 percent rent raise cap annually on residential units in the National Capital Region, of which Makati is part of. You’ll rarely have to worry about running across a landlord who’ll take advantage of you if you show a working knowledge of laws such as this one.

Everyone wants to have a great place to live in, but pressure yourself to sign the first lease offered to you. Make sure to evaluate everything so you won’t have regrets in the future.

Zoom! and Opalescence: The Future of Teeth Whitening

teeth whitening

Over time, teeth become discolored due to different factors, such as aging, consumption of substances, trauma, excessive fluoride, and nerve degeneration. These stains penetrate deep into the enamel tooth surface.

teeth whitening

To restore your teeth’s natural white color, you need to enter below the surface of the tooth enamel. To do this, you or your dentist in Bountiful may use these methods:

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

This is an advanced, patent pending teeth whitening procedure that’s fast, safe, and effective. It whitens teeth up to eight shades and provides greater luster while protecting the tooth enamel.

To ensure optimum safety, local dentists offer this teeth whitening method at their office only. They also offer it in different treatment types and strengths to fit the patient’s lifestyle and sensitivity.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening Gel

This is a whitening gel that comes in custom trays or prefilled disposable trays. It offers professional whitening results for patients wanting to brighten their smiles at home or on the go.

Dispensed only by licensed dental professionals, this teeth whitening method allows patients to brighten their smiles either with a customized treatment or without needing to wait for models or custom trays.

These teeth whitening methods are effective on most colored teeth. To make sure they will work for you, consult your local dentist first.

Pimp My Ride: Tips to Make Your Old Car Look Brand New

car audio installation

Is your car getting old? You don’t need to buy a new one right away. Your vehicle just needs routine maintenance, which normally includes car tuning, which is not as complicated as you might think. Just follow these simple steps and get your old car running like new again.

car audio installation

Update Your Sound System

Your car might only be a couple of years old, but as auto manufacturers release new models annually, it’s almost certain that certain elements of your sound system become outdated. Change your old radio head unit for something with satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity for your phone. There are many companies across the US that specializes in car audio installation like Car Audio One, Sounds Good Stereo, Texas Car Stereo, and many more.

If you’re in Bonita, East Lake, or anywhere near Chula Vista, there are many car stereo installations in San Diego that offer the lowest prices on top brands like Pioneer, Polk Audio, and JVC.

Change Wheels and Tires

Make sure your wheels and tires are properly inflated. Good tires make the drive better. New tires not only change your car’s appearance significantly, but also improve its performance.

Money is tight for just about everyone. Don’t give in to the pressure of changing your car regularly. All you need are a good car audio installation and new tires to make your old car look new again.

Dental Implant Procedure Anesthetic Solutions

When performing a dental implant procedure, an implant dentist in Beverly Hills follows several steps, which include the administration of anesthesia. In this step, the local implant dentist or surgeon uses local and general anesthesia.

Local Anesthesia

When administering local anesthesia, surgeons perform the same method as when they’re numbing the gums for a tooth extraction or filling.

implant dentist

General Anesthesia

Some implant cases may benefit from the use of general anesthesia. With this method, dentists use medication that puts the patient in a state of deep sleep. Under this state, the patient is unable to react to any stimuli.

Local dental clinics, like Dr. Markzar often use either local or general anesthesia depending on certain factors, such as case difficulty and expected treatment time. For instance, local anesthesia often suffices for simple dental implant surgeries, like the placement of one or two implants. Both the patient and the surgeon may benefit from the use of general anesthesia, however, for more complex cases, like those requiring longer surgical times.

In some cases, surgeons may also offer to use conscious sedation, which may be beneficial for patients with anxieties about the dental implant surgery. A patient may make the decision to use conscious sedation during the procedure to feel more relaxed.

Depending on your circumstances, an implant dentist may recommend using local or general anesthesia, or sedation for your dental implant procedure. With that said, consult a surgeon beforehand to know which option suits you.

Fresh For Kids: 3 Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

fresh vegetables

As a busy parent, preparing your child’s school lunch box can be challenging. But don’t resort to pre-prepared lunchbox foods and sweets. Packing a healthy lunch for your little one is important to make sure they get the right energy and nutrients. When it comes to healthy lunch ideas for children, buy fresh vegetables and stick to basics.

fresh vegetables

Here are some tasty and nutritious ideas you can try preparing:

A bento box

One of the ways to build a healthy lunch is to be creative. The solution is to remake your kid’s favourites in a healthy way. Buy fresh vegetables and fill a bento box with snacks. These can include:

  • Egg salad on romaine lettuce.
  • Gluten-free crackers.
  • Easy-to-eat veggies such as carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and celery.
  • Frozen fresh fruit.

Children will love going back to school with this bento box. Use colourful cupcake liners to divide the veggies from fruits.

Cauliflower salad wrap

Sneak a vegetable into the lunch box with a classic salad wrap that adds a creamy cauliflower that will go unnoticed. Use different types of breads such as wholegrain, pita pockets, or Lebanese bread.

Egg muffins

Lunch or snack, egg muffins are high-protein, low-fat, single serving delights. Make three to five pieces to keep your little one feeling good and active all day long. Remember to use only egg whites to avoid cholesterol.

Skip the same usual meals and upgrade to these outside-the-lunch-box surprises. It’s important to keep offering healthy choices in a variety of ways, as kids learn to eat what is familiar to them.

Take A Break: Three Things Not To Miss In Australia

choosing best holiday accommodation

Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations worldwide. For most tourists, it’s a place where the adventures are as huge as the horizons. No wonder Australians call their home the Lucky Country.

choosing best holiday accommodation

Deciding where to go means juggling distance, time, and money. You could spend weeks exploring the national parks, driving around the Outback, or hanging out at the beaches. You don’t have to worry about your lodging, as there are many holiday accommodations in Gold Coast. Focus instead on exploring what the country can offer.

Here are some things not to miss:

The magic of Aussie beaches: Burleigh

Surrounded by beautiful beaches, Australia is the perfect place for chasing an endless summer. Beach, surf, and nightlife: Gold Coast’s Burleigh Beach has something for everyone. The best thing about Burleigh is that it offers great restaurants and quality accommodations to go with the incredible beach.

Food and wine culture

Explore the laneways of Melbourne where you can find world-class restaurants. Stylish bohemian bistros, glamorous restaurants, and edgy urban cafes, Melbourne has it all. Around the city, you’ll find restaurants that tell the story of Australia’s dining excellence.

The Great Ocean Road

Discover something new around every turn of this amazing drive. On two wheels or four, the Great Ocean Road is a perfect road trip material. Part of a plan to create employment for soldiers during World War I, it is now part of Australia’s National Heritage list.

With Australia having many amazing attractions, you will always find places to visit the country. Make sure to plan your vacation well, especially when considering a family accommodation in Gold Coast.

FAQs about Flat Roofs

flat roofing systems

With modern architecture on the rise, many people are looking to have flat roofing systems for their charm. This does not come without issues, as some sceptics still cast doubts on this structure. Here are some common questions and answers regarding flat roofs:

flat roofing systems

Are flat roofs really flat?

No, flat roofs simply seem flat, but it is not as straight as the horizon, as the structure needs a very tiny slant to direct water. After all, stored water on top of a flat roof could be a source of major problems later on, particularly leaks.

Is it hard to maintain?

This depends on the construction of the roof, as experienced contractors know how to make durable roofs. At the same time, materials used in such structures have considerably improved over the years, thus making companies confident in providing warranties for as long as 20 years. For added security and durability, learn more about flat roofs, EPDM rubber, and insulation materials.

Does it ruin property value?

Property value is a multi-factorial amount, and flat roofs neither help nor ruin yours. The concept of an estate’s value factors in different elements of the home such as the kerb appeal, functional areas, and location, among many others. It’s best to contact a professional estate agent to know more.

Flat roofs are a good addition for your home. As long as you know how to maintain it and its construction is high quality, you are less likely to encounter problems down the road.

Turn of the Wheel: Catherine Wheels


The Catherine wheel is a type of firework that many people love to see, but only trained professionals can handle, because of its design. The pinwheel requires a setup of a hub, on which the wheel can rotate; constructing a stand set piece is also required to enjoy the spectacle.


Specialised firework rockets are attached to the edges of the wheel. Upon ignition, the rockets propel their sides and turn into a shower of rotating sparks.

Road of Wheels

Though many places use these for their celebrations, none can compare to the wheel obsession of Haz-Zebbug in Malta. Every year, the people would fill an entire road with Catherine wheels of different sizes and complexities.

Stars and Fives

There are two common types of Catherine wheel arrangements, the ‘five-wheel piece’, and the ‘star-piece’. The five-wheel piece consists of five wheels arranged into a cross with one at the centre. The star-piece is much bigger, and aren’t really wheels at all. The pieces are shaped like diamonds, measuring 4 metres from one end to another. When ignited, the fireworks rotate the diamonds in clockwise and anticlockwise motions to create an opening and closing star effect.

St. Catherine

The wheel is named after Catherine of Alexandria, a Catholic martyr who lived during the fourth century AD. She converted many to the faith, angering the Romans who condemned her to ‘breaking on the wheel’. But, according to legend, the wheel broke at her touch and she was beheaded instead.