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Boost Your Professional Image with DIY Business Cards

DIY Business Cards

DIY Business CardsPrinting your own business cards can help you save on your marketing budget. All you need are some pieces of specialty paper and low-cost ink cartridges for your printer. You don’t have to worry about quality as some home printers can produce excellent prints comparable to that of commercial printers.

Designing the cards, however, involves more than just putting your personal information. There are some things that you need to consider to make your business cards look impressive and professional.

Introduce yourself

Make a good impression to potential clients by having your name nicely printed on the card. Don’t forget to add your business name. These details will tell people who you are and what you do even before you say a single word. Print your name and your business name using a font size larger than the other texts to display them prominently. To increase your savings, use inexpensive compatible ink cartridges for your printer.

Here are the basic contact details that you should include in your cards:

  • Address – You may indicate that this is only a mailing address if you are not offering in-house services. If you doing business only, you may leave this out and use your URL and email addresses instead.
  • Email – Use an email address that sounds professional and official. This should be different from the one you usually use for personal online correspondences.
  • Phone – Whether mobile or land-based, phone numbers are the most effective method of contact for the consumer. If you’re using a land-based number, include the area code as well.

Additional details

Apart from your basic contact information, there are other details that you may include on your business cards to boost your marketing efforts. These details are the following:

  • Position or Job Title – Adding your job title is useful if you’re working in a large company. This will make it easier for your contacts to reach you amongst different departments. If you are the proprietor, you may put “Owner” or “Chief Operations Officer” under your name.
  • Slogan/Tagline – If your business name is quite vague, a slogan or a tagline should to give your potential clients an idea about of what to expect from you. Apart from making it catchy or memorable, your slogan should be short and direct to the point.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a freelancer, business cards can help you promote your services. As long as you design them well, your home-made cards can make you look more professional and credible.