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3 Science-y Destinations Every Nerd Should See At Least Once

CERN Facility

CERN FacilityFor every science lover, enjoying the field is more than just conducting a series of experiments and reading journals. It also involves the travel experience of visiting some of the most interesting destinations where natural wonders are and where significant developments about science have been made.

These three destinations deserve a visit for every true fan of science – at least once in your lifetime.

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico houses the largest single-dish radio telescope in the world, the Arecibo Observatory. Made famous by Hollywood movies, such as “Contact” and “Golden Eye,” this destination is surely a must-see.

Prior to its Hollywood fame, the Arecibo Observatory has been home to various discoveries. Some of the most notable ones include the discovery of prebiotic molecules hydrogen cyanide and methanimine in the distant galaxy Arp 220; the first direct imaging of an asteroid, namely 4769 Castalia, in history; and the correction of Mercury’s rotation cycle to 59 days as opposed to the previous belief of 88 days. Although it’s currently under repair due to earthquake damage, it’s still worth noting on the list of must-see science-y places.

CERN Facility, Switzerland

Physics nerds – and probably some inspired fans of the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” – have to visit the CERN facility in Geneva, Switzerland. AdaptableTravel.co.uk calls the world’s largest laboratory focused on particle physics as a life-changing and inspiring destination, especially for those who dream of becoming a renowned scientist in the future.

It is also home to one of the world’s most powerful experimental facilities: the Large Hadron Collider. This machine has paved the way for many ground-breaking discoveries and studies. Perhaps the most notable of these discoveries is the Higgs boson, an elementary particle initially theorised back in 1964 and confirmed in 2012. Scientists believe that the Higgs particle provides mass for other particles.

On top of all of these, Geneva is also an attractive city for tourists.

Northern Lights, Iceland

Everyone has seen the magnificent Aurora Borealis in photographs, but it’s even better to see it in person. The Northern Lights are visible in many countries, but Iceland is one of the best – if not the best – places to see it, mainly due to its location and other natural attractions in the area. Apart from looking at this natural phenomenon, Iceland is also ideal for activities, such as whale watching, ice climbing, glacier hiking, lava caving and horse riding.

Start with these three destinations when looking for a trip that would fuel your passion for science.

What Employers Need to Know about Dental Plans

dental plans

dental plansDental insurance plans are becoming a necessity, as more and more people face difficulties paying for the high costs of dental treatments. In fact, employers have started providing dental insurance policies to their employees as part of their benefits. They can make an informed decision after researching and comparing the quotes offered by insurance companies.

Extent of Coverage

Generally, dental plans will cover a portion of the costs of the dental expenses depending on the type of treatment. The percentage may hover between 50 and 80. Some cleaning and maintenance treatments, however, may be fully covered by the dental plans. Nevertheless, there are limitations on the number of visits you can make to your dentist, the number of X-rays required, frequency of treatments like teeth cleaning and problem prevention. To maximize these benefits, dental experts from Booragoon Dental Clinic suggest going to clinics that provide quality treatments at reasonable rates. Most dental plans will specify the different types of treatments that are actually covered. They also exclude a few services.

Premium Payments

Certain dental plans will allow the employees to go to a dentist they choose. But, there are some that provide a specific list of dental service providers. Some may choose to reimburse the patients only if they choose the most affordable treatment. If the plan covers a whole range of dental services, the premium may be higher for the employers. However, if the employers choose to provide only the basic dental coverage, they may have to pay lesser premiums.

Payroll Deductions

While providing dental plans for employees, a few employers may expect their employees to pay a portion of the premiums by way of payroll deductions. Through these methods, the employers may save on the amount of premium they may have to pay up on their own. In some cases, employers only suggest certain dental insurance plans to their employees. By doing this, they may get a good rate. This is because many employees may choose to go with the same provider. This may cover all dental costs too.

3 Things that will Complete Your Thailand Experience


Most travelers visit the country of Thailand every summer or during their family trips. They simply cannot resist the good food around the area, the accommodating locals, and the majestic views and attractions, such as the famous Grand Palace, and Ayuthaya—the former trading capital of Asia which has become one of the largest cities around the world.

Becoming a home to travelers, Bangkok, Thailand was the most visited city for the previous year. With all the magic that the land has to offer, here are three things that you should not miss when looking for an authentic Thailand experience:


Beaches and virgin islands

With its 1,430 scenic islands, Thailand has been home to a number of travelers and beach goers. Among tha famous beaches is Koh Phi Phi Lee, which is featured in Danny Boyle’s film The Beach. Overseas Property Portfolio points out that the increasing demand for beachside properties, ranging from condo and apartment sales to villa or townhouse rentals, is caused by the swelling of the tourism industry. Many travelers enjoy sunbathing and beach bumming along the coasts of white sand beaches. These beaches have somehow become home to many.

Tuk-tuk Experience

Traveling in Thailand may also mean going through the tuk-tuk experience, perhaps quite regularly during your stay.“Tuk-tuk” is what they call three-wheeled motorcycle taxis found on the streets of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and other cities. You might get a pleasant surprise when you encounter tuk-tuks decorated with lights, colorful paint, dangling trinkets just to grab the attention of many travelers. It is also a marketing stunt to attract passengers. The tuk-tuk’s typical capacity is limited to two persons. There are times, however, when the drivers would squeeze an entire family in.

Ornate Spirit Houses

Around 95% of Thailand’s population is comprised of Buddhists coming from the Theravada school. Some of them pray to Buddha images and don amulets for protection. When you chance upon one of the houses in the area, you can’t miss the colorful and ornate spirit houses or altars. This is because of the integration of animist practices into the religious life of Buddhists. These altars serve as a place for offering food and garlands, made to appease the spirits inhabiting the land. Also, remember not to touch them. Many locals can be highly superstitious about their displays.

So prepare your list of places to visit in Thailand, and include beach bumming, riding a tuk-tuk, and having your selfie near a spirit house, for an authentic tourist experience in this colorful country.

5 Completely Preventable Project Management Mistakes

project management

Pressure is heavy on a project manager. Even with a large team, you’ll be the one taking the heat if the project nosedives. While occasional mistakes are manageable, significant ones will delay the project’s completion, inflate costs, or even cause the project to fail entirely. Surprisingly, most of these are caused by people problems, rather than technical ones.

project management

Even with the latest project management software and best Microsoft project server hosting, these mistakes can easily kill your project. Fortunately, all of them are completely preventable.

1. Poor communication – Regular communication is what allows your team to make effective decisions and ensures that the project develops properly. Without it, the project will fall apart. Have specific days scheduled for meetings in advance to keep everyone on the same page.

2. Trying to do everything yourself – While you will have a technical role in smaller projects, remember that your main job is still to lead people, not to solve every problem that pops up. Focus on pointing people in the right direction, and guide them into achieving the best results possible.

3. Not recognizing employee work – When things are going well, it’s easy to let the progress get to your head and end up taking the credit, but forgetting to recognize your team’s work sabotages the project and your relationship with them. Stay humble, regularly reward and praise your team for their effort.

4. Underestimating risks – No plan ever goes perfectly, but a good plan is flexible enough to accommodate risks and unexpected events. Make sure that your plan takes into account the best and worst case scenarios, and create a detailed list of what the top risks are. Take into account the additional costs those risks will incur, and what effect they will have.

5. Having the wrong team – There’s no easy way to fix this when it has already happened, so make sure that before accepting a project, you know that everyone on your team (including you) actually has the skills and experience to make it work. Be prepared to say “no”, and explain why. Hope is not a strategy, and expecting the team to pull together and get it done despite lacking expertise is reckless.

This list definitely doesn’t cover everything, but it gives an idea of the unexpected issues that can sabotage your project. These mistakes can easily be avoided, saving the company time, money, and headaches.

Care for a Cuppa? – Methods of Coffee Preparation


Coffee is one of the most popular drinks known to man. There is nothing like freshly brewed coffee to perk up your day. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you should know the different ways coffee can be prepared. Manolas Bros. offers the following information on how to create your favourite coffee blend:

Percolator Method

One of the most popular ways that coffee is prepared is via the percolator method. This uses a stainless steel pot that features a pedestal-like hollow stem and a perforator basket. You can brew coffee by putting grounds into the basket and then placing the basket stem into the pot of water. Afterwards, you simply let it boil. The hot water goes into the hollow pedestal stem and over the coffee grounds to create the brew.


Drip Method

If the percolator approach is one of the most popular, then the drip approach is the most convenient. This is because this method is most frequently utilised in many of today’s top coffeemakers. An electric drip coffeemaker features a carafe that indicates how much water to add to the machine to make a certain amount of coffee. It also has a basket where you place the coffee grinds. Some electric coffee makers allow you to program it, so it automatically brews coffee at certain times of the day for your convenience.

Coffee Press Approach

Also known as the French Press, this method is done by measuring coarse ground coffee first into the bottom of a circular shaped carafe. Then, water heated at approximately 200 degrees Fahrenheit is poured and allowed to sit for at least 3 to 5 minutes. To prepare the coffee for drinking, the coffee grounds are pressed to the bottom of the pot with a mesh plunger. The coarse grind functions to prevent the beans from oozing through the mesh and going to the coffee.

Sweet Slumber: Jazzing Up Your Kid’s Bedroom with Functional Furniture Pieces

child sleeping

The bedroom is that part of the house where people do one of the most important tasks of the day — getting rest. Other activities include getting dressed, studying and just enjoying some private moments. Hence, having the right kind of furniture in the room that can fulfil these needs is highly important, especially when it’s for your kids. Not only do they have to be appealing, but they also have to be safe and functional.

child sleeping

Here’s a look at the different types of bedroom furniture from lillylolly.com.au:


This single piece of furniture defines the bedroom. There are different styles and sizes available in the market, so choose a piece based on your needs and space availability. What is as important as picking the right kind of a bed frame is choosing the right mattress. Choose one that’s firm and made of a good, long-lasting material.

Dressers or wardrobe

This is the next most important furniture in a bedroom. This is necessary for storing clothes, accessories and other knick-knacks, without which, the room would look quite unorganised. Buy dressers and wardrobes with sufficient storage space and some more. By doing this, you never end up without adequate space to store all that stuff you bought during that careless shopping spree. Also, make sure there are no sharp edges, as these can cause accidents.


A study table would be a good furniture item to place in the bedroom. It can double up as a storage space, too. In addition, you could have a nightstand or two on the sides of the bed to hold a night lamp, an alarm clock and other odd things your child might need at night.

Other Furniture Pieces

A few other furniture pieces that can be placed in the bedroom include the following:

  • bedroom benches for sitting
  • special furniture for a home entertainment system
  • special types of cabinets for increased storage space

Buy these furniture items either in wood or metal, in traditional or modern design, and in whatever theme you desire. Once you have these items placed in your child’s bedroom, rest assured that this room will turn into a haven for your little ones.

Proper Care for Alzheimer Patients: What Centers can Offer

alzheimer care

The right approach to taking care of an Alzheimer’s patient depends on the symptoms and the progression of the disease. These will determine the type and extent of assistance types of assistance needed for both the patient and the family.

alzheimer care

Fortunately, there are Alzheimer care centers, which offer adequate help to these patients. They aren’t just care centers, but communities that allow people with the same condition to interact freely and make the most out of their circumstances.

A Suitable Environment

Known as Memory Care communities, these centers consist of specially designed living spaces and supporting environments for patients with cognitive issues, particularly Alzheimer’s and dementia. Some include carefully designed floor plans to help patients cope with their condition, such as specific wall colors so they’ll easily find their way and other elements to reduce problematic patterns. Their activity areas are also designed to allow patients to engage in simple activities safely, such as kitchen work, gardening, and other life skills. This will give them opportunities to develop a sense of belongingness while achieving purposeful moments.

Available Amenities

The best Alzheimer care centers have all the necessities a patient needs, especially as the disease progresses. As the second home, they have all the features that bring a homelike feel to the environment. They provide tailored assistance plans depending on the patient’s requirements, promoting overall wellness and independence. They have areas for entertainment, interaction with other seniors, and simple relaxation. Patients can also do simple home activities with the help of care assistants.

Simple Services

Some services you may expect from these centers include weekly housekeeping, scheduled transport, and linen service, among others. Their well-trained staff can also assist patients with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and other medical requirements. Educational, physically stimulating, and social activities are also included in their care plans.

Proper Pool Maintenance: What Every Owner Should Know

swimming pool

Owning a swimming pool has many advantages. It offers a place where friends and family can relax and enjoy the cool water during a hot summer’s day. So, it’s essential that your pool is properly maintained to ensure cleanliness and safeguard the health of the users.

The pool’s maintenance is not only the owner’s responsibility, but also of anyone who uses it for recreational purposes. Pool maintenance doesn’t have to be a difficult task. To make it easier, consult swimming pool service companies in your area. With their help, you can expect your pool to be in its best condition all year long.

swimming pool

Proper pH Balance

One of the basic tasks of swimming pool maintenance is making sure it has the right pH balance. This task should be done daily, and the water should be filtered as often as possible. Through regular filtering, the chemicals will be evenly distributed to keep the water safe for swimming.

The biggest factors that will determine the condition of your pool water are the frequency of usage and the prevailing weather conditions. If proper pH balance is not attained, the sun will stimulate the growth of algae through photosynthesis. In short, an imbalanced pH can result to your water becoming green with algae. If you live in a sunny climate, the more you need to pay attention.


Swimming pools tend to get littered with all sorts of objects like hair, leaves, tree branches, and insects. few. There is no foolproof solution that can prevent debris from finding its way to your pool. Even if you cover it, runoff from rain can send debris to the pool. Getting rid of pool debris regularly can prevent the growth of unwanted organisms in the pool.

Leave it to the Experts

If you don’t have the time to do pool maintenance and repair, hire professional pool service providers. They will make sure your pool is in its best condition. In case of repairs and replacements, they can also provide everything you need.

Comfortable Living: An Affordable Housing Option You Can Rent Out

granny flat for sale

It was a unique Australian practice to have secondary dwellings and rent them out. Later on, these units fell out of style and became relics of the past. But, the government is trying to revive this tradition and have allowed these flats to be rented out once again. So, people became more encouraged to either renovate or build these additional structures. If you’re interested to build one, here’s a brief discussion from Classic Granny Flats to help you understand the process:

granny flat for sale

Reasonably Priced Housing

This housing type is also called well-built granny flats, as they’re smaller buildings built earlier by homeowners for an older relative or in-law to reside in. The government gave it an official definition, specifically calling them “affordable rental housing.” Other kinds of affordable housing include units in a boarding house, a villa, a townhouse, or an apartment complex. The government planned to make these accessible to the lower income groups.

These units have to be built according to certain specifications. To encourage homeowners to build granny flats, the government offered three incentives. These include clear and specified standards for construction, permission to build these dwellings in all residential areas, and a 10-day approval for the applications.

Features of a Granny Flat

The secondary dwelling can be a part of a new home or an addition to an existing one. While it can be a part of the house, it should be self-contained. It should have a kitchen, a bedroom and a private entrance. But it doesn’t need not have a separate parking space. For one property, only one secondary dwelling is permitted. The local council will prescribe the size. It should also conform to codes of the Australian Building Organisations. The total area of the secondary dwelling and the main house cannot exceed the total size of the construction allowed on that property. The local council will also determine the total size.

After meeting all these criteria, you can start renting out or selling granny flats. In some densely populated regions unaffected by the rising rentals, they may be discouraged. In some places, they are even forbidden. So, check with your local council before planning to add a secondary dwelling to your home.

Improving Your Business Prospects through Business Coaching

men talking

If you are a small or medium size business owner, it’s advisable to hire the services of a reliable business coach. Proper coaching increases your business running proficiency and opens up fresh avenues for expanding your business. A business coach can give you that competitive advantage over your competitors and help you survive in a highly competitive business environment.

men talking

Improved Business Skills

The ongoing recession and tough economic times have forced most business organisations to explore better and new ideas. This allows them to excel in their activities and reorganise their priorities if needed. Business coaching helps small and medium size business owners learn and understand the latest business trends and formulate their strategies accordingly.

For example, Femia and Associates, one of Perth’s leading accounting firms, says that with business coaching, they are able to provide “professional advice to help (clients) make informed decisions when it comes to business and finance. (They) recommend strategies and flexible business structures to suit your accounting needs and financial situation. (They) also take the time to explain tax laws to help you understand how these apply to your business.”

Ways for Improvement

A competent business coach offers comprehensive assistance that help business owners understand their operations better, may it be in finance, human resources development, and marketing. By undergoing some coaching sessions, you learn several fundamental business processes, basics of systematic thinking, meeting management, and measuring team results. Afterwards, business coaches suggest ways for improvement. They may also ask you to do several hands on projects that include self-training, as the process involves the acquisition of supervisory and integration experience.

By undergoing professional business coaching, business owners increase their confidence to survive in a competitive environment. They learn to strategise better, obtain greater authority and recognition in their industry, improve their expertise to work better with managers, and learn to negotiate better to win over prospective clients and buyers.